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  • So I'm watching this show,having a great time; finding drama, comedy, romance and action packed into a 45 minute episode. I go to look for season two but... oh, wait... it's been cancelled.?!

    In the line of Joss Whedon's 'Firefly', Liz Tucillo's 'Related' and Jonathan Steinberg's 'Human Target', comes Craig Silverstein's 'Standoff'. Like most decent programs on cable TV 'Standoff' was cancelled after only one season A.K.A just as things were getting interesting. Now don't get me wrong, things on this show started getting interesting about five minutes into the pilot episode because unlike most cop/partner shows these guys prove (albeit sometimes haphazardly) that you can sleep your partner and save the day. No more sexual tension in the office, no more wanting what you can't have and dragging out personal (and fan's) desires over seasons and seasons of teasing and heavy wishing. These guys got together right off the bat and took us fans with them on their crazy-fun emotional roller-coaster ride, nabbing HT's all the while. Only wish we could have gone another round on the coaster and maybe have learnt more about Mathers and Duff. Well, you know what the Stones would have to say about this: 'You can't always get what you want'. It was probably the originality of this show that killed it, because from where I'm sitting there couldn't possibly be another reason.
  • Show that did ok.. but ok is not good enough..

    When local tv channel first aired it, I think I saw the add but never thought to watch it. But as oneday I was really bored, get behind tv and started to watch it.. from the beginning to end. I most say it was no way the best thing I have seen. It was not close to good thing.. something I wait excitingly, it was ok.. If I really had nothing better to do, then it was good entertainment.

    I think that most of the time, they had not too strong storylines. It was constant struggle between where to put main focus: the case storyline or Emily-Matt relationship. And that was so much to feel that. There were strong episodes that really strike me but on the other hand, there was very weak episodes too. From one edge to another and that did not build stable feel about serie. And maybe if they had concentrated more on the cases, made them more exciting, having more twists, maybe this show had gone longer.

    Anyway, it was great entertainment but this is not one of those shows, that get into my mind when I lay in my bed before falling a sleep and thinking - wow.. that was the most stunning thing in my day.. It is thing you watch and then forget.. and never wish to watch again.
  • good show...

    I watched one or two episodes when this show first came out and then started watching a different show that came on at the same time instead. However, I went and started watching the episodes online and I like them a lot. The premise of the show is two FBI negotiators handling situations. I love the captain FBI lady and the swat team dynamics. The relationship between Matt and Emily is funny and fresh. Most shows just have sexual tension, these guys are actually in a relationship and I like seeing how that effects their jobs. Overall, interesting show and it's sad that it got canceled...
  • WHY?!?

    This show is one of the few shows I absoulutly want Fox to bring back. Most of the shows they got rid of, fine; they were a waste of time. This show was fabulous though and deserves a spot on my favorites list. This show was hilarious, romantic, dramatic, and action packed all at the same time. The characters were pricless, the plot was genious. There wern't any problems with this show. It was fast paced and exciting. The charaters stuck with you and right away you new who they were and were people that would be fun to hang out with. This show was worth several more seasons.

    I think you should bring this back i loved this show so much and i watch it everynight it was on. i was soo pissed when i thought it wasnt coming back the 1st time and then you finshen up the end of the season in july i was so happy that it really didnt end. and now to fine out that is really ended is sad i think you should really bring the show back. why was is ended anyways do anyone know? i think she would write email or letter to the show and tell them what we think about the show and of them ended it!
  • A unique FBI show all about a duo of hostage negotiators, with a few guest stars such as their boss, the SWAT team, and the analyst that tracks phone signals and stuff.

    This was a great show. I was saddened that it didn't last very long. Out of the many FBI shows that came out around the same time, this one was one of the best and unique. While they did a good job of making every episode unique, I guess in the end they ran out of situations that were unique from other episodes since they are mainly negotiators.

