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  • Superb this is the right kind of stuff which toddlers should watch.

    Stanley was one of the greatest shows on Playhouse Disney probably the best(no i don't usually like most preschooler shows but at least the creators made a decent show which is not crap unlike PB and J Otter) this was actually quite good i remember watching this i do think all Playhouse Disney shows are crap now but this is the one which in i still like come on this is way better than Bob the Builder crap and not lame stuff like Dora the Explorer the characters go inside the Great Big Book of Everything and yes the song does get annoying but i did find it quite funny back then but still Stanley is the only good Playhouse Disney show ever and this is great and it is not stupid this is my opinion i would'nt usually say this about a show aimed at preschoolers but i noticed also that this was from the creators of PB and J Otter and Doug(which aired on Nickelodeon originally but Disney got the rights)
  • A very good show for little kids that teaches about animals

    When I was 10, this show started being on Playhouse Disney and I was very interested in it but unfortunentally it only came on weekends and I didn't usually watch Playhouse Disney during the Weekends. Finally, later it started airing on Weekdays too. I started watching it and I really liked it! It's about a little boy named Stanley who has a Goldfish named Denis, a Cat named Elsie and a Dog named Harry. In each episode, they rather go online or go into Stanley's Great Big Book of Everything to learn about an animal. It's really fun learning new things about animals! I wouldn't mind if this show aired on Animal Planet. The episodes don't just teach you about animals but also facts about animals helping little kids learn lessons too. I enjoyed it even though I was 10 since it's still enjoyable for older kids too since it's pretty funny sometimes. My parents liked it too. If you want your kid(s) to learn about animals and learn lessons about stuff then this is the kind of show for your kid(s). This is one of my favorite shows that was on Playhouse Disney as a kid.
  • Stanley is a little kid with a magic book that teaches him about animals and their surroundings. Every show, there is another adventure and another great learning experience.

    This children's show was a very cute, informative show for toddlers and little kids that teaches children about animals, their surroundings, and their lifestyle. Whenever Stanley is interested in finding out more about an animal, he and his three pets (cat, dog and fish) jump into "the great big book of everything" and go on an adventure. Usually, during his quest for knowledge, Stanley also learns a different life lesson that is important for children to know and understand. Stanley is a great role-model for little kids. This show is a great learning tool for children. I give it a A+++.
  • Animals! I love animals!

    I absolutely ADORE this show!!! Stanley Griff is a young boy who is a lover of animals just like I am! Learning about different animals from all over the world is so much fun for me to watch, and for my little sister! She was only about eight years old, and she was turning nine soon, and this show made her an animal lover too. Now, she does what Stanley did in the show. She looks up information about animals, and she writes some beautiful animal stories for children. She's fourteen now, and for someone at that age, she is very good. This show has really inspired her to learn more about animals, and she is now looking forword to her biology class she will be taking. I hope Disney Channel continues this show or at least plays the re-runs, because it has impacted my sister's life so much, and it's made me even more of an animal lover.
  • Totally rocks!

    How can you possibly find it in you as to be so against this show? How the hell can anyone hate is so much? Y'all must be wiggin'! I'm just kidding! This show teaches kids, not only about animals, but about life itself. Don't hate! Appreciate! Come on! This show is very educational, funny, and very entertaining for me to watch! Why do you guys hate it? You shouldn't hate it! What did it ever do to you? It didn't punch you in the face did it? I didn't think so! Ha ha I'm just kidding!
    I love this show, and it DOES deserve my time, and is is NOT retarded!
  • Stanley is 6 years old and very curious. But instead of posing his question to adults he asks his four legged friends: cat Elsie, dog Harry und goldfish Dennis.

    I know I'm actually too old but I like this series very much! It's colorful, funny and teaches children many facts about animals. And the way they're delieverd doesn't seem ludicrous like on some other shows.
    I even bought the PC games because of the charming outfit and lovely characters. ;-)
  • A fun preschooler's show ^^

    I enjoy watching a few minutes of this from time to time. I like how it revolves around animals, and how it can teach kids the ways of different species. But, I especially like the dog and the cat, and how they're always annoying that fish. "It's the.... Great Big Book of Everything with everything inside! See the world around you; this book's the perfect guide!" I love that song.
  • The one kids show which I enjoy

    ' Stanley ' is one of the rare kids shows out there that I can actually stand to watch for more then 5 minutes . When the kids insist on watching Disney Channel, I know I can look forward to a episode of ' Stanley ; to bring me back in from the world of ' Wiggles ' & 'Doodlebops '.
    ' Stanley ' is one ofthe few shows that has actually taught me a few things as well about animals.
    If you have a child who wants to learn about animals then this is the show which you must watch.
  • It's ok i guess.

