Stand Up with Alan Davies

BBC (ended 2000)


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Stand Up with Alan Davies

Show Summary

Stand Up with Alan Davies is a comedy-reality show that follows a British comedian while on tour. The British Broadcasting Company created the series to show audiences what the modern-day performer has to put up with while on the club circuit, but what the cameras capture is a grumpy man, who does not like to be filmed. Davies yells at producers constantly, as he puts together his routines, and he yells at them to leave him alone when he shares private moments with his girlfriend. His assistant Ian Stone does everything to make the comedian happy, but the things Stone does irritates Davies even more. Things change when Davies hits the stage, as he transforms into a lively and happy person. The producers think that the comedian has a change of heart after each performance, and they try to approach him, only to be cursed at again the minute they turn on the camera. Throughout the series, producers interview other famous comedians who know Davies, trying to get an explanation of his erratic behavior. By the end of the season, Davies' actions confuses viewers, as audiences wonder if the comedian is actually how the camera portrays him or whether it's all just a big act.


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