Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 19, 2006 on FOX
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When the daughter of an Asian crime lord is kidnapped, Matt and Emily begin negotiating with the kidnapper for her safe return, thus compromising the investigation of the Organized Crime Division in the process. However, they quickly run into trouble when the Chief of the Organized Crime Division steps in and arrests the girl's father. Matt and Emily must find a way to save the girl without Bureau heads finding out.moreless

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  • Turning sides

    A maffia lord's daughter is kidnapped and FBI runs in to take part of getting her back. mmm.. sounds ok. But the other department who has been following him is not so happy and in the middle of the process, they come in and arrest maffia lord. So, now Matt and Emily will work alone and behind the scenes to get the girl back.

    Sounds interesting and story really gets more exciting turns when they realize that other side is calm and professional - so soon they figure out that they have colleges on the other side..

    Exciting episode and gets good end.moreless
  • good episode...

    The team goes out to help a crime-lord's daughter get saved from some kidnappers. The kidnappers demand a huge sum of money, which the family says they can't afford. However, one of their own - another agent - decided to arrest the girl's father and the team scrambles to get her back alive, which they do. I thought the story in this episode was interesting. Saving kidnapped girls is a normal story, but making it the daughter of a crime lord and making another officer screw up the investigation by arresting the father, now that is interesting. Overall, this was a good story full of emotion on both sides.moreless
  • This episode proves that it has what it takes to be on FOX for more than one season, or more than two at least.

    Some people are just so dedicated to their jobs. I guess that's what you get for being an FBI crisis negotiator. The only thing more important than their jobs, to the two main characters, is each other. But it's interesting when everything takes a twist and turns for the worst, when a gangster's child is kidnapped, who happens to be wanted by the FBI. I enjoyed that Matt and Emily did their best to get back the girl even though the FBI wouldn't permit it until the gangster gave up names. And even more interesting is the person behind it, who is able to mix thing up, because he was once an FBI Crisis Negotiator.

    Great episode. Just rock solid. Can't wait for more.moreless
  • Maybe there's hope for Standoff yet.

    Standoff started poorly with a Pilot that just didn't do it for me. However, with "Circling" and now "Shangai'd", it looks like this might be a decent show after all. I still think the relationship between the two main characters were a mistake from the beginning, but there's no way of gracefully getting out of that, unless they replace some of the cast mid-season. This episode was actually rather good. The FBI helping out an Asian crime boss to recover his kidnapped daughter, which puts the negotiators at odds with the Organized Crime guys at FBI. A tug of war ensues between the two departments, but our heroes prevail and saves the day. Also, the Frank Perry character is getting more likeable. So far, he's come of as a bit of a jerk and somewhat triggerhappy, but here he goes the extra mile to come out as a real good guy.moreless
  • Now i can say...This tv show is great!

    Greetings ... I\\\'ve seen this 3rd episode and i can say ... this tv show is now in shape and well organized, and thank u for the developers that realized they needed to get the things better organized...

    I really liked this this Shangai\\\'d episode ... And it shows us that Standoff is getting better than we think it could be ... Let\\\'s whait for next tuesday and make our reviews!


    p.s - this is just one episode review, i don\\\'t now why we need to write 100 words ... Anyway 1 0 0 words where written Cya next Tuesdaymoreless

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    • (Matt and Emily lying in bed together)
      Matt: The team really pulled together on this one, I like that.
      (Emily rolls over, away from Matt)
      Matt: And yet I feel a distance between us.

    • Emily: I don't care about your dog story!
      Matt: (playfully hurt) You don't care about my dog story?
      Emily:I mean, I do, I care.

    • Matt: How are we gonna work? We're shut down.
      Emily: Well, for starters, we could forward the calls from Lau's phone to our office.
      Matt: (looking around at the people removing things from the house) Yeah, that would have been a good idea five minutes ago.
      Emily: Thanks, that's when I did it.
      Matt: You are so hot right now.
      Emily: I know.

    • Emily: (to Frank and Duff) Hey, you wanna join us?
      Frank: (suggestively) No, ah... we figured we'd leave you two alone.
      Emily: Well, we were thinking about spicing it up a little bit. Maybe getting a threesome going...

    • (discussing Matt and Emily's relationship)
      Duff: How long do you give it?
      Frank: I dunno, she's pretty smart. I figure another week.

    • Liam Fowler: You wanna know who I am? I'm the man with the leverage.
      Emily: And I'm the woman with your money!

    • David Lau: I own a chain of laundromats.
      Matt: Well, maybe a rival laundromat is trying to muscle you out of the fluff-and-fold business.

    • Jamison: Am I interrupting something?
      Matt: Just trying to hack the pay-per-view channels.
      Emily: We try it every time we get shut down.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Matt: Now I know how Lindsay Lohan feels.
      Emily: You're not that drunk.
      Lindsay Lohan is an actress who has been in rehab several times for alcoholism.