Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 19, 2006 on FOX

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  • Turning sides

    A maffia lord's daughter is kidnapped and FBI runs in to take part of getting her back. mmm.. sounds ok. But the other department who has been following him is not so happy and in the middle of the process, they come in and arrest maffia lord. So, now Matt and Emily will work alone and behind the scenes to get the girl back.

    Sounds interesting and story really gets more exciting turns when they realize that other side is calm and professional - so soon they figure out that they have colleges on the other side..

    Exciting episode and gets good end.
  • good episode...

    The team goes out to help a crime-lord's daughter get saved from some kidnappers. The kidnappers demand a huge sum of money, which the family says they can't afford. However, one of their own - another agent - decided to arrest the girl's father and the team scrambles to get her back alive, which they do. I thought the story in this episode was interesting. Saving kidnapped girls is a normal story, but making it the daughter of a crime lord and making another officer screw up the investigation by arresting the father, now that is interesting. Overall, this was a good story full of emotion on both sides.
  • This episode proves that it has what it takes to be on FOX for more than one season, or more than two at least.

    Some people are just so dedicated to their jobs. I guess that's what you get for being an FBI crisis negotiator. The only thing more important than their jobs, to the two main characters, is each other. But it's interesting when everything takes a twist and turns for the worst, when a gangster's child is kidnapped, who happens to be wanted by the FBI. I enjoyed that Matt and Emily did their best to get back the girl even though the FBI wouldn't permit it until the gangster gave up names. And even more interesting is the person behind it, who is able to mix thing up, because he was once an FBI Crisis Negotiator.

    Great episode. Just rock solid. Can't wait for more.
  • Maybe there's hope for Standoff yet.

    Standoff started poorly with a Pilot that just didn't do it for me. However, with "Circling" and now "Shangai'd", it looks like this might be a decent show after all. I still think the relationship between the two main characters were a mistake from the beginning, but there's no way of gracefully getting out of that, unless they replace some of the cast mid-season. This episode was actually rather good. The FBI helping out an Asian crime boss to recover his kidnapped daughter, which puts the negotiators at odds with the Organized Crime guys at FBI. A tug of war ensues between the two departments, but our heroes prevail and saves the day. Also, the Frank Perry character is getting more likeable. So far, he's come of as a bit of a jerk and somewhat triggerhappy, but here he goes the extra mile to come out as a real good guy.
  • Now i can say...This tv show is great!

    Greetings ... I\\\'ve seen this 3rd episode and i can say ... this tv show is now in shape and well organized, and thank u for the developers that realized they needed to get the things better organized...

    I really liked this this Shangai\\\'d episode ... And it shows us that Standoff is getting better than we think it could be ... Let\\\'s whait for next tuesday and make our reviews!


    p.s - this is just one episode review, i don\\\'t now why we need to write 100 words ... Anyway 1 0 0 words where written Cya next Tuesday
  • Looks like I have a good reason to turn on the TV on Tuesday nights now..............

