Season 2 Episode 19

Going-Away Goose / Time To Climb!

Aired Daily 6:00 AM Jan 15, 2003 on Disney Channel
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Going-Away Goose / Time To Climb!
Going-Away Goose: Stanley and his friends are excited about winter vacation, but Lester is upset about having to miss out on all the fun. He's visiting his grandparents in Florida and won't be back until after the holiday. Stanley, Lester, Mimi and Marci learn together that Lester's situation resembles that of the Canada goose. Time To Climb!: Stanley joins Lester's family on a trip to a state park. When Mr. Goldberg tells them that they're going to climb Mount Honeyhut, Stanley and Lester are sure that there's no way they can make it. Then, they learn about the ox from The Great Big Book of Everything and realize that they might have a chance if they emulate this animal's behavior.moreless

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    Khylan Jones

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      • Dennis: Today, we learned some amazing things about the yak.
        Stanley: (yawning heavily) And I learned that if you want to do something big, like climb a mountain, you shouldn't rush. Slow and steady is the way to go.
        Dennis: Yes, a pretty good lesson. As a matter of fact, it reminds me of the time when I-- (Stanley begins snoring.) Stanley? Stanley? Are you still awake? Well, then, good night, my little mountain-climber.

      • Mr. Goldberg: I know it looks far, but if you just put one foot in front of the other,
        we'll be there in no time. Hey! Let's try it like this. (singing) Left foot, right foot / We're on the road. (spoken) What do you say, boys?

      • Dennis: Yak hair is amazingly thick and warm and can keep a yak warm even when it's forty degrees below zero.
        Stanley: Wow! If we had hair like that, we wouldn't ever have to wear sweaters or hats ever again, no matter how cold it got.

      • Stanley: These are wild yaks, right, Dennis?
        Dennis: They certainly are, Stanley.
        Lester: Really? How can you tell?
        Dennis: One way you can tell the difference between a wild yak and a domesticated one is that the wild yak is larger and has much longer horns. It's a little taller than your mom, Lester.

      • Stanley: Wow! Are those yaks? They look like big, hairy haystacks.
        Lester: Yeah. How are you supposed to tell which way is the front and which is the back?

      • Stanley: We're sunk. There's no way we can ever climb that mountain. It's too steep. Maybe we could build an airplane and fly to the top.
        Lester: I wish there was an escalator that could carry us up.
        Stanley: Or a donkey. I bet a donkey could carry us up.
        Dennis: Well, it's interesting you mention that. Because when it comes to carrying things up mountains, there's an animal who's better than anything else: the yak.

      • Mr. Goldberg: The four of us are going to climb Mount Honeyhut. Isn't she a beauty?
        Lester: You're kidding. You really want us to climb that?
        Mr. Goldberg: Right to the tippy-top. Are you game?

      • Mr. Goldberg: I think you and Lester are natural-born hikers.
        Stanley: I really love hiking. I could do it all day long and never, ever get tired.

      • Mr. Goldberg: Wow! That's the third cedar waxwing we've seen today. Come on, gang.
        Lester: Boy, Stanley. I'm sure glad your mom and dad let you come with us to the state park today.
        Stanley: Yeah. It's really cool out here.
        Dennis: I'll say. It looks the way I always imagined the world looked a million years ago.

      • Stanley: I'm going to miss Lester, but I know he'll be back, just like the geese.
        Dennis: And when he does come back, we'll hear all about the fun he had in Florida.
        Stanley: Yeah, and sooner than that, we'll get his postcards. Lester's one of my best friends, but while he's gone, I'll hang out with my bestest friend.
        Dennis: Your bestest friend?
        Stanley: You, Dennis.
        Dennis: Oh, Stanley.
        Stanley: Good night, Dennis.
        Dennis: Good night, you silly goose, Stanley.

      • Lester: I'm going to be like the super-cool Canada goose when it migrates. And I can't wait to go away, 'cause then I get to come back. Honk honk! Honk honk honk! Whoa! Ow!

      • Lester: (observing the geese in flight) Whoa! They're making a "V."
        Stanley: Yeah, but why?
        Dennis: Geese fly in a "V" shape whenever they migrate. No one knows why for sure, but some people say it helps them save energy. It takes a whole lot of energy to fly to Florida and, of course, the trip is easier if the geese have good weather, too.

      • Dennis: There it is-- the Canada goose.
        Marci: They look like big ducks.
        Dennis: Well, actually, most geese are larger than ducks, with longer necks. But there are some geese as small as a duck. There are 12 different types of Canada geese.

      • Elsie: Florida? Where's that?
        Harry: I know! I know!
        Elsie: You do?
        Harry: Sure! It's a place on the map.
        Elsie: Every place in the world is on The Great Big Map of Everywhere, Harry.
        Harry: So that makes me right, doesn't it?

      • Lester: Oh, I love my grandma and grandpa, but I can't believe I'm gonna miss out on playing with you guys.

      • Lester: My family's going out of town.
        Marci: Really?
        Lester: Yeah. I'm gonna miss out on everything. You guys will be having all this fun and I have to leave tomorrow to visit my grandparents. I'll be gone for the whole vacation.

      • Stanley: Ya'ay! It's a snowstorm.
        Marci: Yes, come on snow. Keep coming down.
        Lester: Look how big the flakes are.
        Mimi: It's a buzzard.
        Lester: A what?
        Marci: I think she means a blizzard.

      • Dennis: Perhaps we should learn a bit more about this remarkable bird.
        Stanley: Yeah!
        Dennis: Of course, the price we have to pay for that is interr--
        Harry and Elsie: (singing) It's The Great Big Book of Everything with everything inside / See the world around us / This book's the perfect guide!
        Dennis: I'm just glad they're enjoying themselves. At least somebody's having a good time.
        Harry and Elsie: It's time to put the book to use / By looking for the Canada Goose!

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