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Stairway to Heaven

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Stairway to Heaven is the story of Song-ju and Jung-suh, childhood friends who were there for each other when one of their respective parents passed away. They spent a lot time together, playing, and sharing their inner most thoughts. When Jung-suh's father re-married Tae Mira, Mira brought her children Tae-haw and Yuri from her previous marriage. That marked the end of Jung-suh's happy days. Yuri was jealous of the privileged life that Jung-suh led, and vowed to take everything away from Jung-suh, including Song-ju. When Song-ju left for his studies in the U.S., he gave Jung-suh a necklace as a gift of his love. On Tae-hwa's birthday, Jung-suh gave him a birthday present. Tae-hwa mistook Jung-suh's kindness as love, and he fell head over heels in love with her. Jung-suh never accepted Tae-hwa as her heart is with Song-ju, but Tae-hwa became Jung-suh's soulmate after Song-ju left as she weathers life under the tyranny of Mira and Yuri. Song-ju returns 3 years later from his studies and calls Jung-suh to meet him. Yuri runs Jung-suh down with her car in a mad bid to stop Jung-suh from her rendezvous with Song-ju. In her state of panic, Yuri sends a bloodied Jung-suh to her own father's place. Tae-hwa tracks Jung-suh down and takes care for her. Jung-suh survives the accident but forgets everything about the past. Tae-hwa decides to start life afresh with Jung-suh by giving her a new identity as Kim Ji-suh.moreless

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Season 1 : Episode 20

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Soap Opera, Foreign Language, Love & Romance, Family Dramas