Season 1 Episode 6

One Shot Stop

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 07, 2006 on FOX

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  • Probably the best episode of the serie..

    By looking the usual level of this serie, then probably that episode was the peak.. They had story what managed to get unexpected turns, there was the element of surprise and danger.

    I did like how there were two persons involved and they were connected but in fact they managed to work it so long.. and then the press conference with that police chief.. that development I did not expect as well when he was starting to shoot on the FBI building. And there was that personal element too..

    Anyway, a good and exciting episode, with twists in the plot. An episode you would really enjoy.
  • good episode...

    A sniper is killing again and several agencies team up to catch the sniper before he kills again. However, the sniper turns out to be a copy cat and then the real one tries to shoot them. The story in this episode was awesome. The characters of both of the snipers were well-developed and you couldn't help but feel bad for them. I liked seeing more of the Matt/Emily relationship in this episode also. I loved seeing all the agencies working together and I also loved seeing that the captain was vulnerable. She's always strong, but this time she was shaken. Overall, great story with good character development.
  • Great episode.

    This is a great episode of Standoff. In fact, one of the best. "One Shot Stop" is exciting. It keeps you watching, especially the end. The viewers need more episodes like this one. I will most definitely keep watching for more extremely good episodes of Standoff like this one. Standoff itself is a terrific show.This episode proves that it is great. The only hing a show like this needs is more time on the television. FOX should get rid of the long breaks, especially if they plan on having more episodes like this one. "One Shot Stop" is not THE best Standoff episode, but it certaintly shows why Standoff should be considered the best show on FOX.
  • This episode wasn’t your normal type of Standoff episode we’ve come to watch.

    I best explain, the past 5 episodes have concentrated on Matt and Emily using there skills and wit to talk down the bad guy into giving up there hostage(s) and walk out with there hands up, no one is killed and the hostage(s) set free, I started to get the feeling that Frank and Duff plus the rest of the SWAT team were there just to make up the numbers and make them look like the bad guys having the audience rooting for Matt and Emily to save the day, however in this episode we wanted Frank and Duffy to find and kill our bad guy the sniper, in previous episodes the hostage taker is usually someone seeking help and a shoulder to cry on, in come’s Matt and Emily to give that support and save the day plus the hostage(s), in One Shot Kill the sniper did not want Matt and Emily’s support, he just wanted to kill as he was angry at certain people and situations and no matter of talking from the CNU was going to make him stop, only one thing for it...... Frank and Duff take him down.

    The story’s and chemistry from all the actors are brilliant and gel very well together, i'm loving Matt and Emily together.

    Standoff starts this week on UK TV and I just hope it is a big success.
  • Hmmmmmmmm. Silence can be the direct cause of relationship turmoil.......neogtiating life in this week's episode.

    SPOILERS abound in this review!!!!! First let me say the writers are drawing some fantastic parallels in a one hour show, and this was a pretty darn clever way to get it done. I am getting some feed back from other SO fans that indicate they are wavering on this episode, but then admit that they are getting "involved" in the relationship investigating being done in One Shot Stop. The first few minutes of this episode spelled it all out for the viewer, in life, communication and connecting with someone in a relationship is vital. We get that subtle message in a variety of ways through the weaving of the characters in this sniper stand off.

    Kudos to the writers yet again of Standoff, it is clear you are doing some homework. Bringing in the LAPD into what is clearly a city wide crisis was spot on. Correct formation of a task force was shown- I am yet convinced again that Gina is cast correctly here, she is credible as a supervisory agent. Yet, while inter-agency communication is improving, we are brought full circle to the fact that not everyone is communicating as they should. I am going out on a limb here and saying that Standoff is wanting to hook the viewers into Matt and Emily's relationship first, the provide a crisis or a peek into the job second. I am very much OK with that, and am interested in the other reviewers reaction to the mix shown in One Shot Stop. Here are a few of my takes and what I consider to be highlights of the show for me. 1. The crack of a sniper rifle is deafening. You can hear it from incredible distances and it will bust your ear drums if you are next to it on a range. Silence is just as loud. Relationships are destroyed by silence. The sniper and his brother are doomed to sibling silence by the GLA's self imposed exile. He only broke his silence over thirty years with the scream of a .308 round. The abusive father in these two brothers lives did alot, but talking wasn't one of them, the father son connection if made at all, was on a warped level, and society deals regularly with these broken relationships. The cross over to Flannery's non existant relationship with his sibling, a brother, is brief, but adds to the complexity of this guy. Here is part of this point that I don't think I am going out on a limb on..........Flannery has got some issues. I can start a whole other topic/review on that and will at some point, but not now.

    2. A media parallel was interesting to me tonight. The power of a press conference. The FBI wouldn't lie would they?, and the media would never lie or give just part of the truth....and a federal agency wouldn't give a HT just what he or she wanted to hear.......and nobody holds back anything from their partners that they are sleeping with.......oh, we are back to Matt and Emily. He, He, He, I got a kick out of that plot mixes with character parallel tonight!!!

    3. Sibling rivalry. What brother doesn't want to out do or show up the other brother at some point in their lives. It can happen professionally, they can try to steal each other girl, they can try to win their parents happens. In a dysfunctional and very abusive family, you get a unique sibling rivalry. As we are shown with GLA and Donnie, it is a deadly one. Partners who work closely together have a bit of "who's on top" thing going, don't they? Who's in with the boss, who is lead, who does the writing and who does the talking.........can boil down to; who is in charge. Flannery is all over that, period. Now here is a work rivalry, and in a job that is about as stressful as you can get, that is just the icing on the relationship-cake of these two negotiators world. 4. Are you talkin' to me????? What a great freakin' lead into to this plot and crisis this week!!! It's O'dark thirty in the morning, time to get up for work, Matt makes the coffee, he knows to put sugar in the coffee, he knows which cell phone is Emily's, they both strap guns on and badges and head off to a job that most people would develop bad habits over. All through out this scene that makes you think, hey, they are 100 percent into this relationship thing. No they aren't, they ain't talking!!!!!!! Oh they try.........and that is just the beginning of the fun with this show.

    This was an excellent installment of Standoff, and you are either all in this relationship thing or you aren't. (Lehman!! feel free to use that line with Matt anytime you want.) I'm going to watch this one again.
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