    It was a fun ride while it lasted and the perspectives were unique. Besides hostage negotiating and the psychology of it all, take some elements from 24, and then add some perspectives from the SWAT team preparing their strike.
  • Are you Crazy???????

    What is wrong with the TV company that made Standoff?
    We've just had the series over here in the UK and I can't believe its not being continued with!!

    Must have the best looking 2 women on TV in Rosemarie DeWitt & Raquel Alessi - both stunners!!
    There is far worse shows being churned out and Standoff was one of the best shows i've seen in ages!

    The buzz between Matt & Emily was brilliant to watch, both very talented actors.
    Are they in any other shows?
    Michael Cudlitz made me laugh with his eagerness to get in there with his guns!!

    Bring it back you fools!!
  • Great show it was really enjoyable made so by the cast and pretty much all the episodes of the sadly short lived series. I can't believe a show this good couldn't have been a summer destination at least and I guess at the time USA network

    Great show it was really enjoyable made so by the cast and pretty much all the episodes of the sadly short lived series. I can't believe a show this good couldn't have been a summer destination at least and I guess at the time USA network wasn't buying up shows the way they are now. This show had a great premise the underused hostage negotiation team of the FBI. The cast was brilliant with many tv and big screen faves. Ron Livingston, Gina Torres, and Micheal Cudlitz I have seen in lots of tv roles and they were once again enjoyable. New comers at least to me Rosemary Dewitt, Raquel Alessi, and Jose Cantillo were equally great. I have to say this was the most perfectly casted show i've ever seen. Everyone had great on screen chemistry and brought realism to their roles. With all these great things going for it I don't get why it was canceled. I all I can do is hope that a dvd will come out and I can enjoy the landmark first and only season.
  • Please, please, please bring it back!!

    So not fair! I was hooked! I even watched through the adverts to make absolutely sure I didn't miss a thing.

    There wasn't a single character I hated and all the actors could actually act! Matt and Emily (Ron and Rosemarie) had great chemistry. Cheryl (Gina Torres) played the boss believably and really well! Duff and Frank were great as HRT and Lia was by far my fave character! This show could definately have gone on to have a lot more seasons if the network had given it a chance and a decent time slot!

    I really wanted to see if Lia and Duff ever got it together! :(
  • OMG!!!! Why is Standoff finish!!! NOT Fair!!!

    I love this show, and again it's ended!!! Why I don't understand!!! This was such a good show!!! The relationship between Matt and Emily was good!!! They also got on well with their teams!!! One of the shows really hit me, 'Peer group' that was a very moving episode. I also loved Life support. In New Zealand they stop showing the 9th episode, so I haven't seen the other episode, but so far it is very good. Partners in crime, Matt were real concern about Emily safety, so that also show good relationship. Also in episode "One shop stop" they show the true relationship, which was real good!!!

    If only I have known!!! I would have recorded all of the standoff show, because obviously they wouldn't sell the DVD!!!
  • This was a nice show you could sit back in your lazy boy and enjoy. It's one your kids for the most part could watch with you. Good characters and nice storylines.

    I truly enjoyed Standoff. I liked the relationships on the show, the fact that it was basically a clean show, and the interesting way they handled the different problems in front of them as negotiators.

    I was sorry to see it marked on the last episode that it was the show's finale. I frankly wonder why.
    The actors were good, and the storylines were just fine. I don't think you gave this show long enough to build up an audience of its own. This is one you gave up on too soon.

    I truly enjoyed it. And I shall miss it a lot.

    So, please, bring it back!
  • Best show why is it cancled

    why oh why does fox do this, this show probly also would have had alot more fans and viewers into the second season. Why oh why oh why oh why did they go and do this. BRING IT BACK. This show would be popular if it was renewed. why oh why does fox do this, this show probly also would have had alot more fans and viewers into the second season. Why oh why oh why oh why did they go and do this. BRING IT BACK. This show would be popular if it was renewed. why oh why does fox do this, this show probly also would have had alot more fans and viewers into the second season. Why oh why oh why oh why did they go and do this. BRING IT BACK. This show would be popular if it was renewed.
  • Great show. Sucks that it got cancelled.

