Season 1 Episode 12

No Strings

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jun 08, 2007 on FOX
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No Strings
When a U.S. Customs and Border Protection agent tries to bring a foreign container into the Los Angeles port without an inspection, the FBI and police step in when the agent takes three of his own colleagues hostage. Meanwhile, Emily contemplates accepting a one-year assignment on a Special Task Force in Quantico that would mean being separated from Matt and is disturbed by his response.moreless

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  • Who is hostage..

    Mm.. They did had a great idea - hostage taker is in hostage really and he is trying to save his family. Sadly they did it so clearly that I got it much sooner than Emily and Matt and to be honest, I like to be surprised not to figure those out before the chars on screen.

    But the story was quite good, there was that kind of little danger, the whole family thing.. getting all those people out without arm, and the process they figured out that the man inside is having outside communication.

    So.. not bad.. quite good.. but can be better.moreless
  • good episode

    An inspector takes a few hostage after they ask about the container he said that he inspected. It turned out that someone was smuggling people into the US and that they kidnapped his kids and he had to cooperate or they would be killed. This type of story has been done before - a man is forced to cooperate because his family is threatened. I liked how they figured out that he was being manipulated. The story with Emily thinking of leaving for a year was sweet because Matt said he wanted her to stay. Overall, good story, but nothing that great.moreless
  • Best episode of the series.

    What a shame this show got canned. Going back and watching the episodes I missed, I have no doubt this is the best episode of the series. It was very tense and engaging from beginning to end. I'm still really angry at FOX for not giving this show a chance and going with stupid reality shows. If they wanted a hit show to grow and develop to rival CSI or Law & Order, this was it. This episode was a lot more interesting than the last one that involved the border patrol. I'll be a little upset when I finish the rest of the episodes. They need to do a TV movie or something, no matter how implausible it sounds.moreless
  • Standoff is back!

    It’s been sooooooooo long since our favourite FBI CNU team graced our screens and with so many TV series finishing last month it was great to see Matt, Emily and the gang once again.

    The episode followed a U.S customs agent who was being blackmailed and manipulated to bring in a foreign container into L.A without inspection, when things take a turn for the worse the agent takes some of his work colleagues hostage, it’s then up to Matt and Emily to talk him down, we find out the agent is being prompted through an ear-piece as to what to say and do so it’s a race against time for Frank and the Unit to track the kidnappers down and rescue the agents children.

    I loved the episode but as I was watching it I started to realise that a similar storyline was done in season 3 of NCIS called Bait, that was about a student who took a group of class mates hostage with a bomb strapped to him and was being prompted via an ear-piece to ransom the class mates against the whereabouts of his mother ( presumed dead ) who worked on some government project.

    Anyway cannot wait for the next episode and to see if Emily will accept the one year assignment to Quantico or will Matt make her stay.moreless
  • One of the best episodes yet! Just the right amount of drama and humour. Loved the plot of the hostage situation, very tense! The acting was beyond superb! The ending of course is the best part of the episode. Be sure to watch "No Strmoreless

    "No Strings" proves the amazing talent of the people behind this show!

    The action is exciting, the drama tense, the humour spot on and the romantic "fluffy" moments are just right.

    Very important episode bringing forward the relationship of Matt and Emily.

    The episode is written perfectly giving us many great lines delivered spot on by the talented cast.

    Ron Livingston is as good as always, flaunting his acting talent, taking Matt Flannery to another level - superb character development.

    Rosemarie Dewitt shines yet again, somehow managing to show every emotion of her role Emily without the need for words. An actress headed for great things!

    Cheryl (Gina Torres - Firefly) and Frank (Michael Cudlitz - Band of Brothers) have some hilarious scenes together. Very funny lines, yet again showing what brilliant writers this show has.

    I will definately be watching next week!moreless

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  • QUOTES (5)

    • Frank: I think I found someone who can get us eyes inside that warehouse.
      Cheryl: Who?
      Frank: Superman.

    • Matt: (About Paul Fisk) No, I don't buy this guy's a terrorist. I'm sticking with nuts.
      Emily: Is that a standard psych thing because I'm not familiar with that.

    • Frank: I can't get a read on the hostages or the HT. That building was designed for containment. No infiltration points, no windows.
      Cheryl: Not even for a lipstick cam?
      Frank: I can drill a hole through a steel wall, but unless our bad guy's deaf...
      Cheryl: Let's assume he's not.
      Frank: Alright, uh, why don't I work up some options for the non hearing impaired.

    • Matt: What didn't I say?
      Emily: What you're afraid to say.
      Matt: Oh? What am I afraid to say?
      Emily: Don't go.
      Matt: I'm afraid to say 'don't go?'
      Emily: Yeah. You won't say 'don't go' because you know that means you care about me. Right, you won't say 'don't go' because that puts you in a tough spot, right.
      Matt: Mmm.
      Emily: Right, you won't say 'don't go' because you know it (cuts Emily off)
      Matt: Don't go. I love ya. Don't go.

    • Matt: We should take it easy tonight, stay in, rent a movie.
      Emily: No zombies.
      Matt: Awww, c'mon, I'll tell you when to cover your eyes.
      Emily: You know I just don't get that excited over snuggling up with a nice pinot and watching the undead devour somebody else's brains.

  • NOTES (3)


    • When talking about the movie Predator, Frank says, "It's got two governors in it."

      Frank alludes that two of the actors who starred in this movie, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jesse Ventura, later became governors of California and Minnesota, respectively.

    • Frank: I feel like I'm in Predator.

      Predator is the 1987 John McTiernan film in which an alien hunter uses an imaging device to locate human prey. The images in this scene are very similar to what was seen in this movie.

    • The team brings out a thermal imaging scanning device nicknamed "Superman" to see through a wall. Superman is a popular fictional character of comic books, television and movies. Among many of his superhuman abilities, he could see through walls using his x-ray vision.