Stanley - Season 1

Disney Channel (ended 2004)


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  • Valentine's Day: A Little Squirrel Music / A Boy's Best Friend is His Fish
    A Little Squirrel Music: Lionel hears an advertisement on the radio promising a lifetime supply of peanut butter to the winner of a "nutty" songwriting contest. He decides to create a song about Stanley and squirrels and heads to the garage to try to keep it a secret from Stanley. As he munches nuts for inspiration, he leaves the shells in the backyard, leading Stanley to believe that there's a mystery animal in the background. A trip into The Great Big Book of Everything ultimately provides valuable inspiration. A Boy's Best Friend is His Fish: When Stanley keeps visiting the fish shop, but won't tell Dennis anything other than that it's a big surprise, Dennis becomes convinced that the worst is happening. He thinks that Stanley is replacing him with a new best friend fish, one with more "pizazz." Remembering the good times that he had with Stanley, Dennis prepares a special gift, not realizing that Stanley has actually been planning a special gift for him all along.moreless
  • The Pond Couple / Who's Afraid of Walter Wolf?
    The Pond Couple: When Stanley brings home the class pet, a musk turtle named Oscar, Dennis has trouble getting along this new roommate. The musk turtle is a nocturnal creature and the two disturb each other when they're trying to sleep. Dennis is sure that they have nothing in common, but Stanley isn't so sure. A trip into The Great Big Book of Everything helps the picture to become more clear. Who's Afraid of Walter Wolf?: When a new boy named Walter joins Stanley's class, Stanley and his friends are all scared of him. He's rather quiet and doesn't seem to want to hang out with anyone. When he tells Lester "you'd better be careful" following an incident at recess, Lester is sure that he's a werewolf. Dennis, however, isn't so sure and urges the group to check the facts on wolves in The Great Big Book of Everything before leaping to any conclusions.moreless
  • Searching for Spring / Save the Blue Bird!
    Searching for Spring: It is February 2, Groundhog Day in Late Winter. Stanley, Marci and Mimi were disappointed when the snow has melted. After watching TV and seeing that the Groundhog did not see his shadow, they know spring is on its way. But however Mom tells that it was just a legend. After learning about groundhogs from The Great Big Book of Everything. They learn that spring is not coming tomorrow. But with Mom's help, they go outside and become spring detectives. They search for clues and signs of spring coming outside such as the sun staying up longer, the buds bursting of the trees, the birds coming back, singing and building their nests, as well as flowers blooming out of the snow.

    Save the Blue Bird!: It is Earth Day in April, and Stanley learns about bluebirds from The Great Big Book of Everything and how he can save them.moreless
  • In a While, Crocodile / The Color of Stanley
    A) Stanley's worries he is the only one who won't lose a tooth. B) Stanley has a hard time fitting in with Lynel and his friends who always try to be cool.
  • Worms at Work / Caterpillar Countdown
    Worms at Work: Mimi has taken up flower gardening and is grossed out when a worm appears in her garden. She begins to panic when more and more worms start popping up, but her friends feel that there's nothing to worry about. Mimi is convinced that worms are gross, but reluctantly agrees to a trip into The Great Big Book of Everything to learn more about them. Caterpillar Countdown: When Elsie first learns about caterpillars, she finds them boring and wants nothing to do with them. After being told that caterpillars turn into butterflies, she is at first disbelieving, even going so far as to say that she'll take a bath should the caterpillar fly. A visit to The Great Big Book of Everything sets her straight and she finds herself eager for the butterfly to hatch-- overeager, in fact. In the process, she and the others learn about patience and about fun ways to pass time.moreless
  • Gorilla Sleepover / Sea Lion Slip-Up
    A) Lester spends the night at Stanley's house. He has trouble sleeping, but learning something about gorillas from The Great Big Book of Everything helps.