    I accidentally stumbled upon this show, and being the crime show junkie that I am, I absolutely loved it. I mean, Matt and Emily's job as crisis negotiators is hard enough, they have to handle the so-called pressure their relationship can have to it. It's always interesting to see how things can turn up with office romance.

    The actors are pretty good. Ron Livingston and Rosemarie DeWitt have the chemistry that's very entertaining to watch (not to mention they're both hot). Come to think of it, I think almost all of the cast are hot.

    It's sad that the show got cancelled. I would've loved to see more Matt and Emily, and of course character development from the other characters.
  • This is a show about Emily Lehman and Matt Flannery, two crisis negotiators. While trying to keep their relationship and dating in check, they try not to compromise their jobs. It doesn't always work though.

    This show has amazing actors. Ron and Rosemarie portray their characters so well, that they feel like actual people. Raquel Alessi has done awesome for this being her first acting job. Gina Tores has done great also, and really does feel like the 'best friend boss'. Micheal Cudlitz adds humor to his character so well.

    This show also has amazing writers. (In fact it has amazing everything) The writers have some witty one liners in there (mostly from Frank) and add some dark humor as well. This show doesn't feel like it's a procedural show because of the great writing. It really excited me that Tim Minear came in and worked on the project.

    The camera angles and shots were also up to par. I love how they always start the show with a picture of the city, and life going on around them. They always find cool places to shoot. (The Mexico Tunnel, the roof in Lie To Me) Although I do have to say, I haven't noticed the camera man being aggressive like he should, and getting into tight spaces. I think that would make the shots and scenes so much cooler.

    All in all, this is an amazing show that needs to be brought back. I cannot believe that FOX would cancel a show with this much possibility, without giving it an opportunity. Great acting, great writing, great characters and great storylines. It's a fabulous show. Need I say more?
  • Why oh why does Fox always kill off the GOOD shows?!?

    My hubby and I were getting caught up on our DVR'd shows this weekend... WOW were we shocked to see that Standoff's last episode said series finale in its description. How sad is that?! We loved this show with it's combo of action, romance, comedy and suspense. Their storylines were always great, the acting was always wonderful & the cast had amazing chemistry. It was something we watched together and enjoyed every moment of. Leave it to Fox to can another good series... They are famous for that after all. How many shows will we viewers love and watch devotedly only to have them get cancelled. Another show with a cast we'll watch for in other shows and movies... At least they have a chance for a non-Fox show to pick them up and perhaps keep them? lol. Though other networks seem to be making the same bad decisions and canceling great shows... Veronica Mars anyone?
  • Why whould fox ever get rid of this show? It had everything: action, drama, romance, and the actors could act!

    Why whould fox ever get rid of this show? It had everything: action, drama, romance, and the actors could act! The whole idea and basis of the show is very much ahead of its time. It should never have been taken off. The vewers will never get to see Matt and Emily get back together and they need to. They make a good couple and they do a great job of working together and they are after all the FBI's top people. They are great together and the actors are really good at there jobs. Standoff was a good show and I will never forget it.
  • standoff is an awsome show

    I cant wait untill it comes out on dvd . i also cant wait for the next season to start . My fave epsode is kids in the hall because it had Teo Olivares in it and he is sooo awsom and cut that was like his best performance but thats not saying alot cuz he has only been on like 4 tv shows and like 3 of them he was a guest star . and i like the peer group one. it had the guy who was afraid of magoogles on max keebles big move so that was cool
  • My husband and I are really SAD that Standoff has ended. It is (was, by far, the best show on television. We can't beieve you ended it. What's wrong with you on FOX???? Please bring it back. Carol and Pete

