Season 1 Episode 14

Road Trip

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jun 22, 2007 on FOX

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  • Hard one

    I do admit this time they really had hard case - there is a man who thinks he is god and his brainwashed followers.. and they took a girl who wants to get out of that madness and have a bomb - explosive combination.

    So, most of the episode is just trying to talk some sense to someone and figuring out what their move is but sadly this is not enough to make this episode appealing trough the start to end. In one point it just feels like running around same spot without new twists and the case doesn't feel like the usual ones.

    Quite avarage episode.
  • good episode

    Matt and Emily have to follow a van with a cult leader and his three wives and kidnapped girl. The whole wife thing and cult leader thing - that was creepy. Those women are brainwashed! Anyways, apparently the van was rigged with a bomb and was headed to a rival cult. I thought the story was interesting in this episode, but it was predictable. Obviously the women are going to end up rebelling after learning the truth. Overall, interesting episode and a good story, more great character development with Emily and Matt and more interesting guest characters with the cult leaders and his wives.
  • Standoff delves into the realms of a cult.

    The storyline was different, we had a cult leader and his ‘ four ’ wives, one who had tried to escape and another who was showing signs of uncertainty to her master, the other two so brainwashed they would do anything, all travelling in a R.V packed with explosives to detonate at a reformed rival ex cult leader’s farm.

    Matt and Emily are called in to negotiate after a girl who was part of the cult and has tried to get her sister back who is one of the wives reports the situation.

    As I said the storyline was different and it‘s funny how from the trailers this looked to be the makings of a series classic however after watching the full episode it was great but not perfect.