Season 1 Episode 25

The Pond Couple / Who's Afraid of Walter Wolf?

Aired Daily 6:00 AM Jan 28, 2002 on Disney Channel
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The Pond Couple / Who's Afraid of Walter Wolf?
The Pond Couple: When Stanley brings home the class pet, a musk turtle named Oscar, Dennis has trouble getting along this new roommate. The musk turtle is a nocturnal creature and the two disturb each other when they're trying to sleep. Dennis is sure that they have nothing in common, but Stanley isn't so sure. A trip into The Great Big Book of Everything helps the picture to become more clear. Who's Afraid of Walter Wolf?: When a new boy named Walter joins Stanley's class, Stanley and his friends are all scared of him. He's rather quiet and doesn't seem to want to hang out with anyone. When he tells Lester "you'd better be careful" following an incident at recess, Lester is sure that he's a werewolf. Dennis, however, isn't so sure and urges the group to check the facts on wolves in The Great Big Book of Everything before leaping to any conclusions.moreless

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Khylan Jones

Khylan Jones

Mimi and Marci

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Candi Milo

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Philece Sampler

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    • Walter: What? I'm the new kid at school. You guys are old friends. I'm the one that nobody knows.
      Stanley: But we know you now. And now you know us. So we can all be friends. Hey guys, go out long. (He tosses a football.)
      Lester: I got it! I got it! I-- oh! (He crashes into Walter.)
      Walter: A-a-awoo!
      (All laugh and make the "awoo" noise.)

    • Walter: I don't have any friends here yet. I was-- I was kind of scared of you guys when I first got here.
      Marci: Really? We were a little scared of you.

    • Harry: So what's the deal on big, bad, scary wolves?
      Stanley: They're not big or bad or scary. We were wrong.
      Dennis: Cheer up, Stanley. We learned something new today.
      Stanley: Yeah, but I still feel bad. We made up our minds before getting to know them.
      Lester: Just like we did with Walter.

    • Dennis: This is a family of wolves, also called a pack.
      Mimi: A family? Wolves don't have families. They're too mean.
      Dennis: (to the viewer) Do you think they look mean?

    • Dennis: Wolves smell about a hundred times better than human beings.
      Lester: (sniffing under his armpits) Do I smell that bad? I just took a bath.
      Dennis: Uh, no, Lester. Sorry. I meant that wolves can smell something faster and more easily than people can.

    • Marci: Where are we?
      Dennis: This is Alaska, where many gray wolves live.
      Lester: Wolves are from Alaska, Walter's from Alaska. Coincidence? I think not.
      Dennis: Not all wolves are from Alaska, Lester. At one point, wolves lived all around the world. But now they mostly live in North America.

    • Lester: He's a werewolf!
      Dennis: Walter's not a wolf. Those are just stories. And stories aren't always true.
      Stanley: Hmm. I hadn't thought of that. Hey, I know a book that always gives the true story, The Great Big Book of-- Harry and Elsie?
      Harry and Elsie: (singing) It's The Great Big Book of Everything with everything inside / See the world around us, this book's the perfect guide!
      Dennis: Must be a full moon.

    • Stanley: Lester, are you okay? Say something!
      Lester: Wo-wo-wolf!
      Dennis: Did somebody cry "wolf"?
      Lester: Yeah. Walter is a big, bad, scary wolf.
      Dennis: A big, bad, scary-- Lester, are you sure?
      Lester: He sure acts like one.

    • Ms. Diaz: Okay. Good morning, class. Today we'll work on your macaroni art projects. But first, I want you to meet our newest student. This is Walter. He just moved here. All the way from snowy Alaska.
      Stanley: Cool wolf shirt, Walter. Where'd you get it?
      (Walter stands still and silent.)
      Marci: Maybe he doesn't know.
      Ms. Diaz: Why don't you tell the class something about yourself, Walter?
      Walter: (extended silence, then...) I like wolves. That's it.

    • Dennis: But the one bad thing about becoming Oscar's friend again is... now I miss him, even his special stink.
      Stanley: Cheer up, Dennis. Oscar needs a place to stay this summer.
      Dennis: He can live right here with us. Good night, musk turtle Stanley.
      Stanley: Good night... Dinky.
      Dennis: Oh.

    • Oscar: Dinky?!
      Dennis: Oscar?! Oscar, how are you, old chum? Stanley, this is my old friend Oscar! Can you believe it? We grew up in the same pet store when we were babies.
      Stanley: Wow! But... "Dinky"?
      Dennis: (blushes) Yes, well, that was my nickname back then, Stanley. I was just much smaller. Let's not talk about it.

    • Stanley: It looks like goldfish and musk turtles like living in the same kind of pond.
      Dennis: You mean we share the same habitat. Fresh, cool water with plenty of plant life. I suppose we do, Stanley.

    • Dennis: Stop tapping my bowl, Oscar.
      Oscar: Ee-oop, ee-oop, ee-oop.
      Dennis: Oh, you're impossible.
      Elsie: You okay, Stanley?
      Stanley: The weekend's half over and they still don't like each other. It's all my fault.

    • Dennis: Bottom line-- I'm a goldfish, he's a turtle. We are different.
      Stanley: Hmm, I'm not so sure about that, Dennis.
      Elsie: Let's look it up.
      Dennis: Oh, please. Don't sing the--

    • Elsie: I'll let you in on a little secret, Stanley. At first, Harry and I didn't get along either.
      Stanley: You didn't?
      Harry: We didn't?
      Elsie: Nope. He's a dog and I'm a cat.
      Harry: You're a cat? I thought you were a chihuahua.

    • Dennis: (reading) " an unusual animal because it has no mouth, digestive tract, or apparent way to eat. Instead, the riftia allows bacteria to live--" Oh my, what is that awful smell? (Oscar grins and winks.)
      Stanley: Hey, guys. How's it... ew!
      Harry: Oh! What happened, dude?
      Elsie: Gad, Dennis! It smells like my litter box in here!
      Dennis: Me?! I didn't do it!

    • Stanley: (lifting something up next to Dennis's fishbowl) Guess what I have, Dennis. (He pulls off a cloth.) Ta-da! Oscar! He's our class pet! Miss Diaz said I could take him home this weekend.
      Dennis: That's quite an honor, Stanley.
      Stanley: Yeah. I learned a lot about him. So I know how to take care of him. But you know why I really wanted to bring Oscar home? To meet you.
      Dennis: Really? Is he a goldfish?
      Stanley: Nope, he's a musk turtle. See?

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    • The storyboards for "The Pond Couple" are credited to a company, Barking Bullfrog Cartoon Company Inc., rather than a person.