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  • Pleasant Surprise

    I was really expecting the worst with this show. I mean, come on, Pamela Anderson - but I was really surprised at how funny the show was. Pam is great in the show and the cast of actors work really well together. This show has changed my opinion of Pam to thinking - hey, she might really have some talent.
  • You must see this show before judging it!!

    It's personally one of my very favorite shows. It is funny and honestly, I've never laughed (out-loud) on a sitcom as much as I did on Stacked. It's not just Pam's attitude, but Kat's strangely funny!! You're in for a surprise to how spectacular Gavin and Stuart are in this show. This should have been much more appreciated than shows like Joey or Freddie or... THIS SHOW WAS AMAZING. Truly funny, and never shuold've been cancelled. bring it back. please!! You would laugh our-loud for several minutes. There should've been more episodes to each season and frankly, it should've been respected more!! it shoul've been appreciated. BRING IT BACK.
  • It could of been better but no they (PRODUCERS)didn't do a good job of making this one. I have a better idea for a Pam Anderson show.A sexy HOT nurse.She could remove my bed pan any day.

    Pam Anderson,is one of TV'S best sexy pin-up girls and how this show manage to fail her on that.For 1: no book store,2 no fat chick,3 no Cafe.Pam needs to be a sexy show with sexy actors on par with her and in this show it wasn't. And that bad I love Pam Anderson she may not be the best actress out there but she watchable on TV.I love V.I.P late 90's. Pam has to be in a show that makes her look good and ride that wave all the time.And when you don't it kills.She needs better that's all.
  • Christopher Llyod is awesome, and the best thing in the show.

    Stacked is one of those shows that doesn't have very good acting by by some of the actors, but people are rewarded by the funny parts, which is every scene with Llyod in it. i just wished that it didn't get cancelled after onyl a few episodes. they need to bring it back or at least make a new comedy show with christopher Llyod in it, becuase he is increabily brilliant as a comedy actor, and if you haven't seen this show then you should certainly watch this show, just to see how awesome Christopher Llyod is at comedy.
  • Numerous movies, TV shows and cameos, then retirement and a return to TV. Yet NEVER does Anderson learn how to ACT.

    Whoever said Jeff Foxworthy was the worst actor on TV never watched anything with Pamela Anderson. Had it not been for breast-enhancing surgery, she'd never get work.

    The woman simply can not act, and "Stacked" continues to prove it. One episode was all I needed to find this was more garbage from FOX, with the obligatory sex-heavy references and untalented eye-candy.

    I'll offer this much: I did laugh at two instances, so it's funnier than "The Pitts". The only reason it got the generous 1.5 rating is because of Christopher Lloyd (a fine actor caught in a BAD show) and his bit with the coffee girl, and the part where the owner's brother and the not-Pam-girl fake an argument when the owner's ex-wife returns. The rest...utter nonsense.

    The show is over and rightfully so. Pam's time has come and passed, so let's leave the TV airwaves for attractive women that CAN act, rather than those relying on surgical alterations and overly-promiscuous repuitations.
  • i dont get it WHYis this so so dumb like for example this site as four raven-symones right theres only one once you clik on them they have the same birthdares same place of birts its wierd but this it just cacelled for no reason

    i dont get it i saw it till the last episode the i read it was pplaying in june and just now ive notced its not here anymore i go look its cancelled all i want to know is why i loved that show and reason 2 why was 1 season only 5 ep?
  • Ooh...Pamela Anderson... *stare*

    Pamela Anderson is hot. That\'s really all that\'s good about this show. If this review was about her, it would be a 10. Sadly, this show is not about her **** but instead about her working in a book store. Yes, you heard me right. A book store. Pamela Anderson working at a book store is like a drug addict working at a rehab center. It just doesn\'t work. Watching the random events just makes you feel bad for how stupid she is, and horny\'s Pamela Anderson. The humor leaves a lot to be desired for, and the plot is just pathetic. All this is good for is eye candy.
  • I know what your thinking, just another show popular only because it has a hot celebrity in it. Well your wrong, this one is actually funny and has talent.

