Stanley - Season 2

Disney Channel (ended 2004)


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Episode Guide

  • Me And My Pal Fish / At The Zoo!
    A) Stanley and his friends work together against a bully. B) Stanley and friends learn about creature habitats.
  • Outfoxing Lionel / Jackrabbit Hide-And-Seek
    "Outfoxing Lionel" When Lionel gets a practical joke kit, he uses it to play tricks on Stanley at every turn. Stanley learns about foxes in The Great Big Book of Everything in the hopes of avoiding his brother's tricks. "Jackrabbit Hide-And-Seek" Lester is upset because he is always found when he plays games of hide-and-seek with Stanley, Mimi and Marci, and then tagged before he can reach base. He looks up jackrabbits with Stanley's permission, after Dennis tells him about how they often play hide-and-seek.moreless
  • A Little Nightingale Music / Super Squirrel
    A) Stanley and his Dad play the recorder for the family, while Dennis shows how nightingales sing. B)
  • I Scream For Ice Cream! / Snack Savers
    A) Stanley misses the ice crem truck and now he's the only one without ice cream. He really wants some, so Dennis tells Stanley about cows and how they are involved in the making of ice cream. B) Stanley doesn't understand why his Mom won't let him eat more snacks so close to dinner time. So Stanley learns about the vole, who eats and then store their food for later.moreless
  • X-Ray X-tra! / The Birds-Eye Boys
    A) Stanley and friends learn about X-rays. B) Stanley and Lester decide to live in Stanley's treehouse.
  • Doing Like Ducks / Speedy Does It
  • Stanley's Super Spectacles / The Ugly Griffling
    A) Stanley tries to get super vision. B) Stanley learns to feel good about himself.
  • Going-Away Goose / Time To Climb!
    Going-Away Goose: Stanley and his friends are excited about winter vacation, but Lester is upset about having to miss out on all the fun. He's visiting his grandparents in Florida and won't be back until after the holiday. Stanley, Lester, Mimi and Marci learn together that Lester's situation resembles that of the Canada goose. Time To Climb!: Stanley joins Lester's family on a trip to a state park. When Mr. Goldberg tells them that they're going to climb Mount Honeyhut, Stanley and Lester are sure that there's no way they can make it. Then, they learn about the ox from The Great Big Book of Everything and realize that they might have a chance if they emulate this animal's behavior.moreless
  • Tasmanian Tantrum / Sea Otter Safety
    A) When Lester's little sister starts screaming for no reason, his mom explains that she's just having a tantrum. Lester and the others want to know more about tantrums, so they get out the great big book of everthing and learn about one animal that has the biggest tantrums of all; the Tasmanian Devil.
    B) Stanley and his friends don't want to wear their life vest when they go on a trip to the beach. So Dennis teaches them how sea otters use their fur as safety when they're in the water.moreless
  • Double-Duty Dad / Look Who's Helping
    A) Stanley appreciates his stay-at-home Dad and learns how sea horeses are great Dads. B) Stanley meets his cousin Max at a family reunion picnic and finds out that Max loves animals too.
  • Hummingbird Humdinger / Koala Cuddle
  • Follow the Lemur / Zebra Jigsaw
    Follow the Lemur: Stanley and his friends have a lot of fun at a game of "follow the leader" until Marci takes one too many turns being the leader. She thinks it's all right to be the only leader, but her friends soon grow tired of her bossiness. They decide to find out what type of behavior is normal for animals and learn that some animals have many leaders, but some, such as the ring-tailed lemur, only have one within each pack. They pay a visit to The Great Big Book of Everything to learn more about such behavior. Zebra Jigsaw: Stanley and his friends try to put a jigsaw puzzle but are stymied because they feel the zebras all look alike. When Dennis tells them that zebras have way of telling each other apart, they decide to pay a visit to The Great Big Book to learn more about it. They find out some interesting and some cases surprises facts about zebras. The experience also gives them a new insight into how to go about solving puzzles.moreless
  • Mysterious Moe / Spelling Bee Situation
    Mysterious Moe: When Elsie accidentally kicks a ball into a neighbor's yard, she and the kids are reluctant to retrieve it when Mimi and Marci say that it's the home of "Mysterious Moe." Moe is apparently a strange man who prefers to be alone and has the power to turn people invisible. Everyone is scared of the story except Dennis, who is sure that the story is just a rumor. He has everyone venture into The Great Big Book of Everything to meet a mysterious animal (an orangutan) to show them that sometimes we only fear things because they're unknown to us. Spelling Bee Situation: After Mimi becomes the spelling bee champion of Ms. Diaz's class, Ms. Diaz agrees to a competition with Mr. Bartalone's class. Pleased to know a champion speller, Marci and Stanley ask Mimi to help them practice, but soon find that Mimi's championship status has gone to her head. As she bosses them around, they begin to despair of getting any real practice done. When Mrs. Griff suggests that Mimi is behaving like a "queen bee," the expression sparks an interest in learning more about real bees. Inside The Great Big Book of Everything, Mimi learns something surprising about these buzzy creatures.moreless