    This show is ok with me. I find it quite entertaining to me & others out there. This is how children' programming should be like. Not like this other crap. Stanley is about a boy how learns about animals with the help of The Big Book of Everything. This show is better choice.
  • A Boy with a big head that loves animals, jumps in a big dictionary and finds out info about animals.

    Ohh this show is sooooo retarded. No offense but It does not make sence. I mean if any of those animals show him walking around studying them like they were freaks, they would have ate him up!I mean A tiger is not going to let a meal get away. Oh and sometimes animal sometimes jumps out of the picture?! Who thought of this. That song too! The Baha Men just lost my respect for them!
  • stupid

    why would ANYONE watch that? it's stupid and a COMPLETE waste of time. it was funny when i was younger, but now it's just plain retarded (no offense to anyone). if it is a great big book of everything, wouldn't it be A LOT bigger? and what about elsie and harry? their song gets really annoying after three episodes. really. also, why is everyone's head square? it's really creepy. also, lester and stanley's dad have their ears on their necks. THAT'S just disturbing. i mean it. it is. also, how does stanley's dad keep his glasses up when his ears are below his chin? that's just weird.
  • The great big book of everything. Wow how creative and original.

    Really if you had a great big book of everything do you know how big it would be. Bigger then it is on this show. And do the parents know that the animals can talk. I would be a little uncofortable talking to a fish. This show is not that creative and not that original.
  • Just like the Classification says. The reason I called it that is because of this.

    First thoughts:
    Just like "PB&J Otter" this is another of those Playhouse Disney and/or Nick jr. shows that they put on for about three months and then they forget about it. I still remember the Noodle Dance from "PB&J Otter". Why were those shows so short? Where they not good enough for you? Never mind.

    Anyways about "Stanley" I'm sorry but with a title based by the main character I knew this show was going to be bad. I mean Seriously "Stanley"? What kind of a title is that? Why couldn't it be called "the great big book" or something?

    The Plot of the show is that there is this kid named Stanley who likes animals allot. Which is fine but Stanley in Obsessed with animals! He even has Animal posters and Stuffed animals All over his room. I wouldn't be surprised if he kept live wild animals in his room! In his room he also has a dictionary about 26 animals. One animal Per Letter A to Z! I find that stupid because even though I'm not an animal expert I know there are a lot more animals then that. And what's even more messed up is he calls the book "The great big book of everything" If that's the great big book of everything the book should be A lot bigger. If that book knows everything Then What's the meaning of life? Are there aliens? What were they thinking when they thought of the name for that book? Shouldn't that book be called "the great big book of animals"? I don't know. And Stanley has a Mom and Dad and a Brother to.

    Other: A lot of people my think that this show is educational they think the show is teaching kids about animals. Well I have one problem the animal desings are completely off! For example Clown fishes are orange and white right? Well in the show they picture clownfish as a fish in a clown suite. What were they thinking! Were they thinking kids don't know the color orange and white so they desisted to put a clown suite on a fish Instead of an orange and white fish? The animal designs aren't the only thing that's off the people are off to. E.g. the dad has ears on his neck. One of the characters has his/her nose between his/her eyes. It looks completely messed up. One time my sister told me "Why are their ears on their necks" And I did not know what to say. Final thoughts:
    This show is annoying; gives false facts, and looks weird next time you want your kids to learn about animals you should watch Animal Planet.

    End of Review
  • With a "TV Show" comes responsibility - the responsibility not to annoy viewers!

    A kid learns various factoids on different animals in a magical book that only him and his friends know about. (Talk about lame!)

    This show tries to educate children, but can be more of an annoyance than educational. Being a complete time waster, this show doesn't deserve a person's time at all!