Stanley - Season 3

Disney Channel (ended 2004)


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Episode Guide

  • Stanley's Great Big Book of Adventure (3)
    Stanley's friends come over and race to put the Great Big Book of Everything back together, hoping to free Stanley and Lionel.
  • Stanley's Great Big Book of Adventure (2)
    As Stanley tries to rescue Lionel from the Great Big Book of Everything, Harry and Elsie fight over the book, causing Lionel and Stanley to be trapped in the pages.
  • Stanley's Great Big Book of Adventure (1)
    Lionel falls into the Great Big Book of Everything.
  • Curse of the Angry Coral / A Little Bird Told Me
  • No News Like Shoe News / Ladybug, Ladybug
  • Shell Game / Sheep and a Haircut

    Shell Game: When the Kirby family from Louisiana moves into the neighborhood, Stanley and Mrs. Griff visit their house as a welcome wagon to invite them to a picnic. Stanley is eager to meet Mrs. Kirby's daughter, Cathy, who is his age, and delighted to learn that she has a pet turtle named Taffy. Cathy, however, ignores all of Stanley's questions and won't talk to him at all. When Stanley asks his mom about it, she says that some people take longer to come out of their shell than others. Stanley doesn't get the reference and decides to look up turtles in The Great Big Book of Everything. Though the reference to "shells" wasn't literal, Stanley still finds information that helps him.

    Sheep and a Haircut: While Stanley and Mr. Griff enjoy fun shopping and pizza-eating at the mall, Mrs. Griff gets her hair done. When they go to pick her up, Stanley is stunned by his mom's radically different new hairdo. It's a nice haircut, but Stanley can't seem to get used to his mom looking different from the way she used to. Dennis recommends look up sheep in The Great Big Book, since they too undergo a radical change in their hair As Harry and Elsie crack jokes about "barbersheep quartets," Stanley learns that change can often be a good thing.

  • The Way Of The Buffalo / Follow That Falcon
    A) Stanley and his friends come up with ideas for a new team mascot. B) Stanley's family goes to visit Grandma Harriet.
  • A Turkey of a Thanksgiving
    Stanley is disappointed when he is assigned to play a turkey in the Thanksgiving pageant, but when he looks in his Great Big Book of Everything to get facts about the Eastern Wild Turkey, Stanley realizes how great it is to play a turkey. Meanwhile, after a snowstorm delays the holiday arrival of Grandma Griff, Stanley wonders what there is to be thankful for after all. When he gets the idea to postpone their Thanksgiving dinner for Grandma, he discovers the true meaning of the holiday. Lionel also realizes the spirit of the holiday and arranges an encore performance of the pageant for Grandma Griff.moreless
  • Living with Leopards!/ A Happy Chinese New Year
    Living with Leopards: When Stanley accidentally drops The Great Big Book of Everything in his rush to get to dinner, a snow leopard hops out of the book and starts prowling his house. Stanley and his pets work together to find the leopard. They then turn their attention to why the leopard left the book in the first place. They learn that while Stanley's home is not a good habitat for a leopard, there's problems with the leopard's current habitat as well. A Happy Chinese New Year: Jane is excited about visiting her Grandpa in China for Chinese New Year, but disappointed when the trip is canceled because her Mom has extra work due to her job promotion. Stanley, Mimi, Marcy and Lester all want to do something to cheer Jane up. They decide to learn more about Chinese New Year, since they know very little about it. They find out many interesting things and get an idea for how to cheer up their friend.moreless
  • To Catch A Hamster / Pearls Of Wisdom
    A) The class pet disappears. B) Stanley wants to hide when his day at the beach doesn't go as planned.
  • Stanley's Dinosaur Round-Up (3)
  • Stanley's Dinosaur Round-Up (2)
  • Stanley's Dinosaur Round-Up (1)
    Stanley and his family visit their uncle's farm and are excited to ride horses. But the farm is in danger of being sold to new rich owner, unless they can find dinosaur bones underneath the farm.