Season 1 Episode 4

Partners in Crime

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 26, 2006 on FOX

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  • Little too plain.

    I do not know how to feel about this episode.. there was the excitement.. there was that little mystery you are looking for but the story was quite week I most say, no way to compare with pilot.

    I think the most focus was on the char interaction.. and I most say I loved how the episode started again, but they seem to put more emphases on chars than story and that makes the overall feeling much weaker than should.

    And the bad guys.. those chars were really plain, black and white.. not much surprises. It worked how you would imagine.. maybe only thing exciting and little out of the usual was taking Emily into hostage.
  • good episode...

    There is a lot of Emily/Matt development in this episode. The case was investigating a stream of robberies committed by the same man. However, what the team does not know is that he has a female accomplice which messes up the plan when she takes Emily hostage and Matt risks the case to get her back. In the end, they take down the bad guy and everything is back to normal. The story in this episode was pretty interesting. I liked seeing the relationship of the robber couple as well as Matt / Emily. Overall, good episode with good character development.
  • Today show was interesting

    I watched circling and I thought it was k, and then I watch this episode and I wasn’t disappointed, I was entertain from start to finish. Wow what an episode.

    I love the relationship between the two main characters, it was so cool to watch, and his car getting blow up, you feel bad for him. They work well together they seem to think a like, for example, after getting his partner save both of them just took out their gun and shot at his car.

    Next week looks good, as we may get to see Matt’s past!!!!
  • finally get closer

    This episode was great eventhough it was i think the first one i watched. It had a good storyline and worked really well. I liked the way, because the robbers were in love they always had a new diguise for her to wear, so it would never seem like she was always the victim. I didn't like it much when matt's mustang got blown up, he was good how he gave his car and almost his life to save his partner/girlfriends life. This show deserves more viewers and i would recommend it to anyone who likes shows involving cops and robbers.
  • Exciting new series.......

    I thought i'd write a review for this new and exciting series.

    I've been watching since the Pilot and have to admit i have not been disappointed so far, okay i know some reviewers are slating this show but i also know a lot of people like it.

    Ai i said i've been watching since the pilot and though it doe's not start in the UK for a few more weeks i've told quiet a few friends to keep an eye open for it.

    I love the character development and i'm glad that we have a couple of recognisable faces as the stars.

    I think Fox has made a wise choice in creating a series/show on crisis negotiators and i hope they don't decide to cancel this series half way through.

    I'm looking for ward to late October early November for the next episode.
  • They finally jumped the shark...a whole 4 episodes into the series!

    I hate to break it to everybody, but this episode is what they call \\\\\\\"Jumping The Shark\\\\\\\". It usually doesn\\\\\\\'t happen until much further in a series. It means something SO preposterous happens that the show is ruined. It is named after an episode of Happy Days where Fonzie, well, jumped over a shark on his bike. Let me explain my feelings.

    See, they took considerable time in the Pilot episode explaining lots of hows, whys, and so forth of the Unit. One of the BIG things that was explained was that all calls made between negotiators and subjects were recorded, monitored, analyzed, etc. Now when it\\\\\\\'s convienient he can talk on his phone to the bad guy one on one?? COME ON!!

    I thought it was bad enough when, in the Pilot, the boss makes it CRYSTAL CLEAR that they cannot have a relationship while working together in the same unit. It\\\\\\\'s in the manual that the female agent WROTE, for Pete\\\\\\\'s sake! Then, just one episode later, thy decide to tell the boss they are back together, and she\\\\\\\'s perfectly okay with it!

    But yeah, okay, things are changed from Pilots all the time. Everything from major plot points to main characters to the name of the show is up for grabs. I got it. So I gave it a chance. But to completely disregard basic procedure? And then he writes it off with \\\\\\\"The female hostage is an accomplice they got away she had a gun on my partner\\\\\\\", and everybody\\\\\\\'s okay with this?!?!?! GIVE ME A BREAK!!!! Ugh. This isn\\\\\\\'t even worth my energy. I think it\\\\\\\'s enough to say I stopped watching the second I realized what was going on (and that\\\\\\\'s a big thing for me - I love getting sucked in to the emotional content of shows & movies) and will NEVER watch the show again!
  • Well FOX network, aren't you just smug after last night's installment of Standoff. Yeah, it was FOX that got the "booty call" for this new fall series!!

