Season 1 Episode 11

Platypus Problems / Rabbit Habit

Aired Daily 6:00 AM Oct 01, 2001 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • Possible pets Mimi and Marci fantasize about owning include an elephant, a llama, and a pig.

    • Marci is assigned to dress as a lioness for Animal Awareness Day, Mimi is assigned to be a fox, Lester is a gorilla and Stanley is a platypus.

  • Quotes

    • Stanley: It sure is great having animal friends to love and take care of.
      Dennnis: Thank you, Stanley. I'm sure Harry and Elsie would agree that we feel the same way about you.
      Harry: That's right, Stanley. You're my boy.
      Dennis: The best friend a goldfish could ever have.

    • Harry and Elsie: (singing) You need to find the perfect pet / Read the book, it's your best bet!

    • Stanley: Getting a new pet is really exciting, but it takes a whole lot of planning.

    • Marci: (in fantasy sequence) Mimi, your elephant is eating the bark off the trees again.
      Mimi: Oh, so now it's my elephant. Whenever there's a problem, it's my elephant. But when it's time to play fetch, then it's your elephant.

    • Marci: Stanley, Stanley, they said yes!
      Mimi: They said we could have a pet.

    • Harry: Who wants to play fetch? Come on, somebody. Throw the ball! Throw the ball!

    • Stanley: It's called a platypus.
      Elsie: What kind of pus?
      Dennis: A platypus. One of the most unusual looking creatures in the whole world.

    • Stanley: Why don't we look in the--
      Harry: Wait, dudes. We just had the strangest feeling that somebody was about to mention The Great Big Book of Everything.
      Elsie: Yes, it's the oddest sensation. We just have this overwhelming desire to--
      Harry and Elsie: sing.
      Dennis: Oh, all right. If you must. Stanley, get the book.
      Stanley: One Great Big Book of Everything coming right up.
      Harry and Elsie: (singing) It's The Great Big Book of Everything with everything inside / See the world around us, this book's the perfect guide!
      Dennis: How about a guide to voice lessons?
      Harry and Elsie: (singing) Stanley's gonna look to see / What his costume's supposed to be.
      Dennis: Well, I hope you're satisfied.

    • Stanley: There's no animal as mixed up as this.

    • Stanley: I have a duckbill. Am I a duck? I also have webbed paws, like an otter does. Am I an otter? And finally, I also have a big flat beaver tail. So am I a beaver?

    • Stanley: Oh, Dennis, what am I going to do?
      Dennis: How about doing the rest of this crossword puzzle with me? They're quite fun, you know.
      Stanley: No, I mean about this. I have to wear this costume to school tomorrow, to tell the class all about the kind of animal I am.
      Dennis: Well, that's right up your alley, Stanley.
      Stanley: But I can't go to school wearing this.

    • Lester: What are you going to be, Stanley?
      Stanley: I guess I'm going to be a beaver-tailed duck thingy.

    • Marcy: I'm gonna build the world's biggest sports complex.
      Ms. Diaz: (clapping hands) Attention, students! Attention! Listen, everyone, I have a very special surprise for you. Tomorrow is Animal Awareness Day here at school.
      Stanley: Wow, cool.

  • Notes

    • The storyboards for both stories are credited to a company, Barking Bullfrog Cartoon Company Inc., rather than a person.

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