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Season 1 Episode 14

Penguin Party / Leave it to Beavers

Aired Daily 6:00 AM Oct 22, 2001 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Penguin Party / Leave it to Beavers
Penguin Party: When Mimi and Marci invite Stanley to an ice skating party, he decides he doesn't want to go. He feels he's the only kid his age who doesn't yet know how to ice skate and is sure he'll embarrass himself. Dennis isn't so sure, but Stanley is insistent. He compares himself to a bird who can't fly, but then Lionel tells him about a bird he knows of that can't fly -- the penguin. Stanley hops into The Great Big Book of Everything and learns more about penguins, even befriending a little penguin who is scared of sliding and swimming in the process. Leave it to Beavers: Stanley, Mimi and Marci have created a nature club and need a clubhouse. Unfortunately, all of the places they try for clubhouses are already being used for something else. Stanley inadvertently comes up with an idea -- they can build their own. Not being expert-builders themselves, they decide to seek the help of beavers to learn more about building.moreless

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      • Marci: Come on down, Stanley.
        Mimi: The first meeting of the new nature club is about to begin.
        Stanley: Oh, boy! Hey guys, how long have you been here? Come on, let's play.

      • Mr. Griff: Lashing is what you do when you want to tie sticks together to build something like -- well, like a clubhouse.

      • Dennis: Not only do beavers cut down trees with their powerful teeth, they eat them too. Beavers are herbivores, which means they eat plants.
        Marci: Leave it to beavers to find a way to eat while they work.

      • Dennis: Beavers usually live and work together in groups of six.

      • Marci: It's a really good day to fly a kite, don't you think?
        Mimi: Yeah. Too bad we weren't trying to build one.
        Stanley: I guess we should leave the building to the experts.
        Dennis: Why not learn from the experts?

      • Stanley: What are we supposed to do? Build a clubhouse?
        Mr. Griff: Build one? Sure, great idea.

      • Stanley: We're playing.
        Mrs. Griff: That's nice.
        Stanley: And this is the nature club clubhouse.
        Mrs. Griff: Actually, Stanley, this is the linen closet. Maybe you should meet someplace else.

      • Stanley: If we're gonna have a nature club, we gotta have stuff to explore with.
        Mimi: I have my mom's old handbag.
        Marci: What good is a handbag on an adventure?
        Mimi: What if we're on an adventure and we need binoculars or a whistle?

      • Dennis: It's good to have friends who help you out.
        Stanley: Like you, Dennis. Thanks for helping me today.
        Dennis: Good night, penguin Stanley.

      • Stanley; I'm afraid I'm going to fall down.
        Mimi: That's no big deal. I'll help you get up.

      • Stanley: Come on, Dennis.
        Dennis: Yes! Into the computer.
        Elsie: Not before our song.
        Harry and Elsie: (singing) Now we're going online to find out everything / We'll surf the Internet for the answers it can bring.
        Dennis: You two are skating on thin ice.
        Harry and Elsie: (singing) Penguins have some traits that could put you into ska-a-a-tes!

      • Stanley: Why don't I know how to skate? A kid who doesn't know how to skate is like - like a bird that doesn't know how to fly.
        Lionel: A bird that doesn't know how to fly? Hey, I aced my science test on that one.
        Stanley: You did?
        Lionel: Sure. The penguin. The famous flightless bird of Antarctica. I can prove it you, Stan, little man, if you go online with me. Check out the web and you'll see that your big brother knows what he's talking about.

      • Stanley: I can't go ice-skating this afternoon, Dennis. No way, no how.
        Dennis: May I ask why not?
        Stanley: Because I don't really know how to skate.

      • Mimi: Wow, Stanley. I never saw one of those before.
        Stanley: It's a snow pig.
        Mimi: I like it. Do you like my snow princess?
        Stanley: Uh huh.

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