Season 1 Episode 14

Road Trip

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jun 22, 2007 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • When Ruth Keegan is speaking to Emily over the CB radio, neither of them takes their hands off buttons. They would not be able to hear other if the buttons were depressed all the time. When one person speaks, the speaking person must press the button then release it to allow the listener to speak. The responding person then presses the button to speak.

    • Towards the end of this episode, the RV skids off the road when the wives fight with Keegan. There are two cut scenes to show the RV out of control; the second is in fact an identical clip to the first but flipped horizontally. This can be seen from the driver's side of the vehicle changing, and the tree and white fence swapping sides on the screen. Apparently, the budget did not allow for filming two clips of the RV going out of control.

    • When Frank shoots Gwen, she falls to the ground with her head facing the FBI. When Warren Keegan looks at her body through the window of the RV, her face is toward the RV. When the RV rolls away, her face has turned back toward the FBI.

  • Quotes

    • (About Malcolm Durst
      Frank: He told the agents on site he was gonna stay and protect his land. He said God gave him that right.
      Matt: To blow up? Guess I missed that week in Sunday school.

    • Cheryl: Just remember gasoline and homemade bombs do not react well to bullets.
      Frank: I won't miss.

    • Frank: I could have my guys reduce visual prescence, make the family feel more at home.
      Cheryl: At home but surrounded.
      Frank: Absolutely.

    • (Surrounded by Malcolm Durst and his men with guns)
      Matt: Suppose we can talk our way out of this one?
      Emily: I don't know, we talked our way into it.

    • Warren Keegan: You're jealous. You could never be the man that I am.
      Matt: Thank God for that.

    • Emily: Well, it's gonna be hard to negotiate with someone who thinks they are God.

    • Matt: We should be corrupt. We'd be loaded if we were corrupt.
      Emily: Yeah, but then we wouldn't have the reward of earning it.
      Matt: Is that why you play the lottery?
      Emily: I don't play. I dabble. Just to tempt fate.

    • Emily: Keeping your skills up?
      Matt: Just keeping my bills down.

    • Matt: What was the thing Warren said about heaven?
      Emily: World has to end before heaven can begin.
      Matt: Right.

  • Notes

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic – "Jízda smrti" (Death ride)

    • The show's technical consultant, Jesse Escochea, made a cameo appearance as the HRT Man with Matt at the house.

    • FOX broadcast the wrong end credits for this episode in its initial airing, which should have been associated with episode #112, "No Strings."

    • The song featured in the opening scene is "Wandering Star" by Portishead and the song at the end of the episode is "Into Dust" by Mazzy Star.

  • Allusions

    • Cheryl: The ROEs were clear.
      ROE is an acronym for "rules of engagement," a term commonly used by the military or police departments.

    • Frank: Tango down.
      The military uses its own alphabet in which whole words are used rather than alphabet letters to avoid confusion. For example, "tango" is the letter T. In this episode, T stands for target, and was the person Frank had just shot.

    • Lia: CHP is moving in to surround.
      CHP is an acronym for California Highway Patrol and is the state police in the state of California.