Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 12, 2006 on FOX

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  • Plains.. many plains...

    Ok.. This one was different than I expected - an mid-air collision makes an air traffic controller to freak out and next day he comes in with a gun and takes everyone, including the plains on sky hostage. A nightmare.. And so Emily and Matt has to deal with the controller and trying to get plains down safely.

    A really exciting episode, with really high stakes.. that kind of stunning and fast motion that nails you to the screen and first it looks really like so random - why he freaks out when Matt mentions the neighbor.. Well plotted and well done.
  • good episode...

    A plane traffic-control worker is accused of causing a plane accident which caused the deaths of 180 people. He takes the traffic-control tower hostage and the team has to talk him down. I liked the story in this episode; it was unique. Not only did he have hostages in the room, but he basically held everyone on the plane hostage. It almost reminded me of the first Die Hard movie. Anyways, the situation was diffused in the end and everyone is ok. Overall, interesting story with a great criminal which you feel bad for instead of just seeing him as the bad-guy.
  • very entertaining and had a very strong plot!!

    it kept us guessing to the end, i didnt know what would happen but matt and emily saved the day!! Also the at and mouse game Matt and Emily played was very cute and realistic to try to keep \"them\" a secret!! and nearly get caught in doing is one of the crime/drama shows becaause it uses different scenerios to keep us, the ausience interested!!!
    Standoff rocks hope it soes well!!
  • Great. Much better than pilot.

    This episode was really well written. I personally didn't understand what was going on in the beginning, it was a great surprise.

    It was pretty realistic, too. And the ending was very emotional. The only complaint I have is that the plot was a bit predictable: I could see the 'wife - cheating on husband' thing from miles away.

    The acting was really top notch, and the main idea(hijacking a plane controller room) was brilliant.

    Standoff seems so far really promising. I'm really looking forward the upcoming episode; I'm curious what can the writers do to surprise us.

    The episode is a solid 8.
  • Good Episode. I really didn't know what was going to happen until a few minutes before the end.

    Another good episode for Standoff. It's starting to prove itself as a great fall drama. I honestly thought all of the computers would be switched over before he noticed, but boy was I wrong. :D

    The romance between Emily and Matt is escalating, and I can't wait to see where it goes throughout the season. The ending with Gina Torres was hilarious. So uncomfortable, lol.

    The promos for next week's episode look good as well, and I'm looking forward to watching it. Hopefully, Standoff can have a successful season (and following House will help immensely) , so it will return next year.
  • Intense, Witty, Emotional

    I absolutely love the intensity of this show. I think the characters lines are witty and well written, and I think the flow of dialogue is superb. The relationship between Matt and Emily is as appealing as it is frustrating. (I think for both them and us) I am really looking forward to seeing the akward stages of the developement of that relationship. I love the way Cheryl sort of messes with their heads a little bit at the end of the episode. I really enjoy how well written the team relationship between Matt and Emily is. It seems that they bounce information off of eachother flawlessly and they each bring in something intelligent and different. I'm really excited for an entire season of this show!!!
  • When an air-traffic controller is potentially responsible for the midair crash of two planes, resulting in the death of over 100 people, Matt and Emily have to get the man to release his armed control of his tower.

    Cleverly written, with an engaging plot, but occaisionally awkward.

    I wasn't all that impressed with this episode at first, but I got really sucked into the problem with the air-traffic controllers, and all the poor people in the planes. The actor who played the character that went batty and held up the control tower was, at times, kinda overdone, but it didn't really detract from viewer enjoyment. The scene that juxtaposed Matt talking to him, and Emily to his wife, was well-done. I liked the effect. It was interesting how it totally humanized the "enemy" of the episode.

    Matt and Emily had a kind of an odd chemistry, because it was almost as if they reserved all their chemistry for all the scenes that weren't romantic. Their discomfort with Cheryl, when they tell her that they are seeing eachother, was amusing, especially Cheryl's crack about marraige. I thought the look that Emily gave Matt after while he was taking the gun and watching his plan work was much more chemistry-filled than their scene at the restaurant. I wonder how the whole thing is gonna play out. I mean, right now their relationship isn't all that interesting, but I could see it being much more so. The other characters don't seem to be that eventful, but maybe they will get more engaging as the series progresses. Overall, this seems like a good new show.
  • WOW............ I see huge potential here, the writers will make or break this show, they have the right actors in the right parts.