    This show is given no where near as much credit as it should have and is highly underestimated all because most people think its only appeal is pammela anderson. The show has so much potential and is something different to anything i have ever seen its beyond just funny, its amazing. One of my favourite episodes has to be the one where she tells everyone she loves them and it all gets blown out of poportion. To be honest though first of all i didnt even like the advert for it, but that was the advert which makes the show look terrible but i am glad i gave it a try, and so should you and not just because of pammella anderson but because it really is a great comedy which is worth a watch.
  • Pamela Anderson is great, she made me laugh during episodes 1 & 2 from season 1.

    I am in England/UK and i have this channel called Paramount Comedy and they where showing Stacked Season 1 Episodes 1 & 2 in one night and i enjoyed them both. I always thought Pamela Anderson was one of those girls who sleeps around with men, but after i saw her in this show Stacked she was great and i changed my mind. Her character is funny but also a bit dumb like all the characters are in sitcoms these days. But Pamela anderson does a great job, i also love the "Fat Chick" & "The Crazy Scientist" he was funny. I hate the two brothers i dont know why i just dont like them. But i do love this show and its my new best friend along with the new show Two & A Half Men.
  • Dont Judge a book by its cover

    I think many people had pre-judged this show because one of the main characters was played by pamela anderson, bubt if you manage to get pass that you get too a really good ensemble comedy that is very witty and very interesting to watch.
    All the characters are funny and this show well deserves a place on tv especially if you compare this show with some of the other shows thta are 0on tv right now i.e king of the hill.I think this show had a lot of potential and if the show had been used right and in the right timeslot this show could have been good in the ratings
  • It's alright

    This show is better than some of the other crap theyhave on TV, and it's better than I thought it would be. I thought it would be mostly about Pam, but it wasn't. But it's pretty funny. That was the only thing that didn't make me take a longer nap on Wednesdays. But it had its flaws too.
  • Stacked is eye candy, and hilarity all mixed in one. And the results are a surprisingly funny, and addictive sitcom!

    Pamela Anderson is probably the single most famous model ever. Not to mention her Baywatch days made her into TV gold back in the early 90's. Well now she’s back and this time she’s hitting the books? Stacked is a comedy about a blonde chick with huge knockers, who just got a new job at a book store for all things.

    And let’s just say she’s not the smartest person in the world, but that’s what makes this show click. The cast is wonderful, especially Christopher Lloyd. The comedy is dead on, and the show is extremely entertaining. For me there really aren't too many great sitcoms on TV currently, with Friends, and Seinfeld re-runs, there really isn't anything new and fresh other than 2 and a 1/2 men.

    But luckily Stacked is around to fill my Sitcom needs, I just hope that the show stays around long enough to catch on and become the next great sitcom, because IMO I think it has the essence to succeed. Overall I love Stacked!
  • Yes, unexpected... I know. Don't blame me - this show is so unorthodox - and more than that - it's SO funny!

    I know, I know... the idiot that thought to cast Pamela anderson to a sitcom, and moreover one about a bookstore was out of is mind.

    Well, Steven levithan (who did) was absolutely not out of it. Stacked is, and hopefully will be, a long running show - and one that's sometimes hysterically funny, and sometimes just very sophisticated and with a lot under the surface, just like every good show should be.

    Definitely, the show's absolutely wonderful other members of cast, including Christofer Lloyd (best remembered as mad scientist Emmet Brown from the Back to the Future series), Elon Gold and Brian Scolaro, who play the two very different brothers who run the bookstore, and of course the great Marissa Winokur who plays the Neurotic coffee maker of the store, all play their roles hilariously.

    If it was only for them, however, this show would be just a regular one - but it also includes Pamela Anderson, the improved version - who laughs about breast implants (and other surgeries), and generally targets a lot of jokes -- at her real self. Truly, to laugh of yourself is life's major challenges - and P.A. proves that she can take herself not-so-seriously...

    Truly, an amazing show! I really recommend watching!

