Season 1 Episode 10

The Accidental Negotiator

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Dec 05, 2006 on FOX

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  • Random people behind the phone.

    A armed robbery, hostage.. a call.. and a random, just fired, employee picks it up and bounds and now Matt and Emily have to deal with her as they demand her.. but she is a hard piece and sometimes it feels the negotiation is taking place behind the phone, on that room, to make that woman say and do what she has to - not that she seems to do that..

    Quite pointless episode.. It seemed to most concentrate on char interaction and making little crises between Emily and Matt.. and to have that woman around to make things harder. But not bad episode..
  • good episode...

    I liked the idea of this episode, but it got annoying at times with several of the different story lines. The whole thing with Emily leaving the room early was annoying and I thought it was stupid. Is it really that big of a deal? Anyways, a lady has to negotiate because the criminals don't want to talk to cops. She's truthful, but in the end has to help get them killed to save the hostages. I hated her character until the very end - and it was hilarious when she said she hated their jobs...haha...Overall, ok episode with a good story, but annoying character moments.
  • Bland.


    What started as a fresh, action packed, funny show has turned into a boring mess. Things started to get bad at around episode 8, Heroine. Ninth episode started as a hardcore revenge of the nerds to end on a completely different note. And then we get this.
    Nothing worked. Matt and Emily’s relationship is going nowhere. The black woman was annoying to say the least. The whole hostage situation was uninteresting as were the hostage takers. I had to laugh out loud when Angela was actually feeling sorry for the criminals. When she still felt the same after they killed one of her friends, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Are they $%&$#$ kidding me? The show used to be less serious and so much more entertaining. Now it’s just tedious. People in a room, waving guns while people in another room talk on the phone. Wasted potential. Hope they get back to form, soon.
  • \"Baron, honey...\"

    Did anyone else hear Angela said the name \" Baron \" when she was talking to the HT. But she wasn\'t told his name until after the conversation. It is strange that I\'m sure I\'m right but if I\'m worng and she already found out his name before it then please tell me, It is around the 24th minute mark if you have recorded it. Well, that\'s about it for now but I will keep my eyes peeled for more of the mistakes - if I\'m right about this one - Have a great 2007 and Happy New Year everyone.
  • Finally, a dead hostage!

    Wow, this episode had everything I was hoping for in this show. This episode had great acting (Ron, Rosemarie, and Kym couldn't be better), better interactions, few plot holes (at least to my knowledge), blood, violence, death, the good and bad of humanity, another original concept, proving how a seemingly simple yet dangerous job isn't all it seems, and the actors finally proved that they are the characters by showing how much they know the rules of real hostage negotiating and how uneasy it can be--and the death of the hostage proved how out-of-hand and dangerous it can be. This episode did a great job of wrapping a completely normal person right into the crisis that this show is supposed to provide, changes that character (for better and worse), and showed how hard and dangerous "talking to a person" can be (again, an excellent performance as Angela by Kym). If this show hopes to reach the suspense and shock value of classic TV thrillers like 24, it has to have all these things including the occassional death to add quite the punch!
    This series still has hope left.
  • Matt and Emily are back.... with some help.

    After last weeks episode ( peer group ) which i did not care for its great to see Standoff back to its full flow. I think the main difference between this episode and others is that a hostage was killed and also Matt and Emily had to use a 3rd party to control the HTs. I have to admit though it was a good idea to have someone else as a Hostage Negotiator i didn’t really care for Angela, okay i suppose her heart was in the right place but i have worked with similar people ( yes both female and male ) and i know first hand that they can be overbearing. I also liked the comedy element to the show where Matt and Emily were telling Frank and Lia there relationship problem and how Frank had told others and how it got twisted like Chinese whispers, also like the exchange at the end when Emily was comparing them to France and Portugal’s border and how she didn’t want to cross Matts border, Matt replies that he wanted to know if he would be entering Portugal tonight..... made me laugh anyway.

    As another reviewer said... may Standoff live on for another 3, 4, 5 and beyond seasons to come.
  • So many holes in this episode, you could drive an armored car through them. In fact, they did.

    Exactly how did that armored car get anywhere close to the bank, "violating our crime scene"? Don't they set up a perimeter any more?

    And when the HT opens the door, steps out and starts shooting a running hostage, nobody shoots back? Clearly HRT would step in at this point and end the thing. They had no problem shooting the van driver without even ascertaining how he was involved.

    And almost everything Matt and Emily tell Angela to say is completely wrong. If she isn't there, all the hostages would be dead. Makes me wonder why we don't see episodes ending very badly.

