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A gripping psychological thriller that revolves around a pair of LAPD Threat Management Unit detectives who handle stalking incidents.


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    • I'm actually glad it's cancelled.

      Out of all the TV shows I've seen, I have never seen something so vile and scary. I agree with the critics, who widely expressed their hatred towards this show, that this show is unbelievably frightening and "disturbing to those who enjoy tv programming". I honestly don't know what Kevin Williamson was thinking creating such a show that seems really creepy. I mean, I can respect those who find this show to be "entertaining", but if you ask me, I find this show to be incredibly uncomfortable. And I am soooo glad I didn't watch it.moreless
    • Cancelled?

      What the F, I was waiting for season 2 to be airing soon??? And now i see It's cancelled.... why?(Dutch fan here)
    • Good, but could be better

      I liked this show. I will admit, though, it was awfully dark. They probably could have toned down just how gruesome it is and that probably would have made it more enjoyable. Plus, I will probably never forgive it for having a cliffhanger ending. But, I will say that this is a pretty interesting show. They might go overboard on a lot of things and I hope, at least, that real stalking is never taken to the serious level that it is in this show. But, it was good while it lasted, even though there was room for improvement.moreless
    • Catch the Stalker

      From Kevin Williamson comes the procedural crime drama Stalker. Starring Maggie Q and Dylan McDermott, the series follows a specialized LAPD unit that investigates stalking cases; but unknown to them the unit's leader has a secret past as a former stalker victim, and as Season 1 progresses her past comes back to haunt her. It takes a while for the show to find a formula that works, but after a few episodes the writing gets better and the character stories become more compelling. Additionally, the list of guest stars that appear throughout the season is quite strong, and includes Mira Sorvino, David Anders, Caity Lotz, and Phoebe Tonkin. Also, the use of music is extraordinary; featuring usually covers and arrangements of popular songs that highlight the theme of obsession. Dealing with some dark and provocation issues, Season 1 of Stalker is quite daring.moreless
    • Shows to Keep your interest

      Does anyone notice that shows like Good Wife, Blue Bloods, Madame Secretary, draw a lot of watchers? Stalker kept your attention the whole hour and left you wanting more. Maybe there should be some new writers that can be creative produce good shows and not anymore reality crap. I am watching Netflix more and more.

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    Drama, Suspense