Season 1 Episode 20

The Big Spill / Peekaboo Parrot

Aired Daily 6:00 AM Dec 10, 2001 on Disney Channel
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The Big Spill / Peekaboo Parrot
The Big Spill: When Mr. Griff has to step out of the kitchen one morning to take an important phone call, he agrees to let Stanley fix his own breakfast. Stanley succeeds in pouring his own cereal and milk, but then ends up spilling it all over the floor. Sure that his father will think he's just a little kid for doing this, Stanley searches for animal that could help him clean up the mess. He thinks of the anteater, but Dennis encourages him to learn more about them. Peekaboo Parrot: Stanley's frustration over having to have a babysitter while his parents are away evaporates when he learns that his babysitter is his Grandma Griff, who speaks to animals like him. To Stanley's delight, Grandma Griff's pet parrot Peeky has joined her on this trip. She agrees to let Stanley briefly look after him while she fixes a snack and while she's out, Stanley looks up parrots in The Great Big Book of Everything. When Peeky ends up flying into the book, Stanley is frustrated because there are many parrots in the book and they all seem to look a lot alike.moreless

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      • Stanley: Can Peeky stay in my room tonight, Grandma?
        Grandma: She can until your parents come back and it's time for me to take her home. I always put this scarf over her cage at bedtime. Night-night.
        Peeky: Night-night.

      • Stanley: Gotta think, gotta think, gotta try. Come on, Dennis, do it with me.
        Dennis: Gotta think, gotta think, gotta try.
        Stanley: I know!
        Dennis: You do?
        Stanley: Instead of me looking for Peeky, I'll get her to come to me.
        Dennis: How are you going to do that, Stanley?
        Stanley: Well, I know she likes to play peekaboo...

      • Stanley: I wonder where parrots come from?
        Harry: The air, right? Birds just fly out of the air and land in the backyard. Happens all the time.
        Stanley: Well, I've seen robins and pigeons and even a bluebird in the backyard, but I've never seen a parrot. I wonder how come.

      • Stanley: What kind of parrot is it?
        Grandma Griff: Peeky is a blue-footed Amazon parrot, Stanley. I call her Peeky because she loves to play games with me, especially peekaboo.

      • Elsie: The last sitter you had wouldn't even let us sleep on your bed.
        Harry: That's right. We had to sleep on the floor like cats and d-- well, like house pets.

      • Dennis: So next time you make a big mess, who are you gonna get to help you?
        Stanley: My parents, Dennis, because I won't be ashamed about it. Even they have accidents sometimes.
        Dennis: Righto!
        Stanley: Good night, Dennis.
        Dennis: Good night, anteater boy Stanley.

      • Mr Griff: Remember the time I made macaroni and cheese and tripped and spilled it on the rug?
        Stanley: Oh yeah. That's the night we ate at a restaurant.
        Mr. Griff: Yeah. Dad's special treat.

      • Stanley: That anteater's a whole lot bigger than I thought it would be.
        Dennis: The giant anteater is almost seven feet long -- more than twice as long as you.

      • Stanley: (singing) It's The Great Big Book of Everything with everything inside...
        Dennis: Stanley!
        Stanley: Oh, sorry. I guess I'm just used to it.

      • Stanley: Now, let's see. What would you like breakfast today? Oatmeal, pancakes, poached eggs on toast?
        Dennis: Very amusing, Stanley. Fish flakes will do quite nicely, as always.

      • Stanley: Morning, daddy. Is it okay if I give Dennis his breakfast?
        Mr. Griff: Sure thing. I think it's great, the way you take care of that little fishy of yours.
        Dennis: Little fishy? Did he say little fishy?

    • NOTES (2)

      • The storyboards for both stories are credited to a company, Barking Bullfrog Cartoon Company Inc., rather than a person.

      • Stanley performs "The Great Big Book of Everything" song for the first time in "The Big Spill." However, he only performs the first line before Dennis cuts him off and he agrees not to sing anymore.

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