  • The Robbing Raven / Flashlight Fireflies
    A) A raven steals Lionel's camera. B)
  • Web Weavers / Muddy Buddies
    Web Weavers: When Marci and Mimis' grandma sends them a potholder making kit, they and Stanley decide to make potholders for their moms, but ignore the included directions. Soon stymied in their efforts, they wonder if perhaps they could learn something about weaving potholders from the way that spiders weave webs. They hop into The Great Big Book of Everything, where they learn some surprising facts about spiders. Muddy Buddies: On a hot day, Stanley and Marci jump in mud puddles and get so muddy that Their moms insist they head inside for baths, but the two wish they could spend all day playing in the mud. Thinking that this is just what pigs do, they decide to look up pigs in The Great Big Book of Everything to find out how.moreless
  • Sunburn Stanley / Time for Toolfish
    A) When the Griffs go out and spend a day at the beach, Stanley forgets to put on sunscreen, and eventually gets sunburned, and turns red (like a lobster). Since he can't go back in the sun, he stays under a beach umbrella, and he and Dennis learn about lobsters. B) Dad and Lionel are building a bookcase together, and Stanley wants to help. Unfortunately, he's too little to use any of the tools his dad and Lionel are using. So he looks in the Great Big Book of Everything, and hopes to learn about carpentry from a Sawfish and a Hammerhead Shark.moreless
  • Proud as a Peacock / Dances With Flamingos
    Proud as a Peacock: Stanley is disappointed one day when it seems like his family and friends all have special talents to demonstrate, but he has nothing. He takes solace in his animal friends, sure that animals never show off. Dennis, however, shows him that the peacock is quite the show-off of the animal world. Dances With Flamingos: Mimi is practicing for a performance for a ballet class, but is having trouble standing on one leg. Her friends all find it difficult as well and wonder just how anyone can do it. Realizing that flamingos spend much of their time standing on one leg, they decide to look up flamingos in The Great Big Book of Everything to find out just how this feat is accomplished.moreless
  • Mockingbird Scat / Horsepower
    A) Staney learns how mockingbirds mock other birds. B) Lionel needs someway for his cardboard car to run without pedals or a motor. Stanley thinks about animals who are useful for powerful transportation.
  • Woodpecker Woes / P.U. Pup
    Woodpecker Woes: Stanley's father is trying his best to work on a new comic, but finds himself faced with a noisy problem. A woodpecker has stationed itself in a tree just outside his home office and won't stop pecking. Wanting to help his dad, Stanley tries his best to get the woodpecker to be quiet. When he finds that simply asking it to quiet down won't work, he realizes that it might be helpful to learn more about the reason why it's pecking on the tree. P.U. Pup: Stanley and his family are going on an overnight camping trip and Mrs. Griff agrees to let Dennis and Harry come along. Stanley is told that Harry is his responsibility, but when Stanley briefly lets Harry off the leash, Harry ends up having a close encounter with a skunk. As Harry undergoes a tomato bath, Stanley wonders just a why a skunk would want to spray Harry. A trip into The Great Big Book of Everything provides him with a lesson in responsibility.moreless
  • Grandma Griff's Mystery Guest
    All the kids are invited to a Halloween party at Grandma Griff's house.
  • Mistaken Mermaid / It Pays to Be a Pelican
    A.) The kids visit the aquarium. B.) Dennis and Stanley learn about pelicans.
  • Bloodhound Blues / Clock-A-Doodle-Do!
    A) Stanley loses The Great Big Book of Everything. B) Stanley learns about roosters.
  • The Really Real Dragon / A Billy Goat for Dad
    A) Lester and Stanley argue about dragons. B) Stanley learns about goats when he wants an animal to help his Dad out in the garden.
  • Keep 'Em Flying / Guess What's Coming for Dinner
    A) Dennis wishes he could fly, and gets rather depressed when he realizes that his dream will never come true. Stanley wants to cheer up his best friend, so he turns to the Great Big Book of Everything to learn about an amazing fish species called the Flying Fish. B) Stanley is afraid to try new foods when he is invited to his friend Jane's house. But soon he learns to like the Chinese food learns about the Giant Panda.moreless
  • Eel-ectricity / Roller Rhino
    A.) The electricity at Stanley's house goes off, right in the middle of his favorite game show! Not happy at all about that, Stanley turns to the Great Big Book of Everything to learn about Electric Eels - so maybe they can bring back the power. B.) Stanley gets a new scooter, but doesn't want to wear the protective gear with it, fearing everyone will laugh at him. He then learns about Rhinos, who have built-in padding and protection.moreless
  • Ant Picnic / The Tooth About Teeth
    A) Stanley and his friends have a picnic and learn about ants. B) Stanley learns about teeth.