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Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 05, 2006 on FOX

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  • I think it was promising star..

    So, when I decided to watch some new series, I picked up some pilots and so far, this one sounds really promising. It starts already in action, what was really clever way and the way we learn about the chars turning that standoff - it was great. I liked that fast and moving style. But then we have that kind of drama and on that level, those chars look weird. I do not know if it was bad acting or something else.. but somehow it felt weaker and somehow fake.

    But most of the time, this was really exciting episode.. Anyway, I am definetly going to watch a next episode.
  • good pilot...

    The problem with pilots is that it has to introduce all of the characters and the main premise of the show. I have never liked pilots very much because they're all relatively slow and the story is always lacking because the characters need time for introductions. Anyways, this show dove strait into a situation, which was an actor that was losing a custody battle. I didn't think it was very interesting; however, I did like how the main guy character handled it. That's a great way to learn about his character in a short time span. Anyways, the other case was a kid that wanted to tell his mom a message. I also didn't think this story was very interesting. I thought it was sad how the mother just said she didn't want children. Overall, pretty good introductory episode with great character development, but not a great story.
  • Blockbuster Begining

    What a start to what I now consider a must watch show, I make sure i am home from work in time to watch it every week and have to tape it if I am not around to see it. The sexual tension between Matt and Emily was brilliantly set up in this episode and sets the tone for the rest of the season. The storyline was griping from the first instant the audience was thrown into the action. Romance combined with intriguing storylines so far this show has the foundation to become a classic and has far exceeded my expectations of yet another average American cop show. I eagerly await the next episodes!
  • awesome show! i weill definatly continue to watch!

    definatly not what i expected! i didn not really think this would be a good show, when i first heard about it, so i didn not start watching it on TV, then one night when i was bored i decided to watch the show on the internet, and found it was awesome! It has the romance, and suspense i look for in a show, and there is not too much of eitheri will definatly continue to watch as this amazing show develops! I hope the network continues with this show, as i have heard rumors that it might be cancelled??
  • Great beginning, interesting chemistry, bit unoriginal case.

    This first episode of Standoff was very mixed. Firstly, I loved the way they started it. Secondly, I love the chemistry between Matt and Emily. But, the whole hijacking was sooo unrealistic. It was so...[unoriginal] hard to describe. Why always the arab people? Why always Osama? Why always AL Queda? Plus this episode aired 1 week before 9/11 anniversary..

    well, that's dull. The ending twist was great, though. Corrupted human relationships can be more dangerous than you think...

    Promising beginning, afterall. The main concept is brilliant, it's really only up to the writers now - the actors are perfect. If the writers can make up interesting situations,(more interesting than an arab terrorist hijacking a random store) then this show could be the sleeper hit of the season.
  • The root of every crisis is a broken relationship? There is a lot of truth to it, and this episode sure did a good job illustrating it.

    I came across with this show totally by accident. I thought it was supposed to be House that was on according to my Chanel 2, but instead, it was Standoff. I didn't turn off my TV right away because I saw a familiar place, Carrie Bradshaw's writer boyfriend who broke up with her on a post-it! He was also in the movie Little Black Book, which taught me tons of valuable lessons about men. So yeah, I stuck around to watch some more. His girlfriend was quite pretty, too. I enjoyed this episode quite a lot. It turned out to be better than I expected. There are a lot of unrealistic elements in it, but then again, which show doesn't? Haha!
  • If you get hung up with television shows needing to be totally and absolutely accurate in the job profession it portrays, pass this one by and live your life, you are not looking for entertainment.....this show skips the \"will they or won\'t they\&q

