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Disney Channel (ended 2004)


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Stanley Fan Reviews (14)

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  • Superb this is the right kind of stuff which toddlers should watch.

    Stanley was one of the greatest shows on Playhouse Disney probably the best(no i don't usually like most preschooler shows but at least the creators made a decent show which is not crap unlike PB and J Otter) this was actually quite good i remember watching this i do think all Playhouse Disney shows are crap now but this is the one which in i still like come on this is way better than Bob the Builder crap and not lame stuff like Dora the Explorer the characters go inside the Great Big Book of Everything and yes the song does get annoying but i did find it quite funny back then but still Stanley is the only good Playhouse Disney show ever and this is great and it is not stupid this is my opinion i would'nt usually say this about a show aimed at preschoolers but i noticed also that this was from the creators of PB and J Otter and Doug(which aired on Nickelodeon originally but Disney got the rights)
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