    We think it's one of the BEST shows on television. Please BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What can I say for 100 words?? Everyone of the actors (actresses/actors) do a superb job. The theme of each show has been wonderful, filled with action, comedy, intrigue, and just plain old great acting.
    It is different than most of the shows on television today and we always look forward to seeing it every Friday night. Now there is definitely a void on Friday nights. Why in the world would have you taken it often the air so soon. Advertise it a little more and we are sure many, many people will watch it.
    I just feel like I'm doing a graduate research report.
    BRING THE SHOW BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Standoff is a show about a team in the F.B.I Negotiaters Unit. The team mainly consists of just Matt and Emily, who are sleeping together. But then there is the boss, the squat team and the cute girl in front of the computer.

    In my opinion, this is a great show! It has quirky fun dialogue between the characters and is perfectly balanced with character and crime driving. Ron Livingstone and Rosemarie DeWitt are perfectly paired as Matt Flannery and Emily Lehman. Together, they accurately show that there is chemistry between their two characters.
    As for the supporting roles, they successfully support the leads with good believeable acting. Of course, there are some things that could be improved within the show, but every show leaves room for improvement. So don't criticise Standoff, cause it rocks!
  • Not a bad show but I never go into it. Bad ratings have pretty much sealed it fate any way.

    Good thing I never really fell in love with this show since last weeks rating of 2.0 pretty much sealed its fate. Even DRIVE had better ratings and FOX cancelled that.

    It was a good show, but cant say that will miss it. Most of the time I forgot it was even on. I just didnt have that IT factor that made me want to see it.

    SPIKE TV is starting KILL POINT soon - a similar concept - SPIKE requires far less viewers for a series to be considered successful - so if you liked this show check that one out.
  • "Standoff" has it all- romance, action, drama, and information! It shows ways to resolve conflict using psychological insight as well as communication. The characters, chemistry, and story lines are fascinating.

    "Standoff" had the deck stacked against it from the beginning with the lack of support from Fox and difficulty finding it on the schedule. It has been my favorite of the season since startup, and has gotten consistently better with each episode. The acting is superb. The characters (especially the primary three) are captivating, what we know so far. The best episodes are "Lie to Me" and "Ex Factor" since they are more personal and give dimension to the characters. My preference would be more romance nuggets since their chemistry makes the show stand out. The story lines are fascinating and informative, teaching us positive ways to resolve conflict and communicate. How novel on television! Thank you!
  • This is a very interesting show that deserves a chance. It's about two FBI Crisis negotiators. It has action and fluff. As the team of two (Matt and Emily) work to get hostages safley out of situations they also work to keep their relationship private.

    This is an amazing show. Fox is cancelling it most likely because it doesn't have good ratings, but it is so intristing. The actors make the characters believable and help them grow. The plot is awesome too. This is a very unique show. There seriously is no show out there that deals with hostage situations and whose characters are crisis negotiators. Fox made a huge mistake in chucking this on the back burner. I have shown 3 friends this show separately and all fell in love with it by the first episode. Other friends think it's pretty interesting but aren't ecstatic about it. Don't chuck this in the bin. It's definitely a keeper.
  • Why?

    Well, it's simple. Lately, I have been not conforming to the usual action/drama/romance shows like prison brake or bones. Personally, I am just tired of people trying to entertain me with the usual, mundane things like a guy running around away from the cops as the main cop tries to catch him while maintaining a relationship with an amazingly attractive woman which is not going well anyway. WOW. rant over. SO...this is exactly why standoff is my guilty pleasure. when i saw the first commercials for this show, i jus sighed and went "not again". BUT, since my sister hooked me to the show, i've actually liked it! I look past the expected relationship that has bumps and slides and pay attention to the actualy mystery, because in this show you seriously don't know whats goign to happen. You can't even guess whats going to happen, because you'll be wrong. Anyway, yea, WATCH STANDOFF.
  • Totally awesome