    I wasn\'t going to review the first episode, mainly because the first splash that a new show makes can be a bit more advertisement than substance. I was pleasantly surprised after watching the first episode. Quite frankly, I watched it a couple of times after taping it and have to admit that it has some progressive thinking writers and directors behind it. That folks, is REFRESHING in the realm of police shows. The camera work is A+ thus far, as is the background music. It is up to date (we don\'t have to have a crusty NYPD cop who can\'t match a tie to a crayon), it dances all around current events (although I think trying to gripe about the terrorist kid in the coffee shop is just plain petty), the scenes are backed up with some decent music choices and shows the layers of viewers they are trying to reach and the plots are beyond mildly interesting. The writers are balancing a romantic story line with a drama/action story line each episode. IF they can maintain this balance, it will be great. It took me a couple of peeks at this to realize it is there and needs a good pen on paper to put this in the Fox Broadcast Network\'s bank as solid gold. I am reading ALL of the reviews here, good and bad. You gotta smile even at the the folks who take the time to write endlessly concerning what did not work for them, all those commercials that we saw all summer....."I'm sleeping with my partner".......brought even the unhappy reviewer to this show. If you are reviewing to complain about "too much psycho-babble" with Lehman's character, for crying out loud, look at the analyzing take you are expounding about concerning an hour long TV show!! In fairness to Standoff, it was not a two hour movie that you saw with a bag of popcorn, (although I may be one of the few people that thinks this pilot should have been a two hour event). A series develops characters, plots, drama, comedy and yes, romance if called for. Standoff has introduced the average TV viewer to a new show premises, really,....these two hostage negotiators really can't talk to each other at all. I'm up for tounge-in-cheek Psych-101, I think it could be a fun ride.

    Bottom line on this review reads this; Standoff - don't over analyze me, just let go and watch.
  • Standoff needs to stand up or surrender.

    Standoff needs to stand up or surrender.

    I feel badly for Ron Livingston. He's got loads of charisma and charm (almost to the point being of smarmy and smug), but he can't seem to find the right vehicle for his talent. By the look of the first episode of Standoff, he'll need to keep looking.

    Standoff seems to be under the impression that because it's a show about hostage, sorry, CRISIS negotiators, the concept is enough to keep the show devoid of anything resembling excitement, interesting characters, or any of the other fundamentals that would make a show worth watching. While the lead-in of House may help the show's ratings, it really only serves to showcase the lack of imagination on display. The show opens with Livingston talking down a crazy celebrity into surrendering and keeping his kids save from both physical and mental trauma. After three hours of talking (what a standoff!), the strike team wants to snipe the guy before they head back to the frat house for something vaguely homoerotic, and Matt has no choice but to draw the guy's attention by publicly admitting that he's been sleeping with his partner, Emily (Katherine DeWitt). I know I got a huge laugh when The Chief (Gina Torres, also struggling to find material worthy of her talent) says that Matt and Emily are in the top five crisis negotiators in the country. This means that in the reality of Standoff, there must only be six negotiators in the United States. Negotiation isn't a bad premise for a show. It would make an excellent pairing with House since both shows could feature highly manipulative protagonists. Unfortunately, our two negotiators care more about feelings and psychobabble nonsense than being clever. For a show that's all about people who outsmart the bad guy, it's all pretty dumb. You know what made negotiators seem cool? The film The Negotiator. You have characters that are worthy of your respect and make their profession seem cool. Here, we have people that seem like they got their job through a contest of some kind. And while Livingston and Torres do their best, I can't stand DeWitt. It's not entirely her fault (although she has about as much flare as Psych 101 text book) since all her lines are mostly the aforementioned psychobabble nonsense. It's not that I have anything against smart female heroes. I just have something against smart female heroes who bore me tears. My rule of thumb is that if I can make it through your pilot, then I'll watch your second episode. Pilots aren't the best way to judge the quality of a show because they have the thankless job of having to introduce all the characters and the world they inhabit. However, if Standoff's second episode isn't somehow better than its first, then it won't be able to talk me out of turning off the TV.
  • Overall I think it's a good start.

    I watched this show not really sure ove how I would feel about it but decided to give it a chance. I'm really glad that I did. I thought it was well written and has a very good cast. I really liked the humor, having the cell phone ringtone "Suicide is Painless" while the would be suicide bomber was holding hostages was very clever. As with any pilot episode a lot of groundwork was being set. Characters are being introduced as well as the background stories. This is all necessary for any new show. I'm curious to see how they will work in the relationship of the two main characters each week, hopefully it doesn't take up too much of everything else that's going on. It needs to be a delicate balance and hopefully Standoff will make that work.
  • Good episode, but did they have to do this the week before 9/11?

