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  • Show that did ok.. but ok is not good enough..

    When local tv channel first aired it, I think I saw the add but never thought to watch it. But as oneday I was really bored, get behind tv and started to watch it.. from the beginning to end. I most say it was no way the best thing I have seen. It was not close to good thing.. something I wait excitingly, it was ok.. If I really had nothing better to do, then it was good entertainment.

    I think that most of the time, they had not too strong storylines. It was constant struggle between where to put main focus: the case storyline or Emily-Matt relationship. And that was so much to feel that. There were strong episodes that really strike me but on the other hand, there was very weak episodes too. From one edge to another and that did not build stable feel about serie. And maybe if they had concentrated more on the cases, made them more exciting, having more twists, maybe this show had gone longer.

    Anyway, it was great entertainment but this is not one of those shows, that get into my mind when I lay in my bed before falling a sleep and thinking - wow.. that was the most stunning thing in my day.. It is thing you watch and then forget.. and never wish to watch again.