Season 2 Episode 21

Doing Like Ducks / Speedy Does It

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Doing Like Ducks / Speedy Does It

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    Khylan Jones

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    Mimi and Marci

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      • Stanley: Hey, Dennis, you mind if I leave the lights on a little longer?
        Dennis: Oh? Why is that, Stanley?
        Stanley: (yawns) Just want to look at the trophy for a while longer.
        Dennis: Stanley, did I fail to mention that roadrunners also sleep?
        Stanley: Oh, Dennis!
        Dennis: Good night, 8-legged, road-running, lunch-eating... 8-- 8 runnered, legging, lunch-eating, oh bother. Good night, Stanley.
        Stanley: Good night, Dennis.

      • Dennis: What a day, Stanley.
        Stanley: You're tellin' me. I'll never skip a meal again. I'm gonna eat just like a roadrunner. Well, minus the bugs, rodents and rattlesnakes.

      • Dennis: The road-runner eats many different types of food each day, giving it the energy it needs to run from predators, or jog next to the road.
        Stanley: Oh, that's right, I didn't have lunch today. I was so interested in stretching for the race and looking at the trophy, I didn't have anything to eat.

      • Stanley: It says here that the roadrunner can run up to 17 miles an hour. That sounds fast. Let's take a closer look.
        Stanley, Mimi, Marci and Lester: 5 4 3 2 1, into the book to have some fun!

      • Stanley: I'm... so... tired.
        Dennis: (announcing) The kids have another lap to go, but someone's out of steam. All pooped out. No energy.

      • Lionel: You know, they've got some eats over there at the table if you want. Better eat if you want to win the race, Stanley.
        Dennis: Splendid idea. Let's get some lunch so you have lots of energy for the big race.
        Mimi and Marci: Okay!
        Lester: Yeah!
        Stanley: Um, um...
        Dennis: What's the matter, Stanley?
        Stanley: I was hopin' we could get some practice in before the race.

      • Stanley: Dennis, I think I want to be a farmer when I grow up.
        Dennis: Sounds good to me. What kind of animals would you have on your farm?
        Stanley: Oh, you know... horses, sheep, cows. And maybe a great big pond in the middle, so we could have lots and lots of ducks.
        Dennis: A pond! How terrific! Oh yes, I always wanted my own pond... with beautiful aquatic foliage and-- and an algae-free filter. And angelfish. I love angelfish. And, oh, a waterfall would be nice.

      • Farmer Julie: (singing) And if you don't mind, don't lag behind / There ain't nothin' better than to stick together / So stick together like glue / That's you and you and you and you and...
        Ducks: Quack quack quack!

      • Stanley: Well, if we're gonna act like ducks, we should stick together.
        Lester: Uh huh. 'Cause if we run off in all directions, then everybody's gonna end up lost.
        Marci: So maybe we should go back and try sticking together.
        Lester: Yeah. 'Cause right now, I'm feeling loster and loster.
        Stanley: You're Loster Lester.
        Lester: You said it.

      • Dennis: Instincts are things you're born knowing how to do. Nobody has to teach you.
        Marci: So do only babies and ducks have instincts?
        Dennis: Oh no. All animals have instincts of one kind or another. Things that they do naturally. And ducks have instinct to flock, or stick together. And they have it from the moment they hatch.

      • Stanley: Wow! Look!
        Lester: Are you sure those are ducks? They aren't white like the ones back at the farm. See? That one's green and yellow and white.
        Dennis: That's the male duck, also called the drake.

      • Harry and Elsie: (singing) If you're lost and out of luck / Jump right in and look up "duck."

      • Dennis: I know we're lost... but, believe me, there's no point in running around like a bunch of chickens.
        Stanley: I guess you're right, but what should we do instead?
        Lester: Yeah. Waddle around like a bunch of ducks?
        Dennis: Well, hmm. You may actually have a point there, Lester. If you'll notice, each one of those baby ducklings is doing a good job of staying close to its parents. And you can bet none of them ever get lost either.

      • Stanley: Being a duck is fun. Come on and shake your duck leg.
        Marci: Uh oh. Where is everybody?

      • Ms. Diaz: Okay, class. Make sure to stay together and don't wander off.

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