Season 1 Episode 13


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jun 15, 2007 on FOX

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  • Two cases

    Matt and Emily have to work separately as two crises happen in same time.

    One of them is bank robbers taking train and then melting into the passengers. That one was really good and enjoyable. The way Emily had to play with them.. and she on the train when the ban robbers had blend in.. and finding them.. it was just stupid what they did.

    But then the most time is given to Matt's case, who is almost like a loyal custom. This is not the first time he has to deal with him. I did like the twist that the doctor played with the hostage taker.. making him to react how he did.. but other than this, quite lame.
  • good episode

    Emily has to negotiate with a group that took a commuter train full of people hostage while Matt has to talk a crazy person down. It was interesting seeing both of the negotiators separate. I thought Matt's case was interesting and unique while Emily's case wasn't. The story of men taking a bunch of people hostage in a sort of transportation device has been done many times before. Anyways, I liked Matt's case. It was interesting seeing the woman manipulate the gunman and Matt trying to diffuse the whole situation. Overall, one interesting and one not so interesting case and solid character development.
  • Amazing episode

    For a while the show had stopped playing and i was getting worried thinking that it wasn't coming back, but then they came back with this episode, which was an excellent episode by the way, it made it worth the wait.

    I thought the whole therapist hostage taking thing was pretty cool. My favorite part of the episode was when Emily said that she would give the first bank robber who confessed a reduced sentence and then one said, what if we give up the other one, and the 2nd one was like stupid kid, she was blufing.. i thought it was pretty funny.

    Can't wait for the next episode!
  • Two hostage situations, Two deaths, and Two FBI negotiators.

    This week we are dealt with two hostage scenarios, the first one involving the bank robbers hijacking a commuter train was over before it had really began, the main story revolved around Matt talking down a repeater in Neal Polniaczek, a schizophrenic patient who ends up taking his therapist and her husband hostage, when the talk down go’s wrong Neal shoots and kills the therapist’s husband, Matt has dealt with Neal so many times that he knows Neal is not capable of the shooting and it becomes clear the suggestion of killing the therapist’s husband was implanted by the therapist herself , she tries to get Neal to kill himself again by mental suggestion but Matt and Emily are on to her, therefore the hostage becomes the hostage taker.

    Another great episode, it was nice to see Scott Lawrence in the show as I loved his character in Jag, no Frank this week but the preview for next weeks episode looks one of the best so far.
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