Season 1 Episode 17

Kids in the Hall

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jul 13, 2007 on FOX

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  • A mess..

    This time they get prison riot on their hand and to make it even more messy than thing is - there is a trouble on chain of command, there is that senator who seems to have his own agenda and there are those kids.. and their struggle to power. So, who is in the control and why senator is so eager to get guns in and end this no matter the cost?

    It all sounds so intriguing and great but sadly the episode did not manage to forward that excitement it promises. But there is a great matter of trust between Emily and Matt and that does work well.
  • A guy took a juvy hall hostage, but not to get out. What! you say. No he took it hostage to stay in. Also Matt and Emily Break up!

    Ok, i need to get out of my system. I literally cried when they broke up. And the fact that Matt gave up his job to save this kids life. That was sad too. So this kid takes the guards at a juvy hall hostage so that they can save the facility. Matt tries to save the kid, but the Senator is evil and wants the kid dead b/c the kid knows the Senator is hiding something. Matt gets fired b/c he calls the senator on it. It was so sad b/c Emily says she won't choose between him and the job. I could not believe that Matt would give up his job for this kid. It was definetely a tearjerker. It was very well written with a believable cast.
  • The moral of this episode is………… Trust.

    When a group of juvenile inmates take over a detention centre and take the guards hostage Matt and Emily are called in to take care of the situation.

    It’s a surprise when we learn the teenagers don’t want to break out but want to put their point of view across to try and keep the detention centre open when it’s discovered it will be closed and shut down with all the inmates going to a state of the art maximum prison, all’s they want is for Matt to get hold of the local senator overseeing the closer to speak to them, things start to go well when the senator arrives and promise’s the news crews he’ll do everything possible to secure the safety of the inmates but his views turn opposite when he talks to Matt and Emily, the senator and prison govenour hatch a plan to take the teenage hostage takers down with force, when Matt tips them off he is stood down, trying to get his partner and girlfriend Emily to also stand down she blanks him and takes point on the negotiations.

    Though the standoff comes to a fairly positive finish it’s Matt’s and Emily’s relationship and partnership that’s in question and we are left wondering if there social break is a ore permanent one.
  • A facinating study of the trust relationships between the team members and others. Exciting interplay as Matt and Emily are brought in on a junivile center riot where the goal of the riot is to keep the center open. Needs to be watched more than once.

    This episode was fascinating as it dealt with issues of trust. On the one hand, the trust relationships between the inmates, and on the other between Matt and Emily, and also between Matt and others on the team. An older junivile is leading a "controlled" riot to protest the fact that a statistically successful juvinile detention senter is being closed in favor of a new detention unit that is more restrictive and not aimed at rehabilitation. He wants to speak with the Senator behind the closure.

    The senator, it turns, out had betrayed the trust of his constituents by accepting a bribe to support the new detention center. Matt gets thrown off the case for exposing a trap to the kid 'in charge" and Emily doesn't trust him enough to put her job at stake so support him. He gets help from another on the team, and ends up being right. For more details, watch it .. it has many levels that are not easy to catch on the first watch. An excellent episode.
  • One of my favorite episodes. The inmates of a juvinal center cause a riot, but not to get out of jail, but to stay in.

    After the kids take over a jail, Matt and Emily go to try and stop them. They find out the kids only want the jail kept up and not turned into a "super-jail." They learn that the major wants the place shut down because he is as fault for some stuff. Matt goes to drastic measures to help the guards and is taken off the case. He is shocked when Emily doesnt back him up. The leader of the kids only wants the place to stay up and to protect his friend Hector. When another kid takes over and hold Hector hostage, Hector gets away and kills the other kid. The situation is under control and everything is settled. Im sorry Im not sure if the jail got to stay up or not cause I missed a little bit of the episode. The end of the episode showed Matt and Emily talking about how their career is getting in the way of their relationship.