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  • This show is horrible.

    Ok ok ok MTV you know I was just screwing around one friday evening when I stumbled apon this garbage. Of course I wouldn't use stumbled as I really died and went to hell came back and was kicked in the crotch.

    Seriously I know the old cliche no M (music) in Mtv bur it's worse. There's no intellegece in mtv. Because harrasing people and making jokes about the male scrotum is hilariously funny.

    To all fans of this show there should be a new show called: Frat boy antics. Where a cast of unenthusiastic actors pretend to be edgy by saying curse words. Then they make lame pop culture references and harass people.

    Causing people on the street to be pissed is not humor it's annoying. Seriously I'd kick that druken clown's ass.

    "But you just don't understand the edgy random humor!"

    Bull%^&*. Arrested Development is edgy making an abortion joke from a past highschooler. Hell DOCToR PHiL Is EDGy talking to people about the meaning of oral sex.

    And random? If by random you mean crap. And by crap you mean you're a machocist then I understand why you love this show.

    My friend killed himself after watching this.

    Listen to these subsitutes for this show:

    If you want a good show dealing with pop culture and a frat boy laid back attitude, look no furthur than Beavis and Butthead. Family Guy is a semi decent subsitute for Beavis and Butthead (for pop culture references).

    If you want a show with ca-ray-zee randomness then a Adult Swim original show is a great thing to watch.

    If you're looking for an "edgy show" then South Park.

    If you're looking for crap then open your toilet.

    If you're looking for %^$@ then look in your septic tank.

    If your looking for a type of %$^& so bad that could only exist by quantum physics in the twilight zone by the creator's misguided visions of horror then watch this. Actually don't watch this. I heard it causes eye cancer (but atleast you'll never see it again).

    Makes me wonder if the director of "Christmas with the Cranks" was making this.
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