Season 1 Episode 5

Life Support

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 31, 2006 on FOX

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  • Little not believable..

    I do not say that you wish everything to be believable and real like to like it, but this episode I do not know - it felt lame and it felt nothing special. Maybe it was the writing that made most of the char to lose their nerve in the middle of the episode and that emotion was forwarded to the viewers or just the absurdness of this case - but who knows, maybe people do think that with gun they can make people heal terminal patients.

    But to be on bright side, the story did was moving what is a brother ready to do for his sister..
  • great episode...

    The team is called in to diffuse a situation when a young man took some nurses and doctors hostage and demanded to see a doctor that could help his sister. How the episode was laid out allowed the watcher to feel sad and sympathize with the criminal. I loved seeing Matt's backstory in this episode. It's interesting to learn more about characters and he has a sad past. I also loved seeing his different personality in the hospital. I also loved the part in the episode where Emily went to the surgeon's house and convinced him to come. He was an interesting character; I want him as a main character! Anyways, great story and amazing characters.
  • Wow!!! What an episode

    I love this episode, because we got to see Matt emotions, it was good to watch. Matt was acting weird from the beginning and only at the end we get to see why.

    Matt emotion was too involved and that it nearly cost the team to take MJ down easily, his boss told him “Let MJ trust you”. I guess Matt didn’t want his team mate to know his past, but he was left with no choice. Matt told MJ what had happen to sort of tell MJ is may happen to MJ sister, and wow I love the last scene!!! MJ was arrested but Matt allowed him to go say goodbye to his sister, and Matt was waiting outside and Emily was there too.
  • Matt\'s backstory made this episode much better.

    (mild spoilers)
    Oh, wow. I love the way Matt reacts to the events in this episode - the tension between him and the team, the aggression he has towards MJ, the flashbacks - wow! But, my favourite scene has to be the last one. \"Disappearing World\" by David Gray captured the mood of the scene so perfectly! One thing I love and admire so much about this show is the way they don\'t need to use words. Emily sitting next to Matt in the hospital and placing her hand on his knee was enough. Those two can say more with a look than most people could say in a novel (with illustrations).

    And I have to say how powerful it is when they show Matt as a child sitting alone outside the hospital room and then Matt as an adult with Emily by his side, comforting him. I\'ve loved every episode of this show and it always leaves me counting down the days until the next episode!

    I say: Keep it up!

    ~ Tricki
  • After it's hiatus the Standoff crew are back...

    It's been a few weeks since the last episode of Standoff was aired due to the Baseball and i for one could not wait for it's return...... and going on reviews and ratings we were not disappointed.

    The story involved the usual Standoff between the FBI's Crisis Negotiation Unit Matt Flannery and Emily Lehman and a young boy who has brought his terminally ill sister to hospital seeking a specialised doctor to perform surgery, when the doctor is not available and in fact on vacation the young lad pulls a gun and a hostage scenario evolves.

    Matt ( Ron Livingston ) is left to talk to the boy whilst Emily ( Rosemarie DeWitt ) goes searching for the doctor, each have there own problems persuading the boy and doctor to co-operate but eventually all goes as expected.

    In this episode we learn something of Matt’s past life as a boy, we find that as the story develops he becomes very angry at the situation he’s in and at the boy he’s trying to negotiate, this is a no-no for a negotiator, as the story unfolds Matt has a sigma with hospitals and we also learn that as a very young boy he had to witness his mother who was a policewomen involved in a car accident die on a hospital bed after days of being on a respirator, because he still felt remorse this came out in the negotiations.

    Personal notes…..
    It’s good to see some character development starting to show in this series, sometimes a TV show can turn stale if we don’t get some insight to a characters background or childhood, let’s hope we get a little background on Emily or Cheryl.

    If Standoff develops as Bones ( another favourite of mine ) has done then I can see a second series in the pipeline.
  • This episode of standoff, stood by itself, and showed what a great show it truly is.

    Possible spoilers: This episode showed exactly what drawed me into Standoff to begin with. It was extremely powerful, and never lost it's power throughout the entire episode. It's starts with Matt acting kinda funky, but you don't really find out what his real problem is till the end of the episode, when he uses his problem with hospitals to save the HT's life. I thought Ron brought a whole new depth to his character Matt, and played it well. Rosemarie did the samething with her character Emily, only in a slightly different way. As you've seen in past episodes it is usually Matt trying to stop Emily from doing stuff, like the pliot episode when he didn't want her to go into the cafe. But this time it was Emily's turn to try to stop Matt from doing something. The ending result was the best episode so far this season, and from what I can tell, this show is getting better every episode. And next week's promises to be just as good.
  • The writers get the thumbs up on this episode. Excellent job of entertaining us and having us attend an hour long class called "Life 101" through an episode appropriately named: "Life Support."