    I have been watching the previews for this show and I was really looking forward to seeing it. All in all I really liked it. I'm from New York City though so I had mixed emotions on them doing a terrorist type scenario the week before 9/11. I winced a little when I saw Osama Bin Laden on the cover of the magazine. But I liked the way they flipped and had the guy not as a terrorist, but an angry kid trying to get attention from his mother.
    What I could have done without is the relationship between the partners. Seems to me that every show that puts a man and woman together must make them sleep together too. Apparently that's suppose to be a big part of the plot because they mention it so much. I'm so glad Law and Order SVU hasn't done this.
  • Far exceeded my expectations.

    Surprisingly, this was a very good Pilot episode, to what looks like a very interesting show. The storylines kept me watching, and I thought the opening was a great way to start the show. The acting was good, and the characters seem believable in that we have already seen their flaws. The romance between the two main characters (Matt and Emily, I believe) is rather interesting, and I like that the show was started off with a relationship rather than having everyone guess as to the shipping on the show.

    Bravo to Fox for having another great show to air on Tuesday Night...
  • A very good start to what looks to be a very good show.

    All in all, a great pilot episode.

    I stumbled across Standoff last night. With few expectations I tuned in and was pleasantly surprised. The episode was very well written. It had great dialogue and the chemistry between the characters was very good as well. The episode did a good job of introducing the premise to the show and the main characters, as all good pilot episodes should. I wasn't thrilled with the relationship between the two characters and have a feeling that the "if you go in there there won't be an us" scene will be used frequently during the show. However, I enjoyed the episode and am definitely looking forward to next week's episode.
  • Engaging, Suspenseful, Clever

    Originally I was planning on banning many of the new shows. Simply because I'm afraid after one season they'll be taken off the air. This particular show I think is around to stay. The pilot introduced us to the characters in a clever way, quickly and abruptly, but still leaving a bit of them a secret. The plotline was clever, and the dialoge witty. The action scenes were suspenseful and well crafted. All in all it's a very engaging show. I look forward to watching it this season. It's staying in my aresonal ... so to speak. Well Done!!
  • Wow another new cops show do we need anymore

    Wow another new cops show do we need anymore!! This was my thought as i sat down to watch this show. I thought is there anyway they can do more stories that havn't already done.

    It was nice then to see the show was about negotiators, this is an area you dont see much about and it looks like a good place to see what it can be about.

    The episode for me set up alot of character relationships with ease and not much monologuing to go with it. The action was fast pased and kept me enthrawled as to what was going on in the episode. Then in line of my thinking about cop shows i was given a glimmer of hope that we will see character development in this show that you dont see in a lot of cop shows, either that or they bring it in too late and it starts to ruin the show.

    The plot of the episode supposed muslim extremist going in to blow up a coffee shop. I was beginning to think "Oh great another im a terrorist episode of tv" but lo and behold it was just an act. This was great it was an episode showing how people can jump onto a band wagon and start to use it for their own personal reasons. To see other muslims in the shop attempting to talk to the guy and stop him was great, the show gave an attempt to show not all muslims are extremists and would never blow places up.

    I'm not to sure about the chemistry of the two leads even though they look good in the show i can't quite believe that they are into each other at the moment. However i like to see these things evolve and i may start to beleive it more.

    I always love to see the no relationships in the workplace routine. It always makes me giggle as a proffesional myself i am constantly at work i have no time to go out alot and meet people so the main people you form relationships with are the people you work with. This is the case i would assume if you work for the FBI or anything like that. I always like to see people fighting the man on this issue.

    Overall i did like the episode it was good and has promise to be a great show i just hope the chemistry improves as that will make it much better
  • No firecracker.