    Well FOX network, aren’t you just smug after last night’s installment of Standoff. Yeah, it was FOX that got the “booty call” for this new fall show. I turned the TV off and then came back about thirty minutes later and watched the show again last night. I enjoyed the insight to the characters, it made me sit and think about my response in the forums today. My response could be a bit long, but Standoff now has me more than mildly interested and I gotta tell you that my take with this show is surprising me. First and foremost, I'm taken with this show. The first episode was good, the second, better, the third was 'I like this and want to know more, and last nights episode gave me info I wanted. It has actually left me in a position of understanding this show can go one of two ways: Plot driven or Character driven. I am leaning towards character, well crap, I am leaning a lot towards that now. The only place that I had learned anything concerning Matt and Emily's background was through the BIO tab at the Fox/Standoff web sight. If you have not read that-go do it, "sets them up so the writers can knock them down" so to speak (sorry could not resist). Matt is an ex-cop, crisis negotiator for Semi-Valley PD, ex-detective in a violent crimes unit has a valor award for heroic action under fire. There is the possible scenario about-he has a ghost or two that ought to be lurking in future episodes. Being heroic under fire does not always mean you win, you save the day, or the person/partner. The writer gives depth to Matt and Emily and pulls the whole picture together with the dialog after clearing their training house last night. It rings true in tone, character roles and works for bringing out the chemistry that I think the writers were unsure of how to handle at first. Now the Plot side of Standoff is set at 90MPH. Not all bad, but last night not all good for me. It's OK, that means the writers used the 'hook,' and it worked, I'm all about wanting to know more now. I wanted the show to stop and wade in to the plot several times. The secondary HT scenario was a fantastic way to give us drama, information about the leads and satisfy several layers of viewers. How do Matt and Emily 'decompress' after a negotiation like that? There has got to be some more stress to having a gun pointed at you. This could have been a two hour episode and only slowed to 85MPH. Again, I am convinced that the two lead characters can carry this show, the focus on them was presented in a good ............'edgy-sexy-smart-a__-I'm going to have your back no matter what-damn we're good'- kind of way. That is a sell that as a general rule would turn me off, not this show; I'm turned on to Standoff. I looked at the clock a couple of times during this episode. I thought that the 38-42 minutes that they have to give us a plot and character development must be a hell of a time crunch for a writer. But man, do they pull this off. Kudos to Joy Kecken, who wrote this one, (I even checked the tape of this morning to get her name and the directors name, watch for another post concerning them, somebody has got to assign more scripts to them!!!!.) I don't have the answer to the 90MPH, except this. I can accept this fast moving pace, as a viewer I am not bored, but we may have to have the "cliff-hangers" every now and again because I could have used several last night. Third, with that fast pace comes the non-dotting of the I's and crossing of the T's. There is obvious coaching and passing of fed. Agent talk, policy, daily life of the job being done for the producers and writers of this show. It is what honestly hits home with me a lot. But with that being said, it is all believable, and good. Too put it in a nut shell, I laugh when I am supposed to and say hmmmmmmmm, when I should. I don't need all the I's and T's taken care of, there is enough knowledge and equipment of the job portrayal in the series that I am satisfied with all the stuff that is black and has velcro on it being used for what it is supposed to be used for. What makes TV entertaining is when a touch of real life gets added to the scenario, for instance; in the middle of a negotiation, their cell phone battery dies, and no one thought to bring a backup. That- is not having your partners back, chuckle, chuckle. That is what is great about this show, I see a hundred little off shoots to these characters and oh-oh, I am back to my second thought, I saw a part of the hundred little off shoots last night. I think they could have stopped the show with the butt chewing in the office by the boss Cheryl, (who by the way convinced me in episode #1 that there would be a ripping one coming for these two partners in the future, and last night was not the one I am talking about. That is a problem that could take a show to delve into.)

    Bottom line again for this viewer and her review: If the powers that may be at FOX are going to use "moonlighting" as a watermark", crap, think again. Standoff has it's own watermark, and it's damn high. It is a show all it's own, it has a slant on a cop show story line that no one else has got- use it. I have said in another post here at that I was hoping the writers would get brave and heck, we would be the folks to buy the bullet proof vests for them, well, glad to see they put them on. Com'on, lets kick the fricken’ door now!!!!!
  • A new favorite

    This was my first viewing of this show. It wasn't one of the shows I was anticipating for the 2006-2007 season, but was bored last night and decided to tune in. Boy was I surprised. Not only were 2 of the stars people I love to watch act (Gina Torres and Ron Livingston), but the show was actually really well done. The relationship between the 2 agents being compared to the relation ship of the bank robbers was beautifully written. I'm really glad that I caught this episode last night. Needless to say this will now be a regular show for me, let's just hope FOX doesn't pull another lame move and cancel this show before it has a chance.
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