    If you have ever attended an afterhours office gathering at a local pub or hangout, and the alcohol gets to flowing, then you have seen or been a part of the opening scene of this episode. Isn't is great to identify with the "ex-grunt- now- supervisor" telling a good story and seeing the reactions across the room. I gotta say, I can identify with this show quite a bit, and yeah, I laughed out loud at the end of the dog story. What's so great about this show in a nut shell for this viewer? Stand Off moves into a new level, pulling the viewer into where I think it is wanting us to go, which is somewhere we have all been. We will see some hostage negotiating and all kinds of stuff with black velcro on it (because that's what kinda excites the true cop show fan), and once in a while people are going to get......neutralized so to speak (for those of you who gotta have a touch of blood with their action), but we are also going to be drawn into the personal side of the job. We are not all cops, but we have dated, and maybe even someone on the job.......right or wrong and it is nice to see someone humanize the cop element using this vehicle for a change. Even the HRT guys, Frank and Gonzales, got a little three deminsional in this episode and that is not all bad.(They are not the draw to the show for me, but hey, if they are for you, I am all for them.) The romance side of the story writing is not overpowering the action side of the story, actually there are some parallels being drawn for those of us who want to read between the lines concerning the character dialog and interaction. This show has to put a bit of an edge between Matt/Emily, and jealousy is as good a place to start as anywhere. Again, it's somewhere we may have been, and probably haven't had the humorous banter with someone about. Even the agency inner office crap rang true and kudos to who ever cast the guy who played the rival agent Jamessen (sp?). Hang a real badge on him and have him report for duty!! The music choices work for me too, so far I am asking "who sings that?" at the end of each episode. It seems that music is a whole new dimension with TV shows now, and I think it is a draw for Stand Off as well as other shows. Bring on episode four, this is a fun ride for this viewer.
  • When the daughter of an Organized Crime Kingpin is kidnapped, CNU is called. However, neither the FBI team bugging the gang leader nor the gang leader himself appreciate CNU\'s work to find the ten-year old girl.

    This episode was truly wonderful. It was dramatic and suspenseful, and it had a great way of demonstrating how, even though the FBI is interdependent, there are still turf wars: Organized Crime wants to arrest a guy, and takes him away from the Crisis Negotiation Unit, and later needs CNU to help to break the selfsame man. It was touching in a new way - it dealt with the tender trauma of a kidnapped child (which seems to be semicommon this fall season), and yet it still managed to keep me on the edge of my seat. Each guest star - villain, cop, and victim - was portrayed magnificently. Once again, the sexual tension and jealousy between the two characters lead to a truly fine episode.
  • Perfect!

    Great episode!!!

    Loved the case in this episode! It was veally cool, and how emily found out that he used to be a nogtiator (not sure it i wrote that right).

    I liked the tention betwine the boss and Matt, but how he still stayed with emily.

    I could not believe that Matt of all people was terrified of dogs! i almost pied my pants laughting! LOL! ( :

    And the last seen was so good! We see them lieing toghther and talking. And he sais in his whierd way that he likes her! it was so good!

    cant wait for next weeks episode!
  • All around, a pretty good episode.

    Again with the work plot bettering the personal subplot (seriously, Standoff, step it up!), but it wasn't quite as dramatic as last week. Meaning the personal subplot was a little more interesting than last week and the work plot was (slightly) worse.

    The personal subplot was a little predictable. I mean, seriously, jealous of the old partner? Like we couldn't have seen that one coming. It was handled well enough, though. The chemistry between Matt and Emily wasn't as iffy as it has been, which was nice.

    The hostage negotiation situation was interesting enough, although not phenomenal. The inter-office politics added a nice dimension, I think, and I really like the way the team works, all in all. Matt has some breakthroughs, Emily has others, but I felt like everyone else contributed more this time around. Cheryl seemed less like the big boss (as the bar scene in the beginning sortof foreshadowed, I guess. Hmm.), and more like the friend helping to appeal to the bigger boss. And the SWAT-teamish guys, whose names I should know but don't, had a more positive contribution this time around. I mean, they were nice in the beginning, and then they actually got to rush in and shoot people.

    I even forgave the cheesy song and montage, until David Lau gave himself up. I... don't know. There's something sweet in there, but my soft spot just wasn't soft enough for it. Nor was it soft enough for the sight of Matt and Emily cuddling, even though I thought the dialogue was cute. I know it's only the third episode, but I'd like to see some... arcishness. The three episodes so far have been very... contained. The plots, personal and professional, have been wrapped up pretty nicely by the end of each episode. Maybe long arcs aren't exactly realistic for this series, but I think it's possible. Especially on the personal scale. I'm not exactly sure what a professional arc would be with crisis negotiators, but it would be interesting to see them try.

    But yes. It was a good episode. I liked last week's better, but it was good.