    Another Fox show with some big names in it. Admittedly, what made me interested in the show was the fact that Ron Livingston is in it. Unfortunately, one big name cannot always save a show. The pilot was less than stellar, possibly enough to keep the show on my DVR, but just barely. The whole "fake" muslim terrorist story is weak, cliche and totally lacking in immagination. Add to that the same old illicit office relationship story, and you have a clone of every other show on Fox from the last 10 years.

    Hopefully, the writing will pick up soon, or people may start losing interest real quick.
  • Do your homework, producers!

    I could capture this episode in one word, it would be HUH? This was one of those bland, so-so, cookie cutter cop shows hung on the skeleton of a mildly original premise. The trouble is the pilot is really not about the hostage negotations, but the pretext on which the relationship story that they really mean to be the center of the show is based. Not great, when neither character involved in the relationship was even remotely appealing, nor was there any meaningful chemistry between them. Things perked up a bit when they put the "we want to be (fill in the bantering couple)" banter aside and got into the negotiations, but then other problems arose.

    "Standoff" is set in LA, whic is always welcome, but if they're going to set a show in as large a city as LA, the producers might do a bit of basic homework. Two glaring errors tonight: the cute-negotiators decided to leave their office to head across the street to a hotel to talk, all so we could get the tired "get a room" line from one of them. Problem is, the FBI field office is in the Federal Building in Westwood, and if you go across the street (assuming you can even get across that particular block of Wilshire Blvd. alive), you'd be in the Veteran's Cemetary. It was a laugh out loud moment.

    Second, and worse, the LAPD are treated like boobs or absent altogether. The opening segment was set in downtown LA, at 7th and Figueroa, not far from Parker Center. Not only is their not a single LAPD car, SWAT team member, or LAFD paramedic wagon in sight, but the LA County FD paramedics are there, and the cookie-cutter ladyboss is asked if the decision to bring in the shooters was a Sheriff's decision - smack in the middle of LAPD territory where the LACSD has NO jurisdiction. It's tough to take a show seriously that is that sloppy. And we'll just leave the one visible LAPD cop's "Islamic beanie" line alone. Unbelieveable.

    I might watch this again if I need something to watch, more to see if it stays this bad than anything, but it's not worth the memory on my DVR.
  • Very cool

    Ever since I watched "Office Space" I can watch anything that Ron Livingston is in. This is a cool show though. Hostage negotiation is an interesting profession. I hope they try to stay real. It's a good follow up on House too, my DVR has been very busy on Tuesday nights. Anyway, seems like a good show to keep watching, just as long as writers imagination doesn't run wild.
  • Accomplishes what it sets out to do.

    Standoff's pilot does its job: which is to introduce the characters, the show, and any other little details. It isn't flawless, but it's intriguing, and it makes me want to watch next week, which is probably a lot more important than perfection in any pilot.

    Matt and Emily aren't very fleshed out here, but you can't really expect them to be. I think I get the basic gist of them, and I'm really interesting to see how both of them are fleshed out. Their relationship to each other is similarly defined but undefined, but I get the impression that it's the same way between the two of them. A sort of yes, we are sleeping together, but are we actually in a relationship? Are we in love? (On that last one, I got a pretty clear yes on Matt's side, but not as obvious an answer from Emily).

    It almost feels like we're intervening on a middle here, which is an interesting tactic. With most television shows, it starts at a beginning for a group of people, or at the very least a turning point. But what we're viewing here is almost the status quo for the characters -- they're all used to their jobs, they all know the people they're working with, and Matt and Emily have even been sleeping together for two or three months (depending on who you ask). They allude to the past -- like the fact that Cheryl and Matt used to be partners, but there's a whole bunch of history that isn't there... which could be a very interesting trump card for the writers. I'm wondering right now, but I'm supposed to be wondering.

    I am a little curious as to how they're going to keep the audience interested in these hostage negotiation situations. The two presented in this episode definitely kept my interest, but is that going to hold out week after week? I'm not terribly concered for the time being, but it'll be interesting to see what they do. I can definitely see some potential for angsty failures amidst all the triumphant successes.

    I'm definitely going to be watching next week.