Season 1 Episode 4

Partners in Crime

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 26, 2006 on FOX
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Partners in Crime
During a confrontation at a bank robbery, Emily is taken hostage by the two bank robbers. Matt uses his people skills to catch the robbers after he determines they are a couple in love.

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  • Little too plain.

    I do not know how to feel about this episode.. there was the excitement.. there was that little mystery you are looking for but the story was quite week I most say, no way to compare with pilot.

    I think the most focus was on the char interaction.. and I most say I loved how the episode started again, but they seem to put more emphases on chars than story and that makes the overall feeling much weaker than should.

    And the bad guys.. those chars were really plain, black and white.. not much surprises. It worked how you would imagine.. maybe only thing exciting and little out of the usual was taking Emily into hostage.moreless
  • good episode...

    There is a lot of Emily/Matt development in this episode. The case was investigating a stream of robberies committed by the same man. However, what the team does not know is that he has a female accomplice which messes up the plan when she takes Emily hostage and Matt risks the case to get her back. In the end, they take down the bad guy and everything is back to normal. The story in this episode was pretty interesting. I liked seeing the relationship of the robber couple as well as Matt / Emily. Overall, good episode with good character development.moreless
  • Today show was interesting

    I watched circling and I thought it was k, and then I watch this episode and I wasn’t disappointed, I was entertain from start to finish. Wow what an episode.

    I love the relationship between the two main characters, it was so cool to watch, and his car getting blow up, you feel bad for him. They work well together they seem to think a like, for example, after getting his partner save both of them just took out their gun and shot at his car.

    Next week looks good, as we may get to see Matt’s past!!!!moreless
  • finally get closer

    This episode was great eventhough it was i think the first one i watched. It had a good storyline and worked really well. I liked the way, because the robbers were in love they always had a new diguise for her to wear, so it would never seem like she was always the victim. I didn't like it much when matt's mustang got blown up, he was good how he gave his car and almost his life to save his partner/girlfriends life. This show deserves more viewers and i would recommend it to anyone who likes shows involving cops and robbers.moreless
  • Exciting new series.......

    I thought i'd write a review for this new and exciting series.

    I've been watching since the Pilot and have to admit i have not been disappointed so far, okay i know some reviewers are slating this show but i also know a lot of people like it.

    Ai i said i've been watching since the pilot and though it doe's not start in the UK for a few more weeks i've told quiet a few friends to keep an eye open for it.

    I love the character development and i'm glad that we have a couple of recognisable faces as the stars.

    I think Fox has made a wise choice in creating a series/show on crisis negotiators and i hope they don't decide to cancel this series half way through.

    I'm looking for ward to late October early November for the next episode.moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • GOOF: At the end of Emily's second conversation with Gabby/Kari, while Sam is stealing a new car, she does the big reveal showing she knows Kari's real name. The thing is, only the last name is a reveal, she's called her Kari from the beginning of their conversation:
      Gabby/Kari: What took you so long?
      Emily: We're not on your clock, Kari.

    • When Matt and Emily are in the hotel room, the curtains are open. When Matt throws Emily onto the bed, we can see the glass. It might be a light shining in the window or the moon, but the curtains are still definitely open because the light would be shining in the glass.

    • Matt's car is a 2006 blue Ford Mustang GT with a license plate that reads 5PPJ221.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Matt: How does a guy pass the time in a motel room?
      Emily: I'm not touching that one.

    • Emily: (at Matt's hotel room door late at night) We can both say we're sorry on the count of three.
      Matt: Yeah, or what?
      Emily: (smugly) Or we don't. But you're gonna let me in anyway.

    • (Matt and Emily discussing Matt's reaction her being held hostage)
      Matt: You wanna know the truth? The truth is as soon as I heard your voice on that phone, I couldn't think straight, I couldn't see straight. I just had to get you out of there.
      Emily: I would've done the same thing.

    • Matt: (to the HT) You can go in there and take your partner, but you can't take mine. If you try, I'll shoot you both dead right here. This is not a negotiation.

    • (Matt and Emily re-enacting the hostage-taking in the bank. Matt has his arm around Emily's neck and is dragging her to the vault)
      Matt: So he can't select the hostage from the vehicle alone. It's gotta be somebody he feels comfortable he can control. (Emily pulls Matt's arm off her neck.)
      Emily: (smirking) Then maybe I'm not the best model.

    • Matt: I thought you said this ammunition didn't hurt!
      Frank: (smirking) That's just your pride.

    • Matt: (on the phone) Is this a booty call?
      Emily: Possibly… the banks don't open 'til 9 am.
      Matt: (smirking) Well you should get some shut eye then.

    • Emily: (jokingly) Oh, right; I get. So I'm the princess from Princeton who joined the white-collar FBI and you're the badass street cop from the mean streets of Simi Valley who's gonna teach me about the street and how mean it is?
      Matt: (grinning) Yeah, that's about right.

    • (after Frank "kills" Matt and Emily in a training exercise)
      Frank: I only came in at half speed. Why didn't you have your corner?
      Emily: Because he was too busy getting mine!

    • (after a training exercise)
      Cheryl: Did I miss something good?
      Frank: Well Flannery died protecting Lehman, other than that...

    • Matt: You're the best partner that I ever had, and I'm not gonna give that up over some second-rate Bonnie and Clyde.

  • NOTES (2)