Season 1 Episode 11


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Dec 12, 2006 on FOX
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When capturing a drug lord takes them to Mexico, Matt and Emily become stranded without an escape plan. The two then must extricate themselves from a bad situation by using their negotiation skills after the predicament becomes violent.

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  • Behind the border

    Matt and Emily get involved in case where they are chasing a suspect and they use a tunnel to follow to Mexico. And it all goes bad - they become the ones inside and the men with guns are outside.. they have the hostage and they have to manage to survive it. So, it is not easy, a lot of going around.. but quite standing in one point episode. Not much development either.. There was that moment when they thought they won't come alive but that was just a moment's spark.. and then just like from sky Emily and Matt figure out what all was going on.moreless
  • 8.9 - good episode

    Emily and Matt go into Mexico to get a criminal but get caught between the criminal and his friends that want to free him. The idea of this episode was interesting actually. What happens when Matt and Emily don't have tactical? I liked their characters under pressure. I really wanted Matt to get shot though - that would have made things interesting. The whole thing with Emily hitting a nail or something like that was stupid. She didn't get that hurt - someone needed to get shot. Anyways, the negotiating was great and interesting with the criminal screaming after them. Overall, good story with good character developments.moreless
  • A great episode

    When Emily fails to effectively negotiate with a man who runs to cross the Mexican border, Emily and Matt find themselves in Mexico. When everyone back in the U.S. has no idea where Emiyl and Matt have gone, the team becomes worried. When the man's brother arrives to surround the building Emily and Matt are hiding out in, they realize this time, they have to talk there way out of losing their lives. When so much is at stake, pressure becomes intense, and much drama arises. Borderline is a must-see episode of Standoff. It is exactly the reason that I watch this show!!!moreless
  • Why I like this show

    its episodes like this that make me a great fan of this show. it will be awhile before standoff makes a better episode than this, where there surrounded, outnumbered and in danger with no one else to help them, not to mention there switching places and becoming the people there trained to take care of and sometimes kill. i love the episodes where there now fearfull of there own life and what thay gotta do to stay alive and how they got out was amasing, doing exactly what there paid to do, use words. goodluck toping this episode, good luckmoreless
  • Now they're TAKING hostages!

    I guess when the Fox execs sat around discussing the premise of Standoff, nobody realized that all hostage negotiations are the same, and that the show had written itself into a corner from day 1.

    Having already run out of good ideas, the previous episode, "The Accidental Negotiator", featured a civilian doing the negotiation rather than the FBI, and doing a better job of it.

    This episode sees Matt and Emily not only take a hostage, but shoot him also!

    After blowing yet another negotiation with no perimeter set, the original hostage taker drives away and escapes to Mexico in a tunnel. Matt and Emily break the law and follow, for no good reason.

    They catch their guy, their guy's gang surrounds them, and they end up trying to use their hostage to save their own lives (rather than just shooting the bad guys when Matt had a gun pointed at them).

    Then Emily turns into a sobbing little girl. It was so easy to push her buttons, no way she would ever get into CNU. This was also completely out of character.

    It was a good run, but clearly the only story ideas the writers have left are bad ones. They have already abandoned the whole premise of the show.moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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    • Matt: (to Agent Griffin regarding Felix Aguila) Go ahead, blow his brains all over the bar. Don't get any on me. And don't expect me to cover for you when we get back.

    • Matt: Hey, Ramon, let's talk this over.
      Ramon Leal: No, I do the talking.
      Felix Aguila: No! You do the shooting!

    • Emily: Back there when I said, you know, if we don't get out of here.
      Matt: Yeah.
      Emily: What did you think I was going to say?
      Matt: Uh, I don't know. What were you gonna say?
      Emily: Thanks.
      Matt: You're welcome.

    • Emily: (on the phone to Felix Aguila) You don't think I doubt myself every day, every time I do this. Okay, I have people standing next to me that I don't... I don't wanna let them down. I don't wanna let them down, I wanna do right by them, and every day I second guess that. I always think I don't have what it takes.

    • Roger Lestak: Look. I don't know what kinda ship you run around here.
      Cheryl: (menacingly) You got something to say about my ship?

    • Emily: If we don't make it out of here I just wanna say...
      Matt: Me too.

    • Lia: (after losing contact to Matt) We started talking and it fell out.
      Cheryl: I hope they weren't crazy enough to chase them down there.
      Lia: The call came from a tower in Douglas, Arizona. Cell company says it catches a lot of calls from the Mexican side.
      Cheryl: They're crazy enough.

  • NOTES (0)


    • Matt: I'm kinda fond of my paycheck and I don't wanna lose it over Starsky and Hutch.
      "Starsky And Hutch" refers to characters from the television series Starsky and Hutch, which centered on two mismatched Californian police officers who had the tendency to break the rules or use unorthodox methods to catch criminals.

    • Felix Aguila: Can you hear me now?
      This is a reference to the cellular phone company Verizon Wireless and its recent ad campaign: "Can you hear me now? Good."