Season 1 Episode 15

Lie to Me

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jun 29, 2007 on FOX

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  • Going after Emily

    A some angry people who Emily talked out of suicide years ago goes after her and does all he manages to ruin her life - and he does it well. Get's discriminating video, her secrets, adds mark to her folder..

    And I did like the emotional involvement, the way he managed to get Emily offguard, to make her go emotional, make those mistakes, act out. She is usually so preserved person and it was great to see her out of control. It was a very much different episode and that made it so much enjoyable. And ofcourse her sister.. and the way she was involved. One of the best episodes I think.
  • Brilliant

    This episode is absolutely brilliant. Making things very personal for Emily worked. I thought the episode Road Trip was a little too cliche and trying too hard to make it mainstream, but this episode really got back on track (what would become a short track, but oh well).

    The woman playing Emily's sister actually looks a lot like her and is a great actress. Who would have ever thought that the episode was going in this direction? This is probably as good as it gets and if they manage to top this episode in the next and last three I'll be seriously impressed.
  • This episode had me glued to my seat and my eyes riveted to the screen. Just brilliant!

    Emily's life is made very public when she is at the receiving end of an attack by a kidnapper from her past. Her personal life is scrutinized and exposed again and again as we find out the secrets she had hidden away. First, its her relationship with Matt via a sex tape leaked to the media...but we already knew about her and Matt. The shocking secret is a sister, who's a resident in a federal prison! This episode is one of my favourites. The range of emotions that Emily goes through is so diverse. There's confusion, determination, annoyance, anger,'s all there. Rosemarie DeWitt did a fantastic job of acting here. Seeing Emily face her past was interesting. And seeing how the sisters interact...Ali refusing to help Emily as she felt Emily abandoned her years before. Yet she caved when Matt threatened her. Something I found very interesting is that Matt & Emily are top-ranked negotiaters therefore very good at communicating. However, they both have estranged siblings. Slightly ironic. Another aspect of this episode I loved was the interaction between Emily and Matt. The scenes between them at the beginning of this episode are heart-warming. Seeing them alone as a 'normal' couple was great. And seeing Matt supporting Emily throughout the episode, and visiting Ali behind her back to get information was also a great insight to their relationship.
    All in all, this episode was just about perfect in my opinion. At least if this show is canceled its had some fantastic episodes that the actors can be proud of!
  • Excellent episode -- the best so far!

    Excellent episode -- the best so far! Amazing acting job by DeWitt. I thought the writing was up a notch from the week before with this riveting plotline. I hope we get to see more of their other relationships and the general lack of communication between the major characters and the people in their lives outside of the workplace, especially since their jobs hinge on clear communication in the workplace. It's an interesting aspect of the CNU employees that they don't always practice the same communication skills outside the job as they do so well within the job.

    Since this show won't get a second season, I hope all these actors get a series that lasts, they deserve it.
  • What a good one.

    This episode had it all. I really liked it. It was action, confushion, and very very personal to Emily. Question: dont these people know that Matt and Emily are together? They mad a huge deal over it. They serched so hard for the guy and the little boy was so scared but he acted very responsably. I would have paniked on the ledge. The real question is how was he taken with out his dad seeing anything.
  • It just got personal

    Emily is at the centre of the public eye when her personal life is made public by an ex suicide taker who she talked down from a building and imprisoned, because she’d lied to him telling him everything would be all right he take’s vengeance by kidnapping a young boy and use’s him to taunt and make Emily’s life a living hell.

    Along with Matt and the rst of the team they track down who the blackmailer is and has to face her demons by visiting her sister who’s serving prison time.

    Another outstanding episode where we find out about more of Emily's background and it was nice to see John M Jackson starring even though he was the bad guy.

    I do hope this series is brought back for a second season once this season finishes.