    B) Stanley's family is getting ready to go to a rock concert, but Stanley wants to stay home and play sea lion in the bathtub. As he dawdles in getting ready, his situation goes from bad to worse when a sea lion escapes from the book.moreless
  • The Big Spill / Peekaboo Parrot
    The Big Spill: When Mr. Griff has to step out of the kitchen one morning to take an important phone call, he agrees to let Stanley fix his own breakfast. Stanley succeeds in pouring his own cereal and milk, but then ends up spilling it all over the floor. Sure that his father will think he's just a little kid for doing this, Stanley searches for animal that could help him clean up the mess. He thinks of the anteater, but Dennis encourages him to learn more about them. Peekaboo Parrot: Stanley's frustration over having to have a babysitter while his parents are away evaporates when he learns that his babysitter is his Grandma Griff, who speaks to animals like him. To Stanley's delight, Grandma Griff's pet parrot Peeky has joined her on this trip. She agrees to let Stanley briefly look after him while she fixes a snack and while she's out, Stanley looks up parrots in The Great Big Book of Everything. When Peeky ends up flying into the book, Stanley is frustrated because there are many parrots in the book and they all seem to look a lot alike.moreless
  • Little Dog Lost
    Little Dog Lost
    Episode 19
    During the holiday season Stanley, Lester, Marci and Mimi find a lost puppy in the park. To keep it out of the cold, Stanley's Mom agrees to take him in until they find the owner. The puppy (named Little Dude) chooses Harry as his mother, but Harry and Stanley don't know how to take care of a puppy, so they do research. But when Little Dude jumps into the Great Big Book of Everything, Stanley and friends must jump into the book to get him back. Once out of the book, Little Dude's real owner shows up.moreless
  • Snow Monkey See, Snow Monkey Do / Sick Day Stanley
    A) It's Winter and Stanley doesn't likw Lester imitating him all the time. So Stanley and Dennis learn about animals that imitate other animals including the snow monkey. B) On a saturday morning, Stanley wakes up with a cold, and he wishes he could be like an antelope, who never get sick.moreless
  • Remembering with Elephants / Garbage Can Bandit
    Remembering with Elephants: Stanley is convinced that a trip to the supermarket will be boring, but the promise of donuts changes his mind. As he gets dressed, however, he can only find one of his sneakers. Trying to come up with anything that will help him remember where he left his other sneaker, Stanley remembers the old adage that "an elephant never forgets." He and Dennis jump into The Great Big Book of Everything to try to learn if this is true and whether or not it can help him find his sneaker. Garbage Can Bandit: When Harry discovers that the Griff family garbage can has been knocked over, he thinks that Stanley did it, until he learns that you can't accuse someone without evidence. When Stanley finds evidence in the form of a pawprint, he realizes that an animal must have done it. He calls him the help of his parents to identify and possibly trap the culprit.moreless
  • You've Got Pigeon Mail / It's a Prarie Dog's Life
    You've Got Pigeon Mail: When Mrs. Griff travels to Feather Springs for a dental conference, Stanley is devastated. She's going be gone for three whole days, and she's never been away that long before. Stanley can't get to sleep, but then gets the idea to send her a picture to express how much he misses her. After drawing the picture, he realizes that he needs a way to deliver it, but that postal mail is too slow. Thinking that an animal could solve his problem, he looks up homing pigeons in The Great Big Book of Everything. It's a Prairie Dog's Life: Stanley, Mimi and Marci are upset when they lose a baseball across the street. They want to go get the ball, but aren't allowed to cross the street on their own. They nearly decide to break their parents' rule, until Lionel notices what they're about to do and stops them. Tired of having to follow safety rules that they feel are ruining their fun, they decide that they want to become prairie dogs. Dennis, however, suggests that they study prairie dogs before committing to becoming them.moreless
  • The Joker / Baby Pictures
    A) When no one laughs at Stanley's joke, he decides to look up animals that will laugh. B) As a class assignment, Ms. Diaz rells the class to bring in baby pictures. So Stanley spends the day looking at baby pictures of himself and his family. But soon Stanley worries about being a grownup and wishes he was a baby again.moreless
  • Penguin Party / Leave it to Beavers
    Penguin Party: When Mimi and Marci invite Stanley to an ice skating party, he decides he doesn't want to go. He feels he's the only kid his age who doesn't yet know how to ice skate and is sure he'll embarrass himself. Dennis isn't so sure, but Stanley is insistent. He compares himself to a bird who can't fly, but then Lionel tells him about a bird he knows of that can't fly -- the penguin. Stanley hops into The Great Big Book of Everything and learns more about penguins, even befriending a little penguin who is scared of sliding and swimming in the process. Leave it to Beavers: Stanley, Mimi and Marci have created a nature club and need a clubhouse. Unfortunately, all of the places they try for clubhouses are already being used for something else. Stanley inadvertently comes up with an idea -- they can build their own. Not being expert-builders themselves, they decide to seek the help of beavers to learn more about building.moreless
  • Hippo Helpers / Where's Stanley
    A) Stanley and Lionel keep fighting, so Mrs. Griff turns to the internet to talk about symbiosis. She shows them examples of symbiosis in animals and soon Stanley and Lionel learn to cooperate. B) Stanley stops playing hide and seek with Lester because he is very easy to find. So Dennis tells Stanley about camouflage to improve his hide and seek skills.moreless
  • Savanna-Speeders! / Tyrannosaurus Wrecks
    A) Stanley loses a school race. B) Stanley learns about the T-Rex.
