Season 3 Episode 8

Shell Game / Sheep and a Haircut

Aired Daily 6:00 AM Sep 07, 2006 on Disney Channel
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Shell Game / Sheep and a Haircut

Shell Game: When the Kirby family from Louisiana moves into the neighborhood, Stanley and Mrs. Griff visit their house as a welcome wagon to invite them to a picnic. Stanley is eager to meet Mrs. Kirby's daughter, Cathy, who is his age, and delighted to learn that she has a pet turtle named Taffy. Cathy, however, ignores all of Stanley's questions and won't talk to him at all. When Stanley asks his mom about it, she says that some people take longer to come out of their shell than others. Stanley doesn't get the reference and decides to look up turtles in The Great Big Book of Everything. Though the reference to "shells" wasn't literal, Stanley still finds information that helps him.

Sheep and a Haircut: While Stanley and Mr. Griff enjoy fun shopping and pizza-eating at the mall, Mrs. Griff gets her hair done. When they go to pick her up, Stanley is stunned by his mom's radically different new hairdo. It's a nice haircut, but Stanley can't seem to get used to his mom looking different from the way she used to. Dennis recommends look up sheep in The Great Big Book, since they too undergo a radical change in their hair As Harry and Elsie crack jokes about "barbersheep quartets," Stanley learns that change can often be a good thing.


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      • Stanley: I'm glad I decided to give change a chance. Like Mom said... change can be a lot of fun.

      • Stanley: New haircut, or no new haircut, it's you, all right. I'd know that hug anywhere.

      • Stanley: She looks totally different with her wool cut short. Oh no, Dennis. The lamb doesn't recognize his mom. What'll we do?
        Dennis: Don't worry, Stanley. Just watch.
        Elsie: Look! They're okay.

      • Harry: What's the name of that book again, Dennis?
        Dennis: Oh no, you don't. You two are trying to trick me into saying The Great Big Book of Everything. Ugh!
        Harry, Elsie and Two Sheep: (singing) Baa baa baa baa baa baa baa!
        Harry and Elsie: (as Sheep continue to sing "baa baa baa") It's The Great Big Book of Everything, with everything inside / See the world around us / This book's a perfect guide!
        Sheep: Baa baa baa...
        Dennis: I don't believe it. A barbersheep quartet!
        Harry and Elsie: Turn to it / You'll find out there / Why people like to cut sheeps' hair!
        Harry, Elsie and Sheep: Shave and a haircut, two bits!

      • Stanley: So there's no such thing as a barbersheep?
        Dennis: No.
        Harry: How about a barbersheep quartet? You know, four sheep that sing together.
        Dennis: Certainly not.

      • Stanley: Why do people have to change the way they look? I bet animals don't have to worry about their mom not looking like their mom.
        Dennis: Well, I'm not sure that's true, Stanley. Sheep grow their hair very long. Only to have it completely cut off.

      • Elsie: I saw your mother when she came home and I thought her hair was very pretty.
        Stanley: Mom does look pretty, but she looks different. She doesn't look like mom anymore.

      • Dennis: (using a laptop computer) Mark my word, this is an amazing device. Hm. And they just keep making them smaller and smaller.

      • Stanley: (shocked) Mom!?
        Mrs. Griff: Do you like my new haircut?
        Stanley: Um, I think so.

      • Dennis: Theresa's lucky to have a friend like you, Stanley, and so am I.

      • Stanley: If I can get the turtle to get come out of her shell, maybe I can get Theresa to come out of hers.

      • Stanley: Well, first he have to figure out how to make the turtle come out of her shell. (knocks on shell) Hello? Anybody home?
        Dennis: Actually, Stanley, it may be more important to learn why the turtle goes inside its shell.
        Stanley: What do you mean?
        Dennis: Well, when painted turtles feel worried or threatened, they hide themselves safely inside their protective shell.

      • Harry and Elsie: (singing ending of "Great Big Book of Everything" song) Stanley's friend is very shy / Let's go ask a turtle why!

      • Stanley: I don't think I make a very good welcome wagon, mom.
        Mrs. Griff: Don't worry, Stanley. Sometimes it just takes a while for people to come out of their shells.

      • Mrs. Kirby: How are you two getting along?
        Stanley: Mrs. Kirby, why isn't Theresa talking?
        Theresa: (walks away dejectedly)
        Stanley: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt her feelings.

      • Stanley: Wow. Your turtle is so cool. What's his name?
        Mrs. Kirby: Theresa, why don't you tell Stanley his name is Taffy?
        Stanley: Taffy? That's a great name for a turtle.

      • Stanley: We get to be a welcome wagon.
        Harry: You're a wagon?
        Stanley: No, Harry. Being the "welcome wagon" means we're in charge of making the new family feel welcome.

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