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  • A very good show for little kids that teaches about animals

    When I was 10, this show started being on Playhouse Disney and I was very interested in it but unfortunentally it only came on weekends and I didn't usually watch Playhouse Disney during the Weekends. Finally, later it started airing on Weekdays too. I started watching it and I really liked it! It's about a little boy named Stanley who has a Goldfish named Denis, a Cat named Elsie and a Dog named Harry. In each episode, they rather go online or go into Stanley's Great Big Book of Everything to learn about an animal. It's really fun learning new things about animals! I wouldn't mind if this show aired on Animal Planet. The episodes don't just teach you about animals but also facts about animals helping little kids learn lessons too. I enjoyed it even though I was 10 since it's still enjoyable for older kids too since it's pretty funny sometimes. My parents liked it too. If you want your kid(s) to learn about animals and learn lessons about stuff then this is the kind of show for your kid(s). This is one of my favorite shows that was on Playhouse Disney as a kid.
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