    WOW......................I see huge potential here, and that is not too common with TV, for me anyways. The success of this show is teetering on the writers pens as we speak. From reading the forums here, I take it that there are four episodes in the can, and they are working on taping the 5th and 6th. As a "possible die-hard fan" of Stand Off (SO), I will say they are going to need to keep "Circling's" intensity for hostage stories going, and keep adding the steam and realness to Matt and Emily's character's. I was unsure during the piolet's episode of the chemistry, but.............I will agree with other folks is there and needs good writing to keep it interesting. I think Livingston is finding his footing with Matt and settling in, Emily is in great hands, I enjoyed that character from the get go. I am amazaed that there has been no mention of the parallels with "Circling" and Matt/Emily's personal life. Priase to the writers for tying in these story lines to make this show more stream lined over all. Examples are exchanges between Matt/Emily about the HT not wanting to tell his personal business to his work partners, the stress of the job, he let his personal life leak into his job. The writers are moving into the "depth" mode on Matt, he has lost someone close to him on the job? I am there with the other reviewers? Who? Does Matt tend to pick his romance choices at work? This will be a problem with his current choice. "SO" is now attempting to lock in the viewers with more information and dialog with Matt/Emily. I say give this show time- most certainly a chance. Two episodes is not enough for this viewer to make a final call on this show. This could be great- and honestly is good now. Can it compete with Monday night's line up, sure it can, because we the viewers have a lot more to say about that then we realize. Posting your thoughts is a start. I am doing my share to see where Matt/Emily go. When the last scene played out on my big screen last night, my exact thought was..........."OK, I'm in to this. I am looking forward to next week's episode."
  • Better than the pilot

    I said in the show review that the pilot was too fast past on the characters of terrorist, but the same problem didn't catch the second episode.
    There's some action packed in the episode as the way this kind of show should go, the most exciting thing that strikes me the most is that the writer and producer spend fairly amount of time on the terrorist or the hijacker. They go deep into the cause of the hijacking, and give us a perfect impression that most of the so-called terrorists are just like you and me, they just encountered something so overwhelming that led up to his unusual behabior. And I like the emotions behind the whole situation, and the bonding in a way between the negotiator and the hijacker.
    Still, the development of main characters is not so good, I think the producers should work on that, or the characters will go two dimentional and ruin the whole show.
  • cool show

    I'm really starting to like this show. I like the clever ideas they're coming up with. There was a problem with tonights idea though. If nobody has thought of holding up an air traffic control center, they have now. Anyway, now that the two partners are are actually dating, I think we're going to start seeing their relationship interfere with their work. Work time is a way to get away from your significant other, and alot of the time it's a blessing.
  • Engaging and interesting, but occasionally lacking.

    Ten minutes into this episode, I was convinced it was going to be awkward and boring, but I was pleasantly surprised. Really pleasantly surprised, actually. Somewhere in the middle of the negotiation situation my logical brain disengaged and I found myself really riveted to the situation. That's good writing. Especially for a second episode.

    That said, there were a few things that kept this from being as good as it could have been:

    Matt and Emily have an awkward sort of chemistry, actually. It's flaky. It comes and goes. I didn't feel it when they were on their date, but it was absolutely present in the look they gave each other when the negotiation wrapped up. Huh. It'll be interesting to see how this pans out.

    The two swat team guys seem pretty stereotypical, and, uh, flat right now. Hopefully that'll change, seeing as they're apparently series regulars.

    But really, I'm interested to see where this goes. The whole hostageish situation really was fascinating, and the music really worked at the end when they had to take him. The emotion of the moment really came across well there (although there were other points where the music definitely worked against what they were trying to do).

    I am curious about Matt's mystery loss on the job, and I'd like to know more about Leia. As for the romantic side of things, I guess I'm not as interested in the personal side of Matt and Emily as I could be. They need to step it up a notch here (and I mean that quality-wise, not quantity-wise). But I do think that the ending -- the fact that they told Cheryl -- worked for them. It elevates their seriousness. That marriage crack was funny, though.

    But seriously, who uses a pager anymore?