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Season 1 Episode 17

Remembering with Elephants / Garbage Can Bandit

Aired Daily 6:00 AM Nov 15, 2001 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Remembering with Elephants / Garbage Can Bandit
Remembering with Elephants: Stanley is convinced that a trip to the supermarket will be boring, but the promise of donuts changes his mind. As he gets dressed, however, he can only find one of his sneakers. Trying to come up with anything that will help him remember where he left his other sneaker, Stanley remembers the old adage that "an elephant never forgets." He and Dennis jump into The Great Big Book of Everything to try to learn if this is true and whether or not it can help him find his sneaker. Garbage Can Bandit: When Harry discovers that the Griff family garbage can has been knocked over, he thinks that Stanley did it, until he learns that you can't accuse someone without evidence. When Stanley finds evidence in the form of a pawprint, he realizes that an animal must have done it. He calls him the help of his parents to identify and possibly trap the culprit.moreless

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    • QUOTES (13)

      • Mr. Griff: Stanley, you're never supposed to touch raccoons, ever. They're wild animals.
        Stanley: Wild scavenger animals, dad.

      • Dennis: Although they aren't much appreciated, scavenger animals are very helpful. They clean the Earth of garbage.

      • Stanley: Why do raccoons like garbage so much?
        Dennis: Raccoons are scavengers. A scavenger can eat almost anything, like nuts and berries... or something from garbage, or even something from underwater.

      • Elsie and Harry: (singing) Now we're going online to find out everything / We'll search the Internet for the answers it can bring.
        Dennis: The real mystery is how you two always show up.

      • Stanley: I need your help gathering evidence.
        Mrs. Griff: Gathering evidence?
        Stanley: The garbage can got knocked over and there's a mystery pawprint right next to it, so I'm trying to learn everything I can about the pawprint.

      • Stanley: Don't worry. There isn't a mystery that can't be solved by detective Stanley.

      • Stanley: I'll retrace my steps to the last time I remember wearing my sneaker, just like elephants retrace their steps when they migrate.

      • Stanley: An elephant never forgets?
        Dennis: Hmm. I've heard that saying, but I wonder if it's true. Do you think an elephant can really remember everything?

      • Stanley: Dennis, if you were a sneaker, where would you be?
        Dennis: I don't know a thing about sneakers. I've got fins.

      • Stanley: Harry, have you seen my other sneaker?
        Harry: Oh, I get it. A sneaker goes missing and everyone instantly thinks the dog did it. I'm innocent! By the way, if you see the elephant, don't tell him I'm here.

      • Mrs. Griff: We'd better go to the supermarket now, Stanley.
        Stanley: But, Mom! Lionel's the one who finished the orange juice. Why doesn't he have to go to the supermarket?
        Mrs. Griff: (wearing a tube like an elephant's nose) What's so bad about the supermarket?
        Stanley: Mom!
        Mrs. Griff: You don't think we'll have fun at the supermarket? (trumpets)
        Stanley: Mom! You're silly!

      • Elsie: (concerned because Stanley has asked to see her paw) My paw? But Stanley, I didn't knock over the garbage.
        Harry: Elsie, detective Stanley knows what he's doing.
        Elsie: Well... alright.

      • Elsie: Knowing that kids tend to knock things over is not enough evidence to say that Stanley knocked over the garbage can.

    • NOTES (2)

      • The storyboards for both stories are credited to a company, Barking Bullfrog Cartoon Company, Inc., rather than a person.

      • Though the on-screen title display for the first story reads "Garbage Can Bandit," Dennis reads "The Garbage Can Bandit" out loud.

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