Season 1 Episode 16


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jul 06, 2007 on FOX

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  • I did not like this one too much :S

    Ok, this one was a second different kind of episode in row and to be honest, this one was very weak, at least in story side. The main amount of time was given to Carrera and her past relationship to make some kind of sense out of it, constantly suspecting each other and shouting on each other - in one word, relationship gone bad. I do not know why they needed it but it did looked like a way to fill out the time in this episode.

    And the ending, it was kind a weak too. The only possible one you could imagine and if they were going that way, maybe more tragic would have been good.
  • Pales to previous episode.

    I know you shouldn't judge an episode by the one that comes before it or after it. But, the episode before this one was a lot better. I really enjoyed the character studies in this one, but the plot itself was actually kind of dull. I think I've seen John Billingsley in just about every one hour cop show now, and he was completely underutilized in this one. He's a very distinct character actor, but was no more than a dignified extra in this one. He even had a garment over his head when we first met him, although I recognized the voice immediately. Two more episodes to go.
  • Your past always catches up with you.

    Cheryl’s past catches up with her when her ex boyfriend takes over a kidnapped hostage who is a key witness in a money laundering case. Unfortunately her ex wants to get back with her Cheryl has other ideas.

    As the episode progresses we find her ex is involved with the hostage taker who is demanding $5 million for the release, when Matt finds out Cheryl’s ex is involve he is confronted and tell’s the truth but things go bad and is killed along with the hostage taker.

    Though the main story revolves around Cheryl and her past we do have some moments between Matt and Emily.
  • Really well written episode!

    This episode starts off with a weird trial where the witness testifying is in a hood. As we can see Cheryl then gets more involved when she finds out that an old flame is also involved. We see a little fun between Matt and Emily, but like most episodes, the plot is more focused on the situation at hand. We find out that Cheryl's old flame is actually involved in the hostage situation which is when Cheryl's emotions really get involved. They get Cheryl's old flame to turn against his partner and finally get the hostage situation resolved. The episode is ended on a great note, even though Cheryl's old flame is murdered, Cheryl offers the advice of never taking advantage of anything good you have.