  • Pamela Anderson + tight clothes=The same crap we have seen over and over and ...well you get the idea

    .Wow.Fox must reakky need some show ideas because most of their shows are going down the toliet.I mean dont get me wrong,Pamela Anderson is hot,but this a new low for FOX.I have only watched it once and I couldnt even get through it becaus eits so horrible.SO let me get this straight Fox.You cancel Futurama,Greg the Bunny,Family guy(for a brief period),and THIS is what you come up with?Come on.If you didnt have The Simpsons,Family guy,or That 70s Show(which you are also canceling)I would never watch your network.A word to the Fox Execs.Getsome young blood and also try to see wha we actually want to see.Dont assume well buy this crap
  • pamela\'s back an better than ever

    i was so happy back in april when i heard that pamela anderson was staring in another fox series the show is funny in its gets better every week my favorite charaters are kat and skyler their the funnist out of the other three its no vip but still a great show i hope this show last years an years to come
  • Perfectly acceptable fluff.

    Like many probably did, I did the mandatory eye roll once I heard the 'Stacked' double entendre starring Pamela Anderson would hit airwaves. After one episode, I was 'Alright. I guess. Why not. That wasn't terrible.' and after the second I saw that it was about 20 times better than it had any right to be

    People seem to just generally hate the show because of the preconceived notion that everything Pamela is in is by default, terrible. It's most definately not a masterpiece, but Stacked has a good head on it's shoulders, a big heart, and a fun cast in front of servicable writing that's about on the level of every other multi-cam comedy on the air. Sadly, that's not what carries a sitcom these days beyond 2 seasons, and it looks like this will be no exception judging from recent ratings(Double so since it'll be moving to Thursdays).

    I don't live by the show, and I won't cry when it's gone. But I'll still be there enjoyably watching and chuckling at it.
  • The writing is weak, and the actors' interactions are stiff at best

    I've seen a couple of episodes of this show, and I just did not see the humor in it. It's a shame because I gave it a chance because I do like Christopher Lloyd. I just found the show to be boring and irritating. I hesitate to call it unoriginal since the story itself isn't the same as anything else on television at the moment, but the writing is weak, and the actors' interactions are stiff at best.

    Unless something dramatically changes with the cast or scripts, I don't see this show lasting for a long time. I won't be watching this show again.
  • wow this si so funny and who doesnt want pamela anderson to act all smart.

    this is hilarious. Also this show has the funniest aendings like "he put it in the young adult." andwow she chioked hiim ell its all funny lol. wow this si so funny and who doesnt want pamela anderson to act all smart. You'll should watch this show. It is on wednesday 8"30 on fox.
  • a show based on boobies. . .what a brilliant idea!

    even though pamela anderson has a huge rack, this show is amazingly funny. she's the t&a, and the others are the comedy. there's sex & comedy all in one show. it's a show that proves you can't always judge a book by it's knockers, i mean cover

    my nest best friend is Stacked!
  • One of the funniest shows on Fox. I love this show. They need to make more comedy serieses like this on Fox. You got to love it. I'm a big fan of this show. You know you love it girls (well I'm a guy). You know you like it much.

    This might as well be one of the best shows ever made on Fox. It has sexiness, it's funny, it's got crushes, and it has Pamela Anderson, so it is just the best comedy series on Fox (to me at least). I think thi is the best comedy on Fox!
  • First impressions don't always count. Don't judge a book by its cover.

    After watching the pilot for Stacked, I didn't think this show was really worth watching. But a few weeks later, I watched it again and it wasn't as bad as I thought it was. The pilot was bland, and a bit predictable, but the show is a decent series, with funny characters and story lines. I do think at some points it is a bit unrealistic, but what show isn't. Hopefully it will keep going well as it has been previously.
  • How in the name of god could you possibly enjoy this?

    Basically the plot of every terrible American show ever wrapped into an even more terrible show and with Pamela Anderson who apparently has been given the idea that she can act. Another filthy example of the crap spewed forth from the American TV show machine. Get a decent show about a bookstore like Black Books.
  • A great show

    I only watched the first episode that aired on NZ telly last Wednesday and already I love it. The fact that Pamela Anderson in it makes it hilarious and how she wont give up. You see I work in the book industry as a librarian at the local library. I understand what happens and how that there really are some asses out there who think they knew everything. I really like the old dude who's head Pam kept rubbing. I also reckon that she looks a hell of a lot better with smaller boobs
  • A show based on Boobs

    The whole plot of this seemed to be based on boobs. There was no real plot line or story behind it that didn't concern boobs. Sadly this show had no intention of getting viewers for what the story was about> It seemed it thought it would make it to the top for what people can view instead of what people said in the story. Shows based on the sight concept instead of the writing concept usually never get off the ground.
  • This is a funny show and pam anderson tops it off.

