Season 1 Episode 9

Peer Group

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 28, 2006 on FOX
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Peer Group
Believing his sons have been tormented by school bullies and are planning a counterattack, a distraught father contacts the CNU after he finds notebooks and blueprints of his sons' school. Matt and Emily arrive too late to stop the boys, who have already kidnapped the bullies, and are torturing them and broadcasting it on the internet.moreless

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  • Bullies bullied..

    A couple of youngsters who have been bullied decide to pay back and take them hostage and want confessions but all goes different than planned as one of the boys has their own agenda and in the end, they are just kids with guns.

    So, I thought the story was exciting. The whole thing how parents reacted and how noone never saws the problem. Ok, that one father did, but it was when they boys had been pushed to the limit.. What kind of treatment have they had to get to find the courage and will to kidnap and probably execute those class mates.. World is cruel..moreless
  • good episode...

    A concerned father comes to the FBI asking to help his son, but he's too late. His son and his friends take three hostage and torture them on the internet. It all goes bad when one of the boys shoots another in an attempt to get punished. Interesting . . . I thought the boy's story was so sad; you couldn't help but feel bad for him. This episode has a good story and interesting guest cast members, but didn't do much with the stars of the show. Sure, we found out that Emily was bullied - who cares? Overall, good story.moreless
  • The bullies and the bullied are bullied until Matt starts bullying. Got that?

    This was actually a fantastic episode of Standoff, maybe one of the best so far. The ending really shows the importance of knowing to whom you are talking. Looking at the root of the conflict usually means addressing the interests of all parties. Addressing the interests, like concerns, hopes, expectations, assumptions, beliefs, fears and values, can usually help solve the problems.

    On a less academic note, Ron Livingston did a fantastic job at the ending. We're so used to seeing him play a sympathetic and understanding character, seeing him turn so quickly like that was jolting, though not necessarily in a bad way. Ummmm... is it wrong to have found him kind of hot in that scene?moreless
  • Good episode but not great.

    Okay don’t get me wrong, I LOVE standoff, I LOVE Emily and Matt, I LOVE Cheryl, Frank, Duff, and Lia and I LOVE the Hostage Situations they get themselves into each week. I sit waiting for each weeks episode to arrive to my p.c so I can watch it with baited breath, see the chemistry between the two main characters, see the synchronicity of the supporting cast and wait for the outcome to an episode that grabs me by the throat and shakes me like a rag doll until I scream no more.

    BUT alias this episode didn’t have any of that and I was deeply disappointed, now some of you may disagree and I respect my fellow contributors for that, hey we live in a free work and can voice our own views and I respect them who think this episode was the best ever but I cannot see it.

    Problem with this episode is that we didn’t get any character development, okay so we found that Emily was bullied at school, but was she??! was she just making that point to sympathise with the HT(s), then we had Matt being hard boiled ( bad cop ) well we already knew that, also the whole HT set up was lame, how can a college student disguise a website trace from the FBI, also at the end the FBI wouldn’t walk into a HT situation the way it was portrayed in this episode.

    I don’t know maybe I’m just peeved that after the last couple of episodes we were on a role then we have a mediocre episode that’s put a dampener on my fire.

    Personally I think a series should start with a great pilot, a mediocre second episode then pick up steam from there on it.moreless
  • Great Climax, just no follow through to the end.

    Now, I must admit I am a bit of a cynic, but I'd like to believe there's a sense of realism to it.

    First of all, I'm in the balance of good/bad review, mainly because the story was well written and it left me on the edge of the seat...until about the last 10 minutes. I also applaud drama writers constantly trying out the "kidnap/hostage" situations in their episodes when they needed something that was budget-efficient, and this was one of those episodes (actual sets used are only 4: FBI Office, House, School, Truck) and at the same time, displaying some very prominant and young actors. It was intense, plot twists were prominant, character revelations about Matt and Emily are excellent and cute near the end. Here's the problem; this episode would've worked so much better in a 2-parter. Instead of just making this about one demented kid who clearly needs help (but I'm sure by the end he feels society hasn't given up on him, aww) they could've written a much longer series which revealed the characters. I'm NOT saying this should be a <i>Criminal Minds</I> rip-off, but "Underneathe every crisis lies a broken relationship", so why aren't we seeing more of the crisis of the characters? Besides Owen and Carry, we hardly see why these kids are so pissed off and ready to go to jail.

    Here's where my cynicism actually comes in: In the real world, the ending would've been much more violent, if not newsworthy. Even if the ending were to happen, society would not change. The bullies would still remain bullies, because their parents are and have always been "proud of their strong will" and the geeks will remain tortured souls/geeks who statistically are more likely to become serial killers when they grow up. A cheesy music number to a cheesy ending ruined it for me. We all knew this should've ended with a realistic darker tone, as long as this show is still about realism.moreless
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Shawn H. Smith

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  • QUOTES (11)

    • Matt: I don't get it. You're smart, you're funny, you're tough. How come you didn't rent a cargo van?
      Emily: Because I didn't have a licence.

    • Matt: Did you really get picked on in high school?
      Emily: Yeah. Like a scab.
      Matt: (drops a large notepad in front of her) I want names!
      Emily: You're gonna need a bigger pad.

    • Frank: I'm gonna send my kids to private school. Something with nuns. You should see the things that these little monsters write on the inside of their lockers!

    • Cheryl: Does that alter your plan?
      Frank: Maybe. What was our plan again?
      Duff: Dynamic entry through the kitchen.
      Frank: Flash-bang.
      Duff: Take down.
      Frank: Sounds a little harsh, Duff.
      Duff: Aw, come on, Frank, it's just a kid.
      Frank: Yeah, but I read that these kids are under a lot of pressure these days.
      Duff: Flash-bang could hurt the other kids' ears.
      Frank: Maybe we should give the negotiators another shot.
      Duff: Now there's an idea.
      Cheryl: Nice. You all practice that before you got here?
      Frank and Duff: No ma'am.

    • Matt: Just wondering if I'd have liked you in high school.
      Emily: I wonder if I would have liked you in high school.

    • Emily: There's a strange man in your office.
      Matt: D'you want us to talk him out of there?

    • Lia: You know, it is Sunday. It's possible they're out having fun.
      Matt: Nah, they're computer geeks. They don't have fun.
      Lia: Hey, I'm a computer geek.
      Matt: Yeah, you havin' fun?
      Lia: Not so much.

    • Frank: Hey Flannery! What the hell'd you say to that kid anyway?
      Matt: I told him they canceled Family Guy …again.

    • Emily: You were a very convincing bully.
      Matt: I had some practice growing up. … Pretty sure you'd have hated my guts in high school.
      Emily: Well, it's a good thing we didn't meet in high school.

    • Frank: I'm no expert, but uh... shouldn't he be nicer?

    • Michael: They cut me off at the server.
      Cary: Well, so jack into another one!
      Michael: Jack into? What'd you think this is, the Matrix?

  • NOTES (2)


    • Michael French: Jack into? What'd you think this is, The Matrix?
      The Matrix is a movie released in 1999, and is the first of three films about a skilled computer hacker living in world which turns out to be an elaborate computer simulation.

    • Family Guy
      Family Guy is another Fox program. It was canceled in 2002, but was revived in the summer of 2005. Most likely it was referenced because Standoff itself was in danger of being canceled due to low viewership, but was given a reprieve.