  • Platypus Problems / Rabbit Habit
    Platypus Problems: When Ms. Diaz directs the class to wear costumes for Animal Awareness Day, Stanley is assigned a seemingly bizarre animal. He doesn't know how he's going to show his face in school wearing webbed feet, a beaver-like tail, and a duckbill. Stanley is down on his outfit, not even knowing what animal it's supposed to be. Dennis helps him to see that a little knowledge can change his mind about this unusual animal. Rabbit Habit: Mimi and Marci want a pet and get permission from their parents to have one. They're not certain, however, what type of pet they want, only having a set of guidelines from their parents to go by. They, Stanley and Dennis have a look in The Great Big Book of Everything to determine the perfect pet.moreless
  • Dolphin Talk / Whole Lotta Snakin' Going On
    A) Stanley and his friends are planning a surprise party for Harry, and try to keep him from finding out about it. They then learn about dolphins, who are great at communicating without words. B) When Stanley discovers that he's outgrown his old pajamas, he gets upset because he likes them so much. He then learns about snakes - who shed their skin when they outgrow the old ones.moreless
  • Busy Busy Octopus / Honest Ostrich
    Busy, Busy Octopus: When Stanley's family holds a neighborhood party, Stanley decides to put on a one-person toy animal show. He's been working hard on the show and really wants to put on a great show all by himself. His friends are rather upset when he tells them that he doesn't want any help whatsoever. Then, he hears that the party is starting early, and it looks like he isn't going to have is show ready on time. He decides that perhaps he could learn from an octopus how to get many things done at once, since they have eight arms. Honest Ostrich: When Marci needs a soccer ball that she let Stanley borrow for a big game, he finds himself in a pickle. He doesn't know how to tell Marci that he's lost it and is afraid that he will lose her friendship. Instead of telling her, he decides to run and hide. He thinks of the ostrich, who he believes is able to bury its head. He hops into The Great Big Book of Everything and discovers some surprising facts about ostriches.moreless
  • A Whale of a Song / Sloth for a Day
    A Whale of a Song: Stanley is slated to sing in the school play, "The Elephant's Garden," but comes down with a sudden case of stage fright before even hitting the stage. He's convinced that he can't sing and that everyone is going to laugh at it. He looks to The Great Big Book of Everything and whales for inspiration. Sloth for a Day: Each weekend, Stanley's family holds a project day and Stanley serves as the helper. When he expresses a desire for more responsibility, he's allowed to become Chief of Newspaper Gathering, Bundling and Recycling. He then procrastinates on his work, leaving him little time left. Frustrated, he seeks to learn about the sloth, who leads a seemingly carefree lifestyle.moreless
  • Camel Commotion / There's Snow Place Like Home
    Camel Commotion: When Stanley and his family visit the park on a hot day, Stanley brings along a lot of seemingly unneeded items, but doesn't bring along his canteen. At the park, he gets very thirsty and heads for the water fountain. As he grows hotter and hotter, it reminds him of a desert. He decides to look up deserts in The Great Big Book of Everything and learns about camels in the process. There's Snow Place Like Home: Stanley heads out one morning to play with Mimi and Marci in the snow, but doesn't put on his snowsuit because he feels it's too bulky. At first, they have fun playing, but Stanley soon starts to get very cold. As he warms up inside, he learns about polar bears on the Internet.moreless
  • Tiger Hunt / Monkey-Bar Business
    Tiger Hunt: When Stanley's family gets tired of him taking pictures of them, they encourage him to find something else to take pictures of. Stanley decides to play a hide-and-seek game with Elsie and takes pictures of her, but wants her to dress up in his old set of tiger pajamas. Elsie, proud of her fur, reluctantly agrees, but then goes off for a cat nap behind the furnace where Stanley can't find her. When Stanley loses the game of hide-and-seek, he realizes he's going to need to learn more about tigers, and by association, cats, in order to figure out the best way to locate Elsie. Monkey-Bar Business: Stanley has been training hard for the upcoming school field day, but there's one event that he can't seem to master -- the monkey bars. He tries swinging upon them, but ends up falling repeatedly. He decides to learn more about chimpanzees in the hopes of getting swinging tips, but it isn't until he talks to his brother that he really gets results.moreless
  • Frog Legs / Whoo's Afraid of the Dark?