    Who comes up with the idea of Pam Anderson working in a book store. I don't no who but it is a very funny show. I liked this show a lot. I really like the characters and the plot of this show. Some people don't like this show but i did and i would recomend it to anybody i know if they want to have a laugh!
  • I am actually laughing at this show, and not how bad it is!

    Maybe it is because of the vacuum left from all the comedy shows that have ended this year. Maybe I am just starved for comedy. Or maybe, just maybe this show is all right?

    I tuned in for all the wrong reasons. I wanted to see how bad would be! I mean come on!
    Its a show based on nerdy guys who drool over the overstuffed breasts of Pamela Anderson (a woman who is a candidate for the most over exposed women of all time?.) In every other acting role, I had seen her in, I thought she was the weak link. Her parts were one dimensional and acting was over the top. So a show that was seemingly based around her character had to be bad, right? Wrong!

    I mean way wrong! There are five very good comedic actors in this show, and Pan Anderson is actually one of them. (But we will get back to her later.)

    Christopher Lloyd has always been comedic magic for me. In Taxi, he displayed an amazing ability to grab us and break us into uncontrolled laughter with just a line or two of dialog. As Prof. Harold March, he plays a intelligent retired scientist. But don’t think of the quirky Doc Brown from “Back to the Future” with the uncontrolled hair, lab coat. Proving that he is not a one-trick pony, Lloyd invents a new character that is intellectually gifted, and hilariously funny. You could watch this show just for him.

    Elon Gold and Brian Scolaro play the two book-worm brothers who own the shop. And in what seems like a basic comedy formula show, Marissa Jaret Winokur plays the cute-but pudgy girl who wishes she were the beautiful blond. I know, snore… But wait. This looks like a boring can’t-someone-have-a-new-idea formula. But they make it work. There friendship feels honest. They have real talent, and have turned the formula characters into something better. They are quite talented, and each of them are a quite fun to watch.

    Which brings us back to Ms. Anderson. It turns out that she is a good comedy actress. In fact, there were several times I found myself impressed with her acting. (Did I just say that?) Perhaps this sounds like a back-handed compliment for Ms. Anderson, and I guess it is, but honestly, she is good! Good timing, good facial reactions and body language. She plays well of the rest of the cast, and both takes it and dishes it out. Not only that, but she has made me actually interested in her character.

    The writing is good too. With some quotable lines and zingers that made me rewind so I could remember them well enough to try and use them.

    Hey, no one is more surprised than me that I feel this way. But give it a second watch. Maybe you will agree with me? I am hope this show lasts long enough for others to notice that this book is much better than the cover (and title) would lead you to believe.

  • It's a show that tells u that there is more to a person then there looks.

    I think this is a really interesting show and really deliver good messages and should be watched by people as it is a fun time. I mean of course Pamela Anderson is beautiful in this show, but her role is very interesting as she show's a different side of her.
  • A hillarious up to date comedy!

    The cast of STACKED is witty, intelligent, sarcastic, sexy and has every ingredient that makes great television. My friends and I watch every episode. After discussing the show we came to the conclusion that not only is it a great comedy, it points to the future of society thus clearly stating that beautiful women are intelligent and the public need not feel insecure by brains and beauty. Look out world here we come!

    Kimberly Lewis,OK
  • Pamela Anderson at her worst..not funny and terrible acting.

    This has got to be one of the worst comedies on television, if not the worst. Pam Anderson is not a great actress to begin with and all this show does is give her a reason to wear tight clothes and short dresses. The other actors do have some funny lines but she cancels them out. She gives intelligent women a bad name.
  • very funny

    It is a funny show. one time i had a dream that i was talking to Pamela Anderson and i was like "I like Stacked." and she was like "thanks heres the entire first season on DVD" i dont know why i said that on my review but i need 1 more word.
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