    I looked at the clock and I was 22 minutes into this show, and here is what I was sifting through as the viewer: Matt Flannery may not complete this negotiation-certainly not successfully, a seventeen year old kid is about to lose everything with the impending loss of his sister, a Doc who served in the Israeli Army thinks he is doing everyone a favor by not wanting to help the kid (terrorist to him), the dying girl is a victim too-of non-insurance, Emily is trying to find the missing doc who doesn't want to deal with the "terrorist" AND in doing so hopefully keeps Matt from coming unglued, Cheryl knows exactly what the heck is going on and is sticking to her guns with who should be the primary, and towards the end we watch Duff draw down with a deadly aim on the HT. Alot to deal with huh?, nah........welcome to Life 101 through the writers of Standoff. Here we are taught that not everybody wants to do what they are supposed to do, what they are hired to do, or what is expected of them and that is really life....isn't it? This episode surprised me. Attached to the entertainment value (Flannery loss of his Mom as a child), is a pretty powerful message. Isn't the right thing to do, often the toughest? Call it delving into Matt's angst, his inner turmoil or getting a snap shot of his sub-concious, it was all that, but what ever you are labelling this, you have probably delt with it. It's called Loss. I don't like feeling the way I did at the end of this one, I just loved the way they got me there.

    I was afraid that my biggest disappointment would be in the leads- not the actors, but the writing for them. It was anything but that. Angst is a tough format, can be written as a turn on or turn off. Matt's loss displayed in flashbacks as a child tyring to get to his Mom in a hospital was not overplayed. He had trouble from the get-go with walking into a hospital, and attempting to deal with his past and MJ's past, the HT. Lehman's part was perfect. No over analysis of Matt, and when she tried to go there to a degree but in a perfect "Hey, remember me, I'm more than your partner" way, Matt backed her down. Lehman did not pull out the couch and start therapy for a variety of characters in this episode (she could have and made a heck of alot of money doing it though.) I liked the way she was allowed to be an agent first and struggled with attempting to reach Matt on the periphery. It was Emily that wanted Peace on Earth in this one. I like Cheryl's part here too, having the knowledge of what is coming unglued in the primary negotiator, but pulling it all together when Matt can't, telling him to "make the connection". That was a true ex-partner's reaction in this episode. I can only guess that the writers intent was for us to know that she had some clue to what happened in Matt's past. I think she tipped her cards with her little chat with Flannery as he was about to throw in the towel with MJ.

    All the ends were tied up neatly here for us, leaving us with a strong message. The Doc remembered why he wanted to go into the healing proffession. One of the nurses who identified with MJ stayed when offered an out by Frank and even told MJ sincerely that she was sorry for his impending loss as he was cuffed up. Cheryl gutted it out and did not take over-she let Matt work through it-helping not just MJ and the hostages but Matt too. MJ greeted loss as we all do, fighting it til we are too tired to do that anymore, and then coming to grips with saying good-bye. And Emily.......................well I said this episode left us with a strong message. And it was this; sometimes you can support someone you care about with emotions stronger than steele, if you just pull up a chair and sit down next to them. Emily is my pick of a favorite in this episode, no analysis right now, just support through "Life 101". If you missed this episode... I feel sorry for you. Standoff continues to ramp up for a great viewing season.
  • Standoff premiered last night with one of the best episodes of the season and it gave me a reason to watch this show again.

    I liked this show ever since it aired but got a new reason to love it after its recent episode "Life Support" one of the best storylines that I ever seen with great intense scenes and also scenes filled to the brink with emotions. A boy wanting to get help for his sister who is dying from lung disease take control of a hospital room filled with nurses threatening to kill them all if his sister dies. This is where Matt comes in and tries to do his job but his own emotions for what happened to his mother, when he was 12, gets in the way and almost blows the mission. The boy holding up the hospital is demanding to see Dr. Connor but he is no where to be seen but when they do find him he wants nothing to do with terrorists due to a little psycho babble he agrees to help. Matt gets the kid to give up after shoving his problems out of the way getting the job at hand done. It ends with the doctor getting there, the boy giving up, and then he gets to say goodbye to his long loved sister.

    This episode was filled with many intense scenes not knowing if anyone was going to get out of there alive. What really got to me was the emotion that you can feel from Matt with the flashbacks of his mother and how he couldn't do anything to help her.

    I will admit I got a bit teary eye at the ending scene with Matt and his partner sitting outside the door with the sad music in the background as the boy visited his dying sister who wouldn't make the night unless they put her on the ventilator for a few months but she will never leave the hospital

    I give this show a very high 9.5/10 because of everything I said above and the fact that this was the best episode of the whole series of shows.

    Next week the whole city is the hostage from a sniper...sounds very interesting
  • The best episode so far!

    This episode was the best one so far. It is not about the standoff it is about people. It is about loss. The loss of a loved one. Three of the people involved in this episode have lost or are about to lose a person they really love. The kid that takes the hostages is about to lose his sister from cancer. Matt lost his mother after an accident and doctor Cory lost his mentor. I think that the last scene of the episode is the one that says it all. It was the first time in the series that Matt wasn’t a hostage negotiator. I couldn’t see him like that. All I could see was that little boy that lost his mother. You have to watch it. Oh and this is the quote of the episode.

    Emily: Kid is going to have a long night.
    Matt: Trust me it won’t be long enough.
  • (Spoliers)The Best Episode Yet!

    I was waiting for this episode. In my opinion, this is the first episode that dealt primarily with Matt and Emily's job. Don't get me wrong, I like the sexual tension/ relationship issues of the two, but i wanted to see more job tension portrayed. In the end it makes for a better story.

    Life Support is really two interleaved stories. The first being of a young man desperate enough to take an operating room hostage to safe his terminally ill sister and a back story of how Matt lost his mother.

    Dr. Cory's struggle between being former Israeli military, the loss of his mentor, and now being a doctor was also well thought out.