Season 1 Episode 17

Remembering with Elephants / Garbage Can Bandit

Aired Daily 6:00 AM Nov 15, 2001 on Disney Channel



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  • Quotes

    • Mr. Griff: Stanley, you're never supposed to touch raccoons, ever. They're wild animals.
      Stanley: Wild scavenger animals, dad.

    • Dennis: Although they aren't much appreciated, scavenger animals are very helpful. They clean the Earth of garbage.

    • Stanley: Why do raccoons like garbage so much?
      Dennis: Raccoons are scavengers. A scavenger can eat almost anything, like nuts and berries... or something from garbage, or even something from underwater.

    • Elsie and Harry: (singing) Now we're going online to find out everything / We'll search the Internet for the answers it can bring.
      Dennis: The real mystery is how you two always show up.

    • Stanley: I need your help gathering evidence.
      Mrs. Griff: Gathering evidence?
      Stanley: The garbage can got knocked over and there's a mystery pawprint right next to it, so I'm trying to learn everything I can about the pawprint.

    • Stanley: Don't worry. There isn't a mystery that can't be solved by detective Stanley.

    • Stanley: I'll retrace my steps to the last time I remember wearing my sneaker, just like elephants retrace their steps when they migrate.

    • Stanley: An elephant never forgets?
      Dennis: Hmm. I've heard that saying, but I wonder if it's true. Do you think an elephant can really remember everything?

    • Stanley: Dennis, if you were a sneaker, where would you be?
      Dennis: I don't know a thing about sneakers. I've got fins.

    • Stanley: Harry, have you seen my other sneaker?
      Harry: Oh, I get it. A sneaker goes missing and everyone instantly thinks the dog did it. I'm innocent! By the way, if you see the elephant, don't tell him I'm here.

    • Mrs. Griff: We'd better go to the supermarket now, Stanley.
      Stanley: But, Mom! Lionel's the one who finished the orange juice. Why doesn't he have to go to the supermarket?
      Mrs. Griff: (wearing a tube like an elephant's nose) What's so bad about the supermarket?
      Stanley: Mom!
      Mrs. Griff: You don't think we'll have fun at the supermarket? (trumpets)
      Stanley: Mom! You're silly!

    • Elsie: (concerned because Stanley has asked to see her paw) My paw? But Stanley, I didn't knock over the garbage.
      Harry: Elsie, detective Stanley knows what he's doing.
      Elsie: Well... alright.

    • Elsie: Knowing that kids tend to knock things over is not enough evidence to say that Stanley knocked over the garbage can.

  • Notes

    • The storyboards for both stories are credited to a company, Barking Bullfrog Cartoon Company, Inc., rather than a person.

    • Though the on-screen title display for the first story reads "Garbage Can Bandit," Dennis reads "The Garbage Can Bandit" out loud.

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