Season 1 Episode 9

Busy Busy Octopus / Honest Ostrich

Aired Daily 6:00 AM Sep 23, 2001 on Disney Channel
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Busy Busy Octopus / Honest Ostrich
Busy, Busy Octopus: When Stanley's family holds a neighborhood party, Stanley decides to put on a one-person toy animal show. He's been working hard on the show and really wants to put on a great show all by himself. His friends are rather upset when he tells them that he doesn't want any help whatsoever. Then, he hears that the party is starting early, and it looks like he isn't going to have is show ready on time. He decides that perhaps he could learn from an octopus how to get many things done at once, since they have eight arms. Honest Ostrich: When Marci needs a soccer ball that she let Stanley borrow for a big game, he finds himself in a pickle. He doesn't know how to tell Marci that he's lost it and is afraid that he will lose her friendship. Instead of telling her, he decides to run and hide. He thinks of the ostrich, who he believes is able to bury its head. He hops into The Great Big Book of Everything and discovers some surprising facts about ostriches.moreless

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      • Stanley: Dennis?
        Dennis: What?
        Stanley: I couldn't have done it without you. I promise I'll never run and hide from my problems and I'll always have time for yours.
        Dennis: Same here.
        Stanley: Good night, good buddy.
        Dennis: Good night, Stanley. See you tomorrow.

      • Mr. Griff: You can't run from the twins forever.
        Stanley: But what can I do?
        Mrs. Griff: Maybe you can answer that question yourself, hm?
        Stanley: I should probably tell Marci the truth.
        Mr. Griff: Sounds like a plan to me.
        Mrs. Griff: A good plan. Marci and Mimi might be mad for a little while, but I'm sure they'll forgive you.
        Mr. Griff: It's the right thing, Stanley.

      • Stanley: Just lying low doesn't seem like the smartest way to avoid trouble. Why doesn't he just fly away?
        Dennis: Ostriches can't fly.

      • Stanley: What does "ostrich" start with?
        Harry: Oh, I don't know.
        Elsie: Oh, I think you do.
        Harry: Oh, do I?
        Elsie: Oh, yes.
        Stanley: Oh, I get it. "Ostrich" starts with "o."

      • Stanley: I wish I was an ostrich.
        Dennis: An ostrich? Why?
        Stanley: Then I could just hide my head in the sand and forget this whole thing.
        Dennis: Ostriches don't hide their heads in the sand.
        Stanley: Are you sure? I always heard that they did.

      • Dennis: Aren't you going to tell the twins the truth?
        Stanley: No way! I can't tell Marci I lost her ball. She'll keep getting madder and madder and stop being my friend.
        Dennis: Well, you can't hide from her forever.
        Stanley: You wanna bet?

      • Dennis: I hate to say this, Stanley, but I'm afraid Marci's soccer ball is lost.

      • Marci: (knocking repeatedly on Stanley's door) Stanley! Hey, Stanley!
        Stanley: Hi, Marci. What's up?
        Marci: I need my soccer ball back.
        Stanley: Your soccer ball?
        Marci: Yeah, my big game is today.

      • Stanley: Let's promise to help one another whenever the other asks forever and ever.
        Dennis: Pinky shake?
        Stanley: Pinky shake.

      • Stanley: (whispering) Would you forget what I said about not needing any help and come be on my team?
        Harry: (nods happily, but sleepily, then puts his head down and snores)
        Elsie: Harry must think you mean your dream team.

      • Stanley: Would you help me put on my new world's greatest more-than-one-person toy animal show?
        Marci: Of course.
        Mimi:We thought you'd never ask.

      • Stanley: Wow. Eight arms and a great memory too. I want to be an octopus.

      • Harry and Elsie: (singing) Stanley's doin' a show for us / But first he needs an octopus!

      • Stanley: I know I can do my show all by myself. All I need is another hand, or two, or three, or four, or five, or six, or even seven.
        Dennis: Hey! Why not eight?

      • Mr. Griff: We've only got about twenty minutes before the party starts.
        Stanley: I'll never get my show ready on time.
        Harry: You need help? I'd be happy to lend a paw.
        Elsie: Me too.
        Dennis: I could lend a fin or two, too.
        Stanley: Thanks, guys. But I don't need any help.

      • Stanley: (in a fantasy sequence) Ladies and gentlemen, for your toy animal enjoyment, I give you the amazing flippity-flying, teeter-tottering, world's greatest one person animal show.

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