Season 1 Episode 2

Daddy Pride / Show-and-Tell Shark

Aired Daily 6:00 AM Sep 15, 2001 on Disney Channel



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    • Stanley: Goldfish rule!
      Dennis: You do, too, shark-boy Stanley. Good night, now.

    • Stanley: My favorite animal in the whole wide world. That's you, Dennis.

    • Dennis: A shark school isn't like your school. They don't eat lunch in the cafeteria.

    • Stanley: I think I'll take the Great White Shark to school, 'cause it's the coolest.
      Dennis: If you say so, Stanley. However, the shark needs a whole big ocean full of seawater to swim in. Or at least a tank as big as your house.

    • Stanley: Nobody else in my school has a shark.
      Dennis: I think there might be a reason for that, Stanley.

    • Stanley: I know, I'll bring a shark.
      Dennis: A what!?

    • Stanley: What am I gonna do, Dennis? I've gotta bring a supercool animal and it can't be extinct and it can't be too big.

    • Dennis: Can you think of someone Stanley can bring to school?

    • Stanley: You know what would be great?
      Dennis: Something orange?
      Stanley: A Tyrannosaurus Rex!

    • Stanley: Uh oh! (gasps) Dennis, wake up!
      Dennis: Oh my goodness, Stanley. It's too early to wake up. Why, it's hardly light. Go back to sleep now.
      Stanley: I can't, Dennis! Today's the day I'm supposed to bring my favorite animal to school for show-and-tell.

    • Stanley: You're the king of the fishbowl.
      Dennis: Roar roar.
      Stanley: Good night, Dennis.
      Dennis: Good night, little lion cub.

    • Dennis: Next time you open The Great Big Book of Everything to the letter "L," why don't you try a lamb instead?

    • Stanley: Give him a timeout, Daddy.
      Daddy Lion: (yawns widely)
      Stanley: I don't believe it. My Daddy would ground Lionel for a week if he tried anything like--

    • Dennis: Congratulations. You have five brothers.
      Stanley: Oh no. And I thought it was hard sharing with one brother.

    • Dennis: Happy birthday, Stanley. You've just been born into a lion family on the African savannah.
      Stanley: Savannah? I thought lions lived in the jungle.
      Dennis: No, the lion isn't really the king of the jungle, Stanley. It's the king of the savannah. Which means the plains where the tall grass grows.

    • Stanley: (pointing to a picture of a lion) There's my new Daddy.
      Dennis: He sure looks big.

    • Dennis: Lions may be in the same family as house cats, Stanley, but they're not pussycats. And before you go trading for a lion daddy, I think we need to learn a little more about them.

    • Stanley: I'm gonna get a real lion to be my Daddy.
      Dennis: Uh-oh. That could be big trouble.

    • Dennis: Ladies and gentlemen, let's have a big round of applause for the king of the jungle.
      Harry: King of the jungle? Well, that's like a lion, right? Well, stay cool, dudes. Don't freak!

    • Mr. Griff: We can play more later.
      Stanley: No play later. Play now.

    • Elsie: What happened to playing lion with Daddy?
      Stanley: He went in the study and closed his door. That means he has to work.
      Harry: (gasps) He closed the door? (starts hopping up and down) Oh, goody! Time to chew on the living room couch! (sounds of chewing from next room)
      Stanley: I hate it when Daddy has to stop playing with me.

  • Notes

    • The storyboards for both stories are credited to a company, Barking Bullfrog Cartoon Company Inc., rather than a person.

    • "Daddy Pride" is available as a Stanley series book, adapted by Lara Bergen and illustrated by Alisa Klayman-Grodsky. It features the basics of the TV story and a set of facts about lions, plus a "How many Daddy lions can count?" game.

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