    Clearly they've already run out of ideas, having a civilian do the negotiating. What next? CNU and HRT swap jobs for a day?
  • Whether you are a Matt and Emily fan or someone waiting for Frank and the HRT boys to 'breech' a building, you should have left this one smiling.


    We can say with confidence that there really shouldn't be any Matt and Emily fixes that were not satisfied. This episode takes the viewer back to the pilot, and that was all good for me. The banter was there, the crisis was tense and the characters were realistic. Don't we all know an Angela in our lives?, ever work for Mr. Tate?, ever get spooked in a relationship? Yeah, this all works and the writers had everyone playing ball tonight. This episode is why I watch this show. 1)You Must be Exhausted......

    I like the way these episodes start, we are in the middle of a crisis going down and at the same time we are in the middle of a work day with our favorite characters. Yeah, sometimes we are alone starting out the day with Matt and Emily, but the premisis for this epi was the fact they didn't start out together. We got the under current early in this one, sometimes people do what they want to do. Angela, Emily, Matt, Lia, Duff, even Cheryl; they all say what they want, how they want and da_m the ramifications of their actions. It seemed right at the time, so why not? Wow, the saying stuff rolls down hill really added up in this episode. Again great parallels to a relationship and a crisis. Where are you guys (writers) coming up with this? You guys write a bottom line like this viewer has never seen before and I enjoy the lesson each time- tonights was this: 'Going through a third person doesn't work out as well as just handling it yourself.'

    2) What does she want me to do? Call the pension Fairy?

    I can't help it, I just love the boss in this one, Cheryl can negotiate and bring people to the understanding table better than her unit can.........well, I guess that is why she is the boss. Gina brings a professional hard line to a character that could be overplayed. She was a perfect fit for this role, and will be a factor that plays into the continued success of Standoff. While this episode was extremely entertaining for the Matt and Em fans out here the action /drama seekers should have got their fill too. Frank and Duff do what they are trained to do, and they are ......efficient at it. And oh, do we ever get introduced to the office gossip mongers. Yep folks, looks like we were right, Frank and Matt do talk alittle, and while it wasn't over a beer at Sloan's like we chatted about, it was fitting of Frank's nature. They chat while punching holes in targets on the range. Frank evidently can't tell a story straight, or did he just put his Frankism' twist on to the 'jack-hammer' thing when he told Duff the office gossip? Then we guessed it again, Lia and Em are buds and chatting about Em's possible relationship mess up. Ahhhhhh, and then there is Duff, trying to score points with Lia by being the first to tell her that Matt and Emily are splitting up!!??!! Lia seemed to give him points in a good way, all the while denying the split.

    Ya know, I don't mind saying that at times I was ROTFL. It was a fun epi all the way around.

    3) Our Matt and Emily fix was complete, and by the way Matt is correct, France does not border Portugal. ;-) I once particiapted in a training class that taught us how rumors quickly become out of control and damaging in a short time. There were 40 of us in a class room and the instructor whispered on sentence in the ear of student #1. It was something simple like, "Victor has a nice red button up shirt on today." The last student that got the whispered info in their ear was asked to stand up and give the info verbatim. Here's how it ended up........
    "Victor drove his blue car over to Stacey house where some buttons flew and somebody's shirt got torn and Stacey's face turned red beacuse she is a really nice girl and never would think about doing that and was unhappy that it happened today. With Victor." Kudos to the writers of Standoff for taking this viewer back to that classroom from years ago. You wove a thread and a lesson of gossip telling though out a plot line with your now famous twists. IMO, you guys rock!!! And thanks goes to the producers and writers for not going overboard with the romance, with making it very believable in the line of work that Matt and Emily are in. I am sure that there are some viewers that wanted more lead in, but, please, take that as a compliment. Emily is a mystery and an interesting one, I for one thought it would be Matt that was "afraid to go to France". Yet we are given another plot twist with Emily, she's the one that is unsure. Angela was right in alot of ways, she consistantly believed that people can and eventually will do the right thing, that people are not all bad, even when they make bad choices. She was right in a way about Matt and Emily's job- on some day's it sucks. But Angela, the bossy-I'm going to do it my way dang it, girl, ended up doing the right thing. Man was it ever tough to watch the set up for the right thing. I got the feeling Angela described heaven as she saw it, and introduced Baron to it. Powerful writing.

    Hmmmmmmmmm, bring on season three, four, ten and so on........this just keeps getting better and better.