Season 2 Episode 15

Follow the Lemur / Zebra Jigsaw

Aired Daily 6:00 AM Dec 23, 2002 on Disney Channel
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Follow the Lemur / Zebra Jigsaw
Follow the Lemur: Stanley and his friends have a lot of fun at a game of "follow the leader" until Marci takes one too many turns being the leader. She thinks it's all right to be the only leader, but her friends soon grow tired of her bossiness. They decide to find out what type of behavior is normal for animals and learn that some animals have many leaders, but some, such as the ring-tailed lemur, only have one within each pack. They pay a visit to The Great Big Book of Everything to learn more about such behavior. Zebra Jigsaw: Stanley and his friends try to put a jigsaw puzzle but are stymied because they feel the zebras all look alike. When Dennis tells them that zebras have way of telling each other apart, they decide to pay a visit to The Great Big Book to learn more about it. They find out some interesting and some cases surprises facts about zebras. The experience also gives them a new insight into how to go about solving puzzles.moreless

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    • TRIVIA (1)

      • Stanley and his friends' supposedly challenging zebra puzzle in "Zebra Jigsaw" consists of only nine pieces. Though their solution of learning more about zebras to help them solve the puzzle is innovative, the puzzle could have easily been solved by simple logic. Most of its pieces were edge pieces and the four corners of the puzzle were rounded, clearly distinguishing them from the rest.

    • QUOTES (10)

      • Dennis: Today I learned that zebras are a wild relative of the horse that always live in Africa. And even though they live in big groups, they can always tell each other apart.
        Stanley: And I learned that if you wanna see differences, sometimes you have to look really carefully.
        Dennis: Pretty good lesson. Do you think it works with every puzzle?
        Stanley: I bet it does. (yawns) I can't wait to try it out tomorrow.
        Dennis: Good night, zebra boy. Pleasant dreams.
        Stanley: Good night, Dennis. See ya' in the morning.

      • Dennis: Zebras are very social animals. They really need to be with other zebras-- lots of other zebras-- in order to be happy.

      • Lester: I always thought zebras looked like horses. They have the same shaped heads and everything.
        Dennis: And they have other things in common too. For one thing, horses and zebras mostly eat coarse grass and they all spend more than half their day eating.

      • Marci: Oh boy. If we can't tell ten zebras apart, how are we supposed to tell ten zillion?

      • Stanley: Boy, this puzzle's gonna look so great when we put it together. See, Harry?
        Harry: Yeah, just look at all the cool horses.
        Mimi: Only they're not horses, Harry. They're zebras.
        Harry: Yeah, I knew that. Isn't that what I said?

      • Stanley: Maybe it's okay for ring-tails to have one leader, but it doesn't work for kids. We have more fun when everyone gets a chance to be the leader.
        Dennis: I think you're right.
        Stanley: So tonight, I'll be leader and say good night first and tomorrow it's your turn.
        Dennis: I'll go along with that.
        Stanley: Good night, Dennis.
        Dennis: Good night, ring-tail Stanley.

      • Stanley: I am berry, berry hungry. Get it, Dennis? Berry hungry. Because this is a--
        Dennis: Stanley, wait.
        Stanley: (notices a group of lemurs staring at him) Uh-oh. Didn't the lemurs like my joke?
        Dennis: It's not that. You just can't eat before the leader does. Lemurs let their leader eat first to show they're grateful she led them to food.

      • Harry and Elsie: (singing) Inside our favorite reader, you'll find the lemur leader!

      • Marci: We don't have to take turns. I can be the leader all the time.

      • Mimi: (as Marci imitates a fish) Marci looks like Dennis.
        Dennis: Lucky girl.

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