Season 2 Episode 10

You're Getting Sleepy

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Unknown on FOX

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  • they summary is also written in my review.......

    this episode is so funny.and very harolds daughter zoey comes to visit...and theyre relationship is quiet bitter..anyway she brings with her the hypnotist guy shes dating,harold usually disagrees..but skyler told him to agree,to get to know the guy first...and his aggrement on the guy..impressed zoey and called him daddy..which she didnt from along time..but then skyler gets conflicted by her own advice...when the guy starts hiting on she tells harold....later gavin abd zoey start talking..and it turn out that zoey likes gavin..and they start dating..ofcourse zoey dumped her boyfriend.....there are many small stuff that hapened that i didnt mention..i will leave it to you when you watch it..cause i dont want to ruin the exitment for you.....btw while that was hapening zoeys boyfriend hymotized katrina to think that stuart is jude law,cause she loves jude law....anyway im so happy to be the first to watch this episode cause it didnt air yet in the u.s....if your wondering how i watched it..i have \\\"showtime\\\'....they bring all the latest stuff....i also watched \\\"the third date\\\" which is an amazing episode..and i will watch\\\"the day music died\\\" next week,tuesday.....:)