Season 1 Episode 11


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Dec 12, 2006 on FOX

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  • Behind the border

    Matt and Emily get involved in case where they are chasing a suspect and they use a tunnel to follow to Mexico. And it all goes bad - they become the ones inside and the men with guns are outside.. they have the hostage and they have to manage to survive it. So, it is not easy, a lot of going around.. but quite standing in one point episode. Not much development either.. There was that moment when they thought they won't come alive but that was just a moment's spark.. and then just like from sky Emily and Matt figure out what all was going on.
  • 8.9 - good episode

    Emily and Matt go into Mexico to get a criminal but get caught between the criminal and his friends that want to free him. The idea of this episode was interesting actually. What happens when Matt and Emily don't have tactical? I liked their characters under pressure. I really wanted Matt to get shot though - that would have made things interesting. The whole thing with Emily hitting a nail or something like that was stupid. She didn't get that hurt - someone needed to get shot. Anyways, the negotiating was great and interesting with the criminal screaming after them. Overall, good story with good character developments.
  • A great episode

    When Emily fails to effectively negotiate with a man who runs to cross the Mexican border, Emily and Matt find themselves in Mexico. When everyone back in the U.S. has no idea where Emiyl and Matt have gone, the team becomes worried. When the man's brother arrives to surround the building Emily and Matt are hiding out in, they realize this time, they have to talk there way out of losing their lives. When so much is at stake, pressure becomes intense, and much drama arises. Borderline is a must-see episode of Standoff. It is exactly the reason that I watch this show!!!
  • Why I like this show

    its episodes like this that make me a great fan of this show. it will be awhile before standoff makes a better episode than this, where there surrounded, outnumbered and in danger with no one else to help them, not to mention there switching places and becoming the people there trained to take care of and sometimes kill. i love the episodes where there now fearfull of there own life and what thay gotta do to stay alive and how they got out was amasing, doing exactly what there paid to do, use words. goodluck toping this episode, good luck
  • Now they're TAKING hostages!

    I guess when the Fox execs sat around discussing the premise of Standoff, nobody realized that all hostage negotiations are the same, and that the show had written itself into a corner from day 1.

    Having already run out of good ideas, the previous episode, "The Accidental Negotiator", featured a civilian doing the negotiation rather than the FBI, and doing a better job of it.

    This episode sees Matt and Emily not only take a hostage, but shoot him also!

    After blowing yet another negotiation with no perimeter set, the original hostage taker drives away and escapes to Mexico in a tunnel. Matt and Emily break the law and follow, for no good reason.

    They catch their guy, their guy's gang surrounds them, and they end up trying to use their hostage to save their own lives (rather than just shooting the bad guys when Matt had a gun pointed at them).

    Then Emily turns into a sobbing little girl. It was so easy to push her buttons, no way she would ever get into CNU. This was also completely out of character.

    It was a good run, but clearly the only story ideas the writers have left are bad ones. They have already abandoned the whole premise of the show.
  • SPOILERS ABOUND Well, we learn in this one that you just can't kill your leverage, but you sure can shoot him.

    Bullies and Emily don't mix-

    We have asked for more info about Lehman, and man do we get it in spades in Borderline. We are shown the 'other side' of the cool, collected, smart, tough Lehman. Don't get me wrong, she is still all of that, and wanting to prove something on top of it all. We open with Emily almost at the same stage as we see Matt in Heroine. Negotiation is going to be cut short at the direction of the DEA and Emily wants five more minutes. Matt is trying to back her up, buy her the time, but DEA has a beef with Felix the HT, not just over a drug case, but because he killed an agent. That was the set up for why this got violent and stayed that way. There is a coffee mug that is common to see in the federal law enforcment world. It reads the ________ always gets their man. Could be FBI, DEA, ATF and so on. I got the feeling that all these DEA agents drank their coffee from that mug on the very morning of this Standoff episode.

    "I wonder every day if I have what it takes......"

