Season 1 Episode 7

Man of Steele

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 14, 2006 on FOX

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  • Little silly but had a point..

    Ok.. First I did not liked this episode at all. It all sounded so weird and it looked so silly.. and.. oh doing a radio show and having a talk via it.. sounds like a crazy and stupid idea but what surprised me turning the episode was that in the end, it did worked - they managed to get Emily there and made her talk and communicate and when the got the other woman there who has been fallen into the same trap, and she speaking her story.. and Emily trying to avoid the suicide, then this episode got it's beauty.
  • good episode...

    Well, this was a pretty unique. Matt and Emily had to use the radio personality to talk a man with a gun down. Interesting. Anyways, a man shot a social worker than took a nanny and child hostage. In the end, he was talked down by Emily everyone was ok. I thought it was an interesting concept, and I loved watching the captain FBI lady get pissed off at the radio guy. However, the radio personality was really annoying and I thought the crowd was annoying also. The story was good, but there was not as much characterization for the main characters. Overall, good episode with a good story, but annoying guest characters.
  • Another impressive episode… spoilers

    Whilst watching a car chase on TV the CNU team quickly become involved when the man being chased breaks into a house and takes a baby and the sitter hostage, what unfolds is a cry for help by the HT as he calls a local radio presenter to plead his case as to why he is there, the mans story is that he was involved in an illegal adoption but was duped out of his money by the women who’s house he is in.

    The CNU team need to find the women who has taken the mans money, get to the radio station to talk to the HT, try and stop the radio presenter of causing a riot and rescue the hostages, they have one problem, the siege is being conducted live over the air in LA and the radio presenter is a shock jock type who is inciting people to go down to the hostage scene and show there support for the HT, Matt eventually tracks down the women who’s taken the money and we find out it’s not the first time she’s done this, Emily has to go down to the radio station and battle against the radio presenter and people calling in while at the same time keep her cool to quell the hostage situation.

    The story went as expected, no one was hurt, the con women was arrested, the HT let his hostage’s go and was also arrested, the radio presenter was also arrested for inciting a riot and the CNU team saved the day, well it was mainly Emily who saved the day, she is coming across as the better negotiator and is growing on me as a character as the show go’s on.
  • I left last nights episode with the verification that I was looking for.......-hang on folks, I think Lehman is the better negotiator. BEWARE-HUGE SPOILERS

    1. "You're in charge.........happy?"
    Everybody wants to be in charge, not everyone has a clue. Avery Steele is the epitome of just that. Clueless in society, Emily summed him up perfectly, to much to quote here, but bottom line, he is a BS artist of the worst kind. With in one minute of listening to this character I had a strong dislike for him, kinda like what I would feel if I saw pond scum floating on top of my latte in the morning. He uses other people's misfortune, grief and pain as his tools for entertainment. These guys exists in the real world, my dislike for him was instantly legitimate, I almost let it ruin the show for me. Add a baby and expose people's desperate plight to wanting to have one, call it entertainment, and I am in heavy dislike for Steele. (Read on - I'm ok with it, I get talked down by the end of the show.) I like it when people who are in charge know how to get the most out of what they have to deal with. The counter action to Steele for me was Matt being put in charge, Emily's negotiations and Cheryl's District Attorney background seeping through. I think we get a glimpse into the fact that Flannery might just make a good supervisor. More on that in a minute.

    2. "Are you done?" ........"No, you are."
    Dealing with two idiots making really, really bad decisions. Emily takes on two Hostage Takers. Fromer is understandable, he's a man at the end of his rope- Emily can deal with this guy in a methodical way- Fromer is what she is trained for. How is Steele a HT you ask? Easy, he preys on weak minded people and holds their emotions that they are not even sure of, hostage. I like how Emily fights Matt a bit about going into the studio to deal with both of these guys at once. She is human in this one, she is not sure she can go toe -to-toe with a shock jock, I mean there is no way he can quote Hemingway or Shakespeare and she sure can't pretend to spout his crap. So how is the connection going to happen? I like how the writers hang Avery Steele, good homework. The US Attorneys are contacted, draw up a complaint and Steele digs a really deep hole, then crawls in. Classic obstruction of justice. I personnally enjoyed watching Emily dismantle Steele on every level. This interaction was the beauty of this show. (Really, rewind- back the DVRs up and watch DeWitt shine in this episode.) Lehman is at her best, if you listen and really watch her expressions, she is totally believable in this one, DeWitt sells Lehman and at no time did I think, "well she has degrees in psychodynamics", I thought hey, "she's a hell of a negotiator."

    3. "Ok, you get on the roof and we'll keep talking."
    Everybody gets a piece of this pie. I was happy to see everyone involved in the investigation. Matt commands a scene as I would suspect, he is pretty sure he wants to talk them out, but he doesn't mind having a sniper with a shot ready. He is a decison maker. That respect thing that I posted about this week between him and Frank appears here I think. They work well together. Even Lia is drawn into the action, and is believable as she is knowledgable with what is going on and the infromation needed. She was the right one to send to the hospital. Emily's classes are paying off with that pupil.

    4. "I have what you have."
    Was our need for a Matt and Emily fix satisfied? I can just hear the collective sigh across the time zones by now. I know some has to be disappointed with the lack of some Matt and Emily personal relationship time. But- I walk away happy from this one, here's why. On a very basic level I liked that they did not go at each others throats on the job in this one, Matt shows some legitimate confidence in Emily's abilities and pushes her to become the pivital player in this crisis. Nice to see him back her. The most powerful two minutes of Standoff yet this year was the writers ability to capture Emily working and telling a "Matt and Emily truth" at the same time. This topic deserves a thread all it's own, and I will make one, but here is a preview. I LOVED the Emily /Doug dialog at the end, there is no double speak going on. She looks at Matt and tells the truth. If you felt non-connected til the very end of this episode then you can at least agree with me that there is something terribly disturbing about watching a man jot a suicide note and point a gun at his own head. I was caught up in this last two minutes, I know I put my hand on my forehead, put the recliner down, sat my feet on the floor infront of the big screen and audibly said, "oh sh_t,... No". DeWitt owns Lehman and Lehman owns those last two minutes, the knowing glance and the grin, the one on one way that she brings Doug's focus back onto what is really important- having someone there for you. This ending is why I will be watching next week.

    The music choice was great, again. I will be checking out the soon to be posted question about who that was, you just know that is coming!!! Another good installment of our favorite new show. This is one I can honestly say may take a few viewings or rechecking the highlights for you to find what makes this episode work for you, but do not gloss over DeWitt's performance here-she was a heck of a find for this show.
  • An interesting episode!(Review contains spoilers)

    I enjoyed this episode - it had me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end. The plotline was fast-paced, and I love the characters and their relationship (Matt's comments to Emily while pretending to be a caller to the Avery Steele show were clever in the sense of the case and very sweet in the sense of dating). I was worried about the turnout - has an HT ever come that close to comitting suicide before in an episode? Would this be the case where Matt and Emily save the hostages but do not save the HT? I was a little disappointed with the ending, but Emily's little analogy to her relationship with Matt was very nice. And, as usual, the CNU saved the hostages and the HT. I commend those who work on "Standoff" for a job well done, and I look forward to next week's episode.