Stand by Your Man

FOX (ended 1992)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Getting Out
      Getting Out
      Episode 7
      Adrienne's husband likes Rochelle.
    • The Blooming
      The Blooming
      Episode 6
      Rochelle objects to Lorraine going on a date with the phone man since she is still married. Meanwhile, Scab complains about being treated as Lorraine's boytoy.
    • The Prowler
      The Prowler
      Episode 5
      Lorraine and Rochelle are spooked by a prowler in the neighborhood. The girls call a "rent-a-copy" who turns out to be an old high school classmate. His fantasy woman has always been Rochelle.
    • Spare Me
      Spare Me
      Episode 4
      Rochelle begins her tenure as Lorraine's boss at the Bargain Circus, yet her fancy car gets stolen from the parking lot. Upon further investigation it is discovered that, it was not stolen, but was repossessed. The girls must now rely on Lorraine's Harley. When the girls visit their husbands at the prison, Artie is attempting therapy. When he hears the car was stolen, he ditches the therapy and admits to stashing $5,000 in the spare tire. The girls then feverishly attempt to find the owner of the car, who turns out to be Adrienne. When they recapture the money they face a moral dilemma as to whether or not to return it.moreless
    • Labor Pains
      Labor Pains
      Episode 3
      Lorraine gets fired at the Bargain Circus, after refusing to let her seedy manager, Elroy feel her up. Rochelle hosts a meeting of the "Prison Wives." Lorraine refuses to work and when the situation is brought up at the meeting; Rochelle is forced for the first time in her life to find a job. Meanwhile, Adrienne's husband Stewart, sues on behalf of Lorraine, but by the time she gets her job back, she has a new boss... Rochelle.moreless
    • Visiting Day
      Visiting Day
      Episode 2
      The girls visit their husbands in prison though Lorraine hates going there. Rochelle's excited to see her spouse, but the feeling isn't mutual.
    • For Better or Worse
      Lorraine and Rochelle decide to room together after their husbands are sentenced to prison.
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