    Emily unraveled......that is a good sub-title to this episode. We got the preview clip all wrong, (surprize!) It was Emily that wanted to go into Mexico, and she had to because she felt like she screwed up a negotiation. Felix got away and she was being told that by everyone, including her partner Matt. His words, "You got played, it happens...." were not what she needed to hear. Add to this mix DEA agents that spewed alittle bit too much macho stuff IMO, like she had done enough talking, she doesn't need to see the map......and so on and you have Emily under a personal attack. Interesting set up tonight. I loved the fact that Matt and Emily were the HTs. That was a good spin, new avenue and it was fun to explore. The series can't get to be old hat when you throw new spins like this at the viewers. Now granted, there was some loss of life, and it was a pretty bad scene. There has got to be a small forest that gets killed in order to supply the paper needed for the reports on this incident. And there is no way Matt and Emily wouldn't be pulling alittle R&R the fed. way (suspension) after making a bad decision. But isn't that a great set up to the next eipsodes....? Actually there were several set ups that could be seen later. The wound to Emily's arm from the nail could come back to haunt her, and I like Matt's thinking here, he is hitting on all cylinders when he thinks about the what ifs.

    Taking the clock back.........

    You need to stay in the world of TV just a tad in this episode. If you do that, you are gonna have a blast. I'm not upset that Emily shot Felix, I just wished she done it earlier and about three feet higher and right between the eyebrows. But can't kill your leverage. Keep that in mind and this episode will work for you, even those of us in law enforcement won't get bent out of shape when agents are being killed and extreme measures are required to save you and your partner's life. You don't have to be sleeping with them to want to get them out of a really bad situation. It appears Frank and Duff took the night off, but not without Cheryl's take that if her HRT guys set the perimeter, the bad guys would not have got away.

    Lia gets the best line award tonight when she asks (on speaker phone) "is the dip from DEA still in your office?" I LMAO on that one.

    Our Matt and Emily fix......

    Sit back and enjoy, here is the hot topic that many fans have been waiting for in the Matt and Emily relationship. Now folks, we get it but we don't. The L-bomb is not dropped, nope, implied, but not dropped. I like the way this relationship ball was tossed to us. And we will get nine innings out of it on these boards. I see the threads going up now. It is Matt that is over his head, and Lehman the one holding back. I did not see this one coming. I see all the Matt fans now wondering "what is up with Emily?, I'd be telling this guy more than thanks!" Oh again, the threads will go wild, I'll see to it. I am OK, I think with Matt being pretty darn sensitive in this one too, those were not lights dancing in his eyes, he was choked up too. I guess I have to be if we know what his feelings really are for Emily.

    Predictable tonight???, only with the kid. I called that one early and I was OK because of the way it got thrown at the bad guy at the end. They are negotiators and they know how to use words to their advantage when the chips are down. Bottom line for this episode, DVRs all over the world are gonna be punished for a while. There was high replay value overall.
  • An intense episode.

    After chasing a fugitive from justice across the Mexican border Matt and Emily become trapped and have to play there own game of hostage negotiation as the CNU’s become the HT’s in a role reversal to save there live’s and walk away with the drug lord.

    What surprised me about this episode was how Matt was the strong partner keeping his cool when the situation got desperate and Emily was the one who lost her cool and broke, usually Emily’s the one tuff nut who’s calm and cool in a crisis where as Matt’s the one who goe’s off in the deep end, BUT I loved the moment between Matt and Emily when Emily said if we don’t make it I just wanna say…. then Matt reply’s me too.

    All in all a great episode to close for the hiatus over the new year.
  • Pulse-pounding, nerve-wracking...anticlimactic. (Review Contains spoilers)

    This episode was intense. I would like to focus on a few key elements:

    First of all, I would like to point out that it was a very, very stupid idea to cross the border. What were Matt and Emily THINKING? What would give them reason to think that Felix would be waiting for them across the border? What would make them think that the two other cops leading the way had the right idea and weren't being reckless?

    Secondly, Emily was acting surprisingly out of character. She begins by completely dropping the rule book (which she WROTE) and crossing the border to a place entirely out of her jurisdiction. Secondly, she shoots Felix (probably one of the most shocking moments yet in this show). Thirdly, even though she's usually the calm and collected one who saves the day when Matt is flying off the handle, she has a small nervous breakdown and feels as though she needs to prove herself. I'm not saying that this action is bad, because it let Matt have a chance to return the favor she usually pays him, but this was a shocking development that I'm going to have to process for a while.

    Third...Why is Emily always so "spooked" when her relationship with Matt seems to be getting a little more serious? She had the perfect chance to say something meaningful at the end, when Matt asked her what she meant in saying "In case we don't make it out of here...," and she just said "Thanks." Was I the only one who saw a little bit of disappointment on Matt's face? I am hoping for an episode that will explain why she is always so afraid of taking the next step.

    The ending, in my opinion, was anticlimactic. They built up the tension so well in this episode that the peaceful ending, when it came, was a bit of a disappointment. The good guys drive away, the bad guys are going to prison...and that's it?