Season 1 Episode 5

Frog Legs / Whoo's Afraid of the Dark?

Aired Daily 6:00 AM Sep 18, 2001 on Disney Channel



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    • Stanley: (regarding the owl) How can he do it? How can see where he's going?!
      Dennis: You see, Stanley, it's never completely dark in the forest.
      Stanley: But how can he see so much better in the dark than I can?
      Dennis: Well, actually, eyes have this thing called a pupil. When it's dark out, the pupil gets wider, to catch more light.

    • Stanley: Sorry I woke you up, guys, but I keep hearing that monster.
      Harry: Stanley, I really need to get some rest.
      Dennis: Well, we can't expect Stanley to sleep with a monster in the room.

    • Mrs. Griff: Honey, you left your tape machine on.
      Stanley: Oh.
      Mrs. Griff: (reading off the tape label) "Sounds of the Jungle, Side B."
      Stanley: That's my favorite tape.

    • Stanley: Mommy!
      Mrs. Griff: Stanley?!
      Stanley: There's a tiger in my room!
      Mrs. Griff: A tiger in your room? And I thought I told you no new pets.

    • Stanley: I can do it! I can go into the big pool. No problem. After all, what's a little water to Stanley the frog boy?

    • Harry and Elsie: (singing, at the pool in "Frog Legs" even though they were clearly left at home) It's The Great Big Book of Everything with everything inside / See the world around us / This book's the perfect guide!]
      Dennis: Where in the world did you come from?!
      Harry and Elsie: Stanley has a cat and dog / He needs to meet a frog!

    • Mr. Griff: Maybe this little fishy fella can give ya' some pointers on how to swim.
      Dennis: Little fishy fella indeed.

    • Stanley: You've gotta love the aquarium!
      Dennis: I'm not up to seeing my relatives just at the moment.

  • Notes

    • The storyboards for both stories are credited to a company, Barking Bullfrog Cartoon Company Inc., rather than a person.

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