    Frog Legs: Stanley is less-than-excited when he learns that he's finally old enough to join his family in the big pool. In fact, he doesn't want to admit it, but he's a bit scared. When he states that humans are meant to stay on land, Dennis mentions an animal that copes quite well on both land and water-- the frog. Stanley decides to find out more about this animal by hopping into The Great Big Book of Everything. Whoo's Afraid of the Dark?: Stanley and his pets all want to get to sleep, but Stanley keeps hearing mysterious noises. His mom assures him that there is nothing to be afraid of, but Stanley remains convinced that he's hearing a scary monster. He knows that owls can see in the dark and wonders how they do it. He seeks the answer in The Great Big Book of Everything in the hope that it will help him to spot the monster so everyone can finally get some sleep.moreless
  • Watch Out For Lionels / Growing Pains
    A) When Stanley's older brother Lionel won't stop picking on him, Stanley looks in the Great Big Book of Everything to learn about Armadillos: armor-plated champions of defense! From there, Stanley gets some ideas on how to deal with Lionel's pestering. B) Stanley needs a bigger bed, but he doesn't want to lose his favourite bed.moreless
  • Bearly Awake / The Eagle Has Landed
    A) Stanely just can't get to bed, so Dennis tells him all about how a bear hibernates and the importance of sleep. B) Stanely builds a kite for a contest, but he needs a little help with takeoff, so Dennis tells him about eagles for some help.
  • Daddy Pride / Show-and-Tell Shark
    Daddy Pride: Stanley is upset that his Daddy often has to stop playing with him to go to work. He decides that maybe he should get an animal to be his Daddy -- perhaps a lion. Worried that this may not be the best idea, Dennis urges him to consult The Great Big Book of Everything. Stanley learns that when it comes to lions, playing is serious business, and a lion may not be well-suited to be his father. Show-and-Tell Shark: Stanley has an assignment to bring a really cool animal to show off at show-and-tell. Dennis is excited by the project, until he hears some of Stanley's wild ideas of what he's going to bring. He considers a Tyrannosaurus Rex and an elephant before finally decided on a shark. Stanley, learns, however, that he's neither well-equipped to care for a shark, nor are sharks really the right temperament for animal to bring to school.moreless
  • Up the Apple Tree / Kangaroo Clean-Up
    Up the Apple Tree: Stanley is surprised when Lionel wakes him up looking for tape to wrap a birthday present for Mom. It seems Stanley's completely forgotten his mother's birthday and now he's in serious need of a present. He knows that she likes apples, but has trouble getting one down from a tree. He decides to summon a giraffe from The Great Big Book of Everything for help. Kangaroo Clean-Up: When Stanley messes up his parents room, they declare that he'll have no dessert unless he cleans it up. Stanley doesn't want to miss out on banana whammy, but doesn't know how he can possibly clean up the giant mess he's created. Thinking he can get an animal to do it for him, he looks up kangaroos in The Great Big Book of Everything. He discovers some important facts about kangaroos and also stumbles upon an idea for cleaning.moreless