Season 1 Episode 12

No Strings

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jun 08, 2007 on FOX

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  • Who is hostage..

    Mm.. They did had a great idea - hostage taker is in hostage really and he is trying to save his family. Sadly they did it so clearly that I got it much sooner than Emily and Matt and to be honest, I like to be surprised not to figure those out before the chars on screen.

    But the story was quite good, there was that kind of little danger, the whole family thing.. getting all those people out without arm, and the process they figured out that the man inside is having outside communication.

    So.. not bad.. quite good.. but can be better.
  • good episode

    An inspector takes a few hostage after they ask about the container he said that he inspected. It turned out that someone was smuggling people into the US and that they kidnapped his kids and he had to cooperate or they would be killed. This type of story has been done before - a man is forced to cooperate because his family is threatened. I liked how they figured out that he was being manipulated. The story with Emily thinking of leaving for a year was sweet because Matt said he wanted her to stay. Overall, good story, but nothing that great.
  • Best episode of the series.

    What a shame this show got canned. Going back and watching the episodes I missed, I have no doubt this is the best episode of the series. It was very tense and engaging from beginning to end. I'm still really angry at FOX for not giving this show a chance and going with stupid reality shows. If they wanted a hit show to grow and develop to rival CSI or Law & Order, this was it. This episode was a lot more interesting than the last one that involved the border patrol. I'll be a little upset when I finish the rest of the episodes. They need to do a TV movie or something, no matter how implausible it sounds.
  • Standoff is back!

    It’s been sooooooooo long since our favourite FBI CNU team graced our screens and with so many TV series finishing last month it was great to see Matt, Emily and the gang once again.

    The episode followed a U.S customs agent who was being blackmailed and manipulated to bring in a foreign container into L.A without inspection, when things take a turn for the worse the agent takes some of his work colleagues hostage, it’s then up to Matt and Emily to talk him down, we find out the agent is being prompted through an ear-piece as to what to say and do so it’s a race against time for Frank and the Unit to track the kidnappers down and rescue the agents children.

    I loved the episode but as I was watching it I started to realise that a similar storyline was done in season 3 of NCIS called Bait, that was about a student who took a group of class mates hostage with a bomb strapped to him and was being prompted via an ear-piece to ransom the class mates against the whereabouts of his mother ( presumed dead ) who worked on some government project.

    Anyway cannot wait for the next episode and to see if Emily will accept the one year assignment to Quantico or will Matt make her stay.
  • One of the best episodes yet! Just the right amount of drama and humour. Loved the plot of the hostage situation, very tense! The acting was beyond superb! The ending of course is the best part of the episode. Be sure to watch "No Str

    "No Strings" proves the amazing talent of the people behind this show!

    The action is exciting, the drama tense, the humour spot on and the romantic "fluffy" moments are just right.

    Very important episode bringing forward the relationship of Matt and Emily.

    The episode is written perfectly giving us many great lines delivered spot on by the talented cast.

    Ron Livingston is as good as always, flaunting his acting talent, taking Matt Flannery to another level - superb character development.

    Rosemarie Dewitt shines yet again, somehow managing to show every emotion of her role Emily without the need for words. An actress headed for great things!

    Cheryl (Gina Torres - Firefly) and Frank (Michael Cudlitz - Band of Brothers) have some hilarious scenes together. Very funny lines, yet again showing what brilliant writers this show has.

    I will definately be watching next week!
  • Have been waiting for this episode for 6 months and it was worth the wait. A HT who seems crazy (Matt's words), tension between Matt and Emily and Superman!

    So, its been a six month wait but the next episode is finally here. And the annoyance at the long wait evaporated as soon as the episode began. An hour later, I was longing for more.

    The episode begins at a port in Los Angeles. A US Customs and Border Protections agent is trying to get a container through without inspection. When he isnt allowed, he takes three of his colleagues hostage, and ta da...the FBI are called.

    Tension is obvious between Emily and Matt who are totally out of sync with each other, as Emily dropped a bombshell on Matt. She got accepted into a special task force which would require her to transfer to Quantico. Matt didnt give the desired response.

    The hostage taker is defined by Matt to be "woohoo" and crazy. I was expecting him to be found to be a schizophrenic! As the episode slowly unfolds, it is found that he is actually a hostage himself to a person who is connected to him via a device in his ear. This person is threatening him with the lives of his wife and two little girls. The container, with the use of Superman (a huge x-ray machine that can see through walls) is found to contain people!

    Lia works wonders and unscrambles the transmissions so Matt and Emily can hear her. Then they bait her so that Lia can trace her. Frank captures her, but shes not talking. They discover she is high up in a terrorist cell, a 'big fish'. Matt and Emily realise that she's protecting her son, who she's smuggled to the US. With the threat of deporting him she reveals the location of the girls and Duff rescues them for a beautiful reunion with their parents. The show ends with Matt and Emily resolving their issues...and the tip toed around words are finally spoken...Matt loves Emily! I was stunned when he said that, as was Emily! Overall, this episode was such a fantastic one after a 6 month break! I honestly hope this show continues as I find it to be unique, enthralling, and overall brilliant.
  • With a great storyline, concepts, character development, and settings: all making up one great show and yet its been 6 months, give or take, until the last episode aired compared to this one - go figure?

    The week dragged on slower then usual with all the tension and hype of the latest episode of Standoff and then finally friday night came, after a long day. I sat there and waiting eagerly for the few last minutes to hurry up and then the show started. Although I had full confidence in this episode one question was buzzing around in the back of my head - Will this question live true to the show, even after a long 6 month or so break?

    I watched the show in aww as the border and protection agent went "woohoo" over one specifice cargo hold canister leading to him taking 3 people hostage in a security hold. His demands were simple to the ear being to have a truck backed up full of gas and then a clear getaway but as for his motives now thats one question on everyone's minds. According to Matt the guy is crazy, for lack of a better word, but as the episode unfolds we find out that the guy is actually hearing voices and with the lives of his kids and his wife on the line he must listen and follow every word. With the true concept of why this man is doing this, against his will for the most part, they turn thier attention away from the man and turn to finding the source of the woman's voice and locating the kids, getting them out of harms way. Like always the episode plays itself out and they find the woman, then the kids, and finally the crises is over, with only 1 person shot - not to bad. Like I stated above I watched this episode in awwh from the classic theme song to the ending credits. To answer my question above the answer is Yes to the strongest agree or concept of the word. But wait, then why only 8.8/10 rating if this episode was so good. That is easy its all about the side stories between Matt and Emily that stand in the way and then the pacing was a bit off as well. Long as we don't have to wait another 6 months for another episode.
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