    this show is so cool. i record all episodes. i watch them all the time. this show is cool. ilove it. if you like this show great. you see, this show is so cool. i love it. it's interesting. i like really really reallly love it. but you should watch it you guys need to watch it or else. lol well please excuse me for this review. my cat is like bothering me for food. does this ever happen to you? weel sdhhbgfh. my cat just scrathed me. it's bleeding. oh gosh, i need a bandage. well this is my favorite show! wish me luck in the er for the scrath
  • Great show about two FBI negotiators that are secretly in love. It is great how the show is written to make Matt(Ron Livingston) and Emily(Rosemarie DeWitt) help and hurt eachother both on and off the job. It's a great show!!

    Great show. Should be renewed for a second season. I think FOX is making a HUGE mistake by not letting it have a second chance. The only ratings the really show how good this show is are the ratings from the first time slot. After it started getting moved around people forgot to watch and now Friday night no one is really home to watch. HUGE MISTAKE!!!

    Ron and Rosemarie are spectacular as the leads and supporting cast is great aswell. Gina Torres is very convincing as the boss and Michael Cudlitz and Jose Pablo Cantillo are great a great and not to metntion funny team.
  • Everything is a negotiation...

    Matt Flannery and Emily Lehman are the two main characters of this show. They are the crisis negotiators of the FBI Crisis Negotiation Unit. This show is enjoyable to watch as we see how the characters talk to the bad guys and try to protect the victims. With each episode, we see how Matt and Emily manage to stay professional even when they have personal crisis. And also, we see how in some cases, their personal feelings for one another may get in the way when they are in the middle of a crisis. Hope that Standoff does not get canceled and returns soon.
  • Just great... ^_^

    StandOff is a great show. With very good characters. I like Matt and Emily the most. I think it's good that there is something different than CSI (which i olso love a lot). The gemystrie (sorry if i write that wrong) between Matt and Emily gives the show something special. They have to keep shooting episodes 'cause it's a great show and it shows us some other police work than investigate the crime scene.
  • Lets keep Standoff on the air. I grew up on early tv. I've seen many of my favorite shows pass away early. Now with cable,Network shows may need more time for viewers to find them with all the programs available.

    Standoff an House on Fox are two of my favorate series on tv.
    I look forward to Tuesday night. Standoff is a great lead in to House. Ron Livingston and Rosemarie Dewitt are super as Matt Flannery and Emily Lehman Crisis Negotiators. I like the characters chemistry between one another. I think thats what viewers like. The idea of Crisis Negotiaters fits in with the other crime dramas like CSI Miami on Fox. Programs like these fit into our news and headlines today. If we had Negotiaters like Matt and Emily maybe some of what we've seen in the news could be avoided. I hope Standoff returns and is given another change. Let Matt an Emily continue to negotiate both the crisis they encounter and their
    relationship. Thanks, Tex
  • I am interesting in Standoff. I am actually like standoff because it is very talent actor and actress. Please keep it. Please do not cancel on tv. Thank you very much.

    They are very more romantic and care about people because the are support with people. tv shows is very good.
    keep your good job. I just watching at standoff tv show it is not boring. I am attractive more on Standoff tv show.
    I like that because more more fight,dangerous and impress.
    That is awesome. Please it is contiunes on standoff tv show. I dont want to cance on standoff because That is my favorite on standoff shows. I dont want to be disappointment with Standoff. I like all the shows tv it is very best. you should be change a subject,good ideas,and try hard work your job because it so good show tv.

    Good luck...
  • Matt Flannery and Emily Lehman are top-ranked crisis negotiators in the FBI's Crisis Negotiation Unit who are trained to talk their way through volatile situations. They're great partners on the job, but they are also sleeping together.

    From the very first episode, I have been hooked. I love how the writers intertwine Emily and Matt's relationship with the case's they deal with. It just goes to show that; "they can handle any situation... Unless it involves each other." STANDOFF advances the fundamental idea: that in life and in love, "everythings a negotiation!"
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