Season 1 Episode 7

Camel Commotion / There's Snow Place Like Home

Aired Daily 6:00 AM Sep 22, 2001 on Disney Channel
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Camel Commotion / There's Snow Place Like Home
Camel Commotion: When Stanley and his family visit the park on a hot day, Stanley brings along a lot of seemingly unneeded items, but doesn't bring along his canteen. At the park, he gets very thirsty and heads for the water fountain. As he grows hotter and hotter, it reminds him of a desert. He decides to look up deserts in The Great Big Book of Everything and learns about camels in the process. There's Snow Place Like Home: Stanley heads out one morning to play with Mimi and Marci in the snow, but doesn't put on his snowsuit because he feels it's too bulky. At first, they have fun playing, but Stanley soon starts to get very cold. As he warms up inside, he learns about polar bears on the Internet.moreless

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      • Stanley: Polar bears sure have great coats.
        Elsie: Having your own built-in fur snowsuit sure comes in handy.

      • Stanley: Um, I just remembered something.
        Marci: What is it? Did you forget your scarf?
        Stanley: No.
        Mimi: Did you forget an extra sweater?
        Stanley: No.
        Marci: Then what is it?
        Stanley: I forgot to go to the bathroom.

      • Stanley: Under their fur, polar bears are really black.
        Dennis: That's because under their fur is a thick layer of fat, which is also called blubber. Sometimes it even keeps them too warm. Polar bears have to move slowly and rest often to keep from getting too hot. They may even have to jump in the ocean, just to cool down.

      • Marci: (regarding polar bears) I wonder what it's like being one.
        Stanley: Me too.
        Dennis: If you really want to know, let's go into the polar bear's world.
        Stanley: Yeah! Let's do it!
        Harry and Elsie: (singing) Now we're going online to find out everything / We'll surf the Internet for the answers it can bring.
        Dennis: Why don't you two just sign off?
        Harry and Elsie: The World Wide Web's the way to go / To find the things we need to know.

      • Mrs. Griff: Stanley Griff, you know I told you to wear your snowsuit. What were you thinking, going outside in that thin little red jacket of yours?
        Stanley: I didn't think it would be so cold.
        Mrs. Griff: You're not a polar bear, you know.
        Stanley: I guess I'm not. How can polar bears stand living in all that cold and snow anyway?

      • Stanley: Hey, instead of a snowman, why don't we build a snowbear?
        Mimi: A snowbear?
        Stanley: Yeah. You know, a polar bear.

      • Stanley: I hate my snowsuit. I feel like a big ball of dough when I'm wearing it.
        Dennis: Well, it may be a little bulky, Stanley, but it will keep you warm.
        Stanley: Oh, my red jacket will be warm enough. Besides... I'll wear my scarf and hat.

      • Dennis: Stanley, can you think of a way to carry water with you? (He turns to the viewer.) How about you? Can you think of a way?
        Stanley: I can hold water in my cheeks, like this. (He puffs up his cheeks with air.)
        Dennis: True, but you certainly wouldn't be able to talk with a mouth full of water.

      • Stanley: Hey! I thought camels had one hump.
        Dennis: Some do, Stanley, but there are different kinds of camels. These bactrian camels live in the high mountains of Asia, where it can be very hot in summer and very cold in winter.

      • Harry: Wow! There's the lake! Hey dudes, watch me catch a wave! Ha ha ha ha! (He runs and dives into the perfectly still lake.)
        Elsie: Oh, yeah? Watch me catch some ZZs.

      • Mr. Griff: (as Lionel strums on his guitar and hums) What a glorious day. It's bright and sunny and the birds are singing. What say we all go to the park?
        Lionel: How about eating ice cream sundaes and watching scary double-feature movies? (He returns to strumming his guitar.)
        Stanley: I think the park sounds great. I'll go! I'll go!
        Mrs. Griff: Okay. Me, too! Come on, Lionel.

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      • The storyboards for "There's Snow Place Like Home" are credited to a company, Barking Bullfrog Cartoon